Several statistics give you more knowledge of the world!

Finding true love is never easy.How can we know that we have found a real fate?Once the potential candidates have been found, the past has been a source of concern for the past: How many sexual partners have they had?Is the success of the war too glamour?In the latest romantic comedy, "which one of you", this issue has allowed Ellie to reassess her last 19 sexual partners, and to avoid making the 20th.Because perhaps one of her ex-boyfriends might have been so close to the fate of having lost her life!

So how many people have you slept with?Don't worry, this is a long-standing issue of war between lovers all over the world.Let's take a look at this Global Index report, so that we can compare and decide that the past sexual baggage is already overweight.Or is it just a portable suitcase?

What is the average number of sex partners worldwide?

According to the survey, the average sex partner of men worldwide is 15 people!That's a bit startling, but it's true!

What is the average number of sex partners worldwide?

If you compare it to 15 people, it may be a bit compromised, because the average number of partners around the world is the number of digits 8 !Is this average or below average?Actually, it doesn't matter. It is even more important to be satisfied.

Which country has the most sexual partners?

Is it a free and open America, a romantic French, or a swedish in the birthplace of Lelo, a luxury boutique?No!The country with the most sexual partners is a passionate Brazil !(Perhaps the carnival will be a lot of numbers!))

Which country woman has the most sexual partners?

Most people must think it's France!Or the United States that is advocating equal and equal rights!However, the woman who truly has the most sexual partner is a woman of Denmark .(This is the first in the world, and also related to Northern Europe's interests.)

How many Americans have more than 20 sexual partners?

average male partner of the world is 15 , and the average partner of women worldwide is 8 , but how many Americans have more than 20 sexual partners?Answer: Americans with more than 16 % have more than 20 partners!(Laughter

How many Americans have more than 100 sexual partners?

is a little sensational!I don't know how many people, Hong Kong people, and mainlanders have more than 100 sexual partners!More than 3 % of people in the United States have more than 100 sexual partners!(I feel tired)

watching the global index report, do you think that there are too few or too many of your past historical figures?