Every time after yoga in addition to the body waste metabolism off, more feel the heart also relaxed a lot, in fact, at home can do simple pressure yoga posture.

1. Can you tell us the story of your exposure to yoga?

In my 27 years old when the pure hope to keep the youth, while making the body more healthy, and contact with yoga, always remember the first yoga class, the whole body of the cells are jumping in a caper, strongly feel the body by their own love of happiness and satisfaction! At that time as the international fashion magazine Bazaar Fashion editor, I began in addition to work, almost daily yoga life, busy also must often go abroad, but the body is more energetic, more full! As a result of the awareness of the body more sensitive, the diet began to become light, consciously give the body good nutrients, understanding the life after yoga like to live again! Transform different angles of view of life, 30-year-old body and mind than 20 years of age lighter, clearer, more free! (same field Gayon:me time nurturance training!) Love myself starting from breathing )

2. What do you think yoga changed you most?

Yoga has made me look at life in a completely different way, in the philosophy of yoga and the body posture method, I continue to comprehend the wisdom of life, and when I repeat my focus, my heart in the present awareness and mindfulness, the new brain circuitry has been formed, and the more focused, positive, loving, empathetic, open neural circuits are becoming more and more plump, Instead of the past inertia negative thoughts or thoughts, desires, and constantly guide themselves to the cycle, the body and mind to learn to relax, calm, after giving their full love, more satisfied with happiness, easy to put down a lot of perseverance, so happier! More know how to enjoy life! (You can also learn, office simple Yoga )

3. If you describe yourself in three adjectives, would you say?

YOGA, because yoga has been my life practice, my life is yoga, YOGA is "link", "connect" meaning, meaning that link body, heart, Spirit! Link life, Life and love.

love, yoga for me is the act of loving, is to understand themselves, explore, know their own process, more understanding of their own, to their true love, continue to life, come to life everything I believe is because of love, so with open heart to embrace all life, rather than resistance or confrontation.

Light, have light and lightsome meaning, wish oneself can continue to encounter oneself inner light and other people's light, hope I can guide students to see their own light and beautiful, at the same time through fresh, lightsome, put down the heavy burden of life. (Let Yoga help you find peace of mind )

4. This salon lecture talks to meditation and physical relief and guided relaxation, can you talk to me about the principle of this part and the importance of yoga?

When we take ourselves to the mat, yoga mat like a mirror, the ups and downs in the body posture is like the bitterness of life, the real reaction in your dialogue with the physical, but on the mat suffering or sore, you have nowhere to escape, can not go to call friends complain, eat, blood spell! can only be content with the present, try to breathe, give yourself patience, get along with yourself, release the pain, this passage to your own time, space, and constantly put the focus back to breathing practice, can let the habit of tension body soothing down, harmonic breathing to help balance our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system (in charge of tension and relaxation), Each practice will be more in-depth understanding of their body and mind, meditation in the posture before the act of reconciling breathing, calm down, after the lake to begin the body's awareness of guidance, dialogue, and the body's soothing and relaxing in the yoga are very natural occurrence. (same field Gayon: seven strokes to teach you simple Shu pressure )

5. Finally, hope that Tori teachers can teach women fans of the reader some sleep in the home can be done, can help relieve the pressure to sleep simple yoga posture!

Cat and Ox style

before you go to bed Use the cat cow, massage the whole day down the tired spine, while gently massage the internal organs, relax due to improper posture caused by daytime pain.

Posture Twist

Continue to use a gentle twist to let the spine back, each time stretching the spine and then around to change the edge of torsion, the spine to return, night sleep more conducive to nourish the spine Oh!

Butterfly type

Lying down with butterflies to release the pelvis, when we have emotional pressure, easily accumulate in the pelvic cavity, the pelvic habit of tension, lying before bed to let gravity with the legs under Shen, with deep breathing, put off emotional pressure, sleep quality will be greatly improved!

Large rest (body type)

Letting go of all thoughts, gravity, and contemplation of the breath, as in meditation, helps to relax, and if you can sleep in this posture, it can also help to nourish and repair the spine at night.