Let the photographer Qiu Xinglong see more of the face of the island you haven't seen.

This video, which records the beauty of the beauty of the bay
more than 10,000 hits and moves
photographer Qiu Xinglong with a passion for
in the United States of Taiwan

from 2004 to 2011
10 single-eyed cameras
10 shots
100 drives
go over 100 landscapes and celebrations
to record 1000 flower blossom
s more than 2,000 days.
More than 2 million pictures
accumulate 10,000 high-resolution intervals photo
s will show more people in the United States of America

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival
in the United States of the United States, in the United States of America, the autumn images
"The most successful autumn of the Mid-Autumn Festival,
and" The most successful autumn