Eggs and walls, eggs are unarmed people, and the high walls are the ones that say no. Which side of the choice is the choice station?Let's take a look at these 25 people's heart-shaking photographs.

Hong Kong's civil peace campaigners are disobeyable, and they are called the Umbrella Revolution #umbrealla Movement, which supports softly and steadfast umbrellas, and the people of Hong Kong are blocking the ice from being hurt.Tearful bombs, pepper spray, plastic bullets, water wave bombs, Hong Kong people are determined to run away. It will be good to come back for a while.(Recommended reading: Hong Kong people as a predator: tear gas and tear gas again, but we love the heart of Hong Kong

The village spring tree once said in an acceptance of the Jerusalem Literature Prize: "If there were strong walls and a wall of broken eggs, I would always be on the side of the eggs."Yes, no matter how correct the walls and the eggs are, I'm standing on the side of the eggs."

" Each one of us is an egg, one egg, an egg with irreplaceable soul and a fragile shell that packages it.I am, you are too.And if we were to face the hard high walls of everyone, more or less.The high wall has a name, called System.The system is supposed to protect us, and it sometimes kills us and lets us kill, be cool, efficient, and systematic (Systemic)."

In any case, we're going to stand on the side of the eggs.The people of Hong Kong who are now participating in the campaign are an egg and they are not armed. They have failed to come up with weapons of counterattack. They believe that the only weapons they have are in peace and refusal to meet the hard-to-hard.They clutcht each other and toiled to find their way home.

This is because Hong Kong is not the home of the people they know.Because of this situation, there will be no home.

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response to the incident, the Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor responded to the incident that " the police used appropriate violence in handling the demonstrations."

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harbor police armed with guns, wearing gas masks, armed with batons, eggs and high walls, the clash of blood was placed in front of the eyes. How can they protect themselves?

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"Drop your weapon," can you stop hurting us?

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The people of Hong Kong who have long been recognized as "politically cold" are faced with the political realities of time and again, and they are faced with the disappointment of the third and third universal suffrage, and I am afraid no one will have a chance to speak out again.They use the of a peaceful idea of disobedisability.No fear, no compromise, no compromise, no resistance, no violence, no abandonment.The night is a long one, but the people of Hong Kong are only getting stronger.

On the night of September 28, tear gas smog and children crying. Hong Kong Chief Executive Liang Zhenying was cool at home. It was Hong Kong's most heartbreaking night. At the same time, the most magnificent Hong Kong and the bravest Hong Kong people were born.(Recommended reading: What is most lacking is the person who has the power, but who is able to take responsibility )

Next, Ho rhyme, Huang Qiusheng, standing up to stand up to the brave Hong Kong people

Our most treasured identity is to be a Hong Kong citizen

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Picture Source: Let Love and Peace occupy Central

Picture Source: In the early morning of the night, I went to the red VAN> show for Tai Po in Mong Kok.

In the film, the hypothesis of humor is that it is happening right now in Hong Kong.

Photo Source: Sunny Leung

He was Zhang Bo, and when the police lifted the black flag to tear gas, he had no eye-mask, only a single-thin mask, but insisted on standing at the front line.Eighty-odd years old, he still shouted slogans like Hung Chung, and he was not afraid of it.

Picture Source: Let Love and Peace occupy Central

I just wanted to occupy Central, and I'd like to know where the Occupation was, " said Tai Yiu-ting, who accounts for one of the three sons.Occupy the Causeway Bay!The occupation of Admiralty!Occupy the Mong Kok!"

Picture Source: Ho rhyme poem

poem: "Who didn't expect to see the missing warhead and the tear gas of the people of Hong Kong, which has been a feeling of cold-feeling in Hong Kong and awakened to the people of Hong Kong who have always been regarded as cold."This is definitely not what the Government is expected to do. From your tyranny, the people of Hong Kong have quickly extracted an unprecedented unity of unity." (Recommended reading: Ho rhyme in poetry )

Picture Source: Huang Qisheng

Huang Ch'iu-sheng: "Eighty-seven tear gas bombs and crutches are enough. The demonstrators have weapons?"In addition to the umbrellas of the umbrella of the umbrella, FeiEighty-seven tear gas bombs against the umbrella.Hong Kong people are so strong and vigorous!"

The people of Hong Kong gathered in Central, and the Beyond singer and guitarist Huang Sang-hin also appeared, singing the sea sky of the "Beyond" sky, "I have abandoned the ideal, who can, and will fear one day you will be the only one."

They, although they have different identities, different ages, different stories, they are the people of Hong Kong who are not willing to bow to the power of the world. For the brave Hong Kong people, another moving song, "Beyond", for the brave people of Hong Kong!