As the most influential woman in the face book business and Time Magazine, Lean in March this year, and set up Lean in the team to encourage more women to pursue their own courage, and today she in-depth with us, striding forward without fear of courage.

"Come in": without fear, you can stride forward

"Time", the most influential woman, Facebook face book operating long Xue Sandberg, published in March this year "come Forward" (Lean in) , the global detonation of the hot debate. The woman with the highest Facebook rank, today (9/18 8:00 in Taiwan) is also in the Silicon Valley face book headquarters, through the video system and the students of the northern One, for the first and only transnational, intergenerational talk.

Live video Broadcast

Three principles: Make changes visible

At the beginning of the speech, Sandberg pointed out in a firm and gentle tone that although there were great cultural differences between the United States, Europe and Asia, women from all over the world faced the same challenge and faced the challenge of social expectations for women's roles.

Nearly 84% of the world's countries are headed by men, and 95% of the world's largest corporations are headed by men. Today, women are making a lot of economic contributions, for example, the Japanese economy is relying on female labor to become the engine of growth, even so, in the process of decision-making, women's voice is not fair to hear. Buffett also said his performance would be so good, in part because he only had to compete with half the company. (Extended reading: You deserve a better salary and loudly refuse equal pay for a job )

"I believe that shortening the gender ratio of decision-makers can help us to create a better life." Sandberg went on to try to change the status quo and make changes visible, with three principles such as "Breaking stereotypes", "going All Out" and "believing in yourself", unless leaving the workplace.

Set up Lean In foundation expand influence Circle

You may not know that you have limited yourself. What would you do if you had no fear?

Sandberg further notes that most women are taught to expect men to lead from an early age, and that women should play the role of caregivers and be considerate of the group. "If girls like directing others, we would say that girls are bossy, and as boys, we would say that he has a leadership character, so different expectations, which limit women's ability to develop leadership." "This is why when men are asked why they succeed, they answer because of their personal abilities, and when women are asked the key to success, most people respond because they are lucky." (Extended reading:Google wants to innovate, absolutely without this woman )

To this end, Sandberg set up Lean In Foundation, encourage female friends, can 8-10 people together set up study circle, monthly gathering, help each other. She just left China last week and met with China's first lean In the study circle, including female friends from rural China, who joined forces together.

Also some students asked, should choose a good job or a good husband? She joked: You can date anyone, but don't marry him. "If you want to marry, you should choose a husband who will treat each other equally," make your partner a true partner , let him understand your work and share the housework. work and family, not a choice , everyone should be able to have both, the definition of their own successful life of the "golden Ratio" and for their decision to feel comfortable.

The enthusiastic northern female student, with her own prepared posters, wrote their dreams and responded to the theme: "What would you do if you were fearless?" "Some people want to be genetic engineers, challenge themselves, someone who wants to travel 30 dollars, learn to overcome their shyness, and some even ask women in the Middle East who can't show up to get equal opportunities?" The multifaceted aspect, let Sandberg in half Earth outside the face book headquarters to give praise. She also encouraged the group of "small Green green" to take these dreams posters photos, uploaded to the Web site and Facebook, so that more people around the world to understand: as long as loyal to themselves, fearless, you can stride forward, stand up and infect this positive energy. (Extended reading: the courage and perseverance of success from the Huffington Post founder )

Many women stand up and "out"

Many women in the industry, also at 7:30 in the morning, to the north of a woman to participate in the speech, including the World magazine Group founder and chairman of the editor-in-chief, Taipei 101 Chairman Song Wenqi, and Special Force Group CEO Dong.

Among them, Chairman Yin to "learn elder sister" identity and their own frustration experience, to encourage the presence of students, to be honest with themselves, and fearless. She said that she is a small number of students who have not been admitted to university in the north of a female graduates; After the analysis, found that they are in fact the literature, history, but listen to others suggested to apply for the natural group, so failed. In the coming year, after discovering the reason, then decided to turn the group to retake the examination, prepares 3 months, smoothly admitted into the big foreign language department. (Extended reading: The success of learning failure to see the story of six successful women )

North a female principal Zhang Bijuan also added, in addition to confidence and courage, but also have a professional, creative , and decisive force, hope that the students, to explore, and manage their own ambitions and professional.

Song Wenqi Chairman of the stage on the emotional said, if I read this book at this age is deeply moved, I believe you should read. She further explained that the original father wanted her to become a nurse after graduation, to share the household, but she bravely refused to pursue her dreams. She pointed out that women in the development of self-development, or social support for women is not enough, a large part of the reason is, "compared to men, women have a lot of time to invest in the workplace is relatively short", women do not have many models to learn. Changed a turn, she also pointed out that "the first half of life can be planned, the latter half is not planned," only prepared to do everything in the present moment of opportunity. The past success and the world is a man in control, but gradually some of the leadership of the work started by girls, when you do it well, people will start to believe that women can do this thing.

Special Forces CEO Dong from Taiwan, IBM's first female general manager of Taiwan, to move to local enterprises, she said that women to enter the higher ranks of the slow progress, often not without opportunities, but "self-setting", if you feel unfair, it is likely that you have never for their own voice to fight for. Compared with the courageous pursuit of boys, if women feel that their situation is unfair, they should stand out bravely. (Extended reading:Yahoo Female President Marissa Mayer 10 Secrets )

We're womany, we're fearless.

Finally, we would like to say that Womany has always believed that every woman has a lot of explosive power. We are good to people, but not to the ideal to stop; we do not want to be a man behind the woman, but want to come forward, we are not willing to do only the social plastic baby Barbie doll, but to be firmly exposed to personality ; we don't know how long this road is, but we're on the right path so we're fearless.
because we know that every woman is different, and we all Braver and more beautiful than I thought. !

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