In fact, I am very much like a different kind of place in Hong Kong, both in terms of value and sex, and because of this, it is more important to change it, " says Ho."

We knew her, perhaps because she was a direct student of Mei Yanfang, because she was a queen of the Hong Kong pop, and perhaps in a gay rally in 2012.

She is a rhyme, and in 2012, after the gay identity, she not only launched the activities of "comrades and anti-discrimination", but also made efforts to help the public welfare groups, to speak out for the disadvantaged in society.Now, besides music, her reach has been extended from movies to dance drama, and has been extended beyond the reach of equality. This year, is also a // 1 &theater " target="_blank"> Female film festival. .

This day at a press conference at the Women's Film Festival, Ho rhymed with a smile, and she appeared in the entire audience for a short period of time. It seemed that everyone was anxious to catch the charming shadow of the Hong Kong superstar. mentions the film that is expected by the women's film festival, and she immediately lists the transgender issues of the <52 Tuesday >, which she said earlier this year she was vocalizing in the marriage regulations of transgender people. Only then did she truly understand the situation of transsexuals. Ho rhyme is always learning how to understand other life. We hear what rhyme that rhymes with the public good, and even more at the scene. Besides the public good, she is even more of a "righteas".(Recommended reading: I want to be Normal!The wish of malaysia prostitutes )

an interview with the women's film festival, Ho Man-hsuen, who has not yet shown her fatigue, has been patiently working with us to deal with spot space problems. We first talked to her about the feeling of being a female film festival ambassador.

says: " Film Festival is a woman who can experience the power of a film, and the depth of life of a story. I think" the film is a medium that can bring the world closer to us ", and that more vulnerable voices need to be heard.

(embody the softest voice: you are more beautiful than all stars

He rhymes: "Yes, it's worth perseverance."

A lot of people who really love what rhyme is when she marched in a gay march in 2012: " I'm proud to say I'm gay!"This first female star in Hong Kong has been alerted to the entertainment circles, and the media will naturally focus on the gay identity of the rhyme on any subject."But she believes it is the responsibility of the influential public figures to stand up and do more.( Recommended reading Bill Gates: Optimistic, Better World Power )

poem says, " At first, I was afraid that gay people would cover everything I did, but later I found that anyone who was focused on what I liked to do, was really going to be touched."

Now what rhyme and rhyme are, I thank you for having the first thought of her in a number of small-scale activities, such as this female film festival, which gives her the opportunity to promote the value that is worth seeing in her own promotional efforts.She says, "In fact, it's more open to myself and the world."She says that although she has made many film directors think that she has narrowed her path, she also questioned whether a gay man can interpret the role of heterosexual.But she still chose to take on the role of "this group," because she wanted to use the action to tell everyone: "Yes, it's worth it", whether it's the power of music and public figures.(Recommended reading Oscar host Ellen Degeneres: Get yourself, get free )

It's not easy to be a "chivalry" in the entertainment world

In fact, I am very much like a different kind of place in Hong Kong, both in terms of value and sex, and because of this, it is more important to change it, " says Ho."

She renounces the star's sense of God, because she believes that there is a lot of good things to do, including that she has never stopped her attention to the public good, such as the popularity of ice buckets of the past, and the practice of Ho rhyme in the name of a public interest group other than the ALS Association.And this time, Hong Kong's "boycott of school" occupied Central, and Ho rhymed to indicate her position.(Sibling: Hong Kong people solidarity!)Come on in Taiwan, don't be a second Hong Kong )

speaks on her Facebook page: " Everyone in the entertainment world, if you love Hong Kong, at this time, please put aside your own interests and speak for Hong Kong, please stand up and speak out for the people!It must be noted that your sentence is equivalent to one hundred sentences of ordinary people.

This is very difficult for the artist, and she may be blocked by the mainland media. She does not fear losing the sales market of 1.3 billion people. In this case, she is more afraid of losing the trust of the country.We're curious why her thinking is different from the stars?

My idea of living and public good is actually from growing up Canada, the environment, and the people around me that instilling me "social responsibility." "The Spirit of the Grand Spirit" that was learned from Master's Mi Yanfang was a great fortune."

She always humbly says that she is "well-killed" because she has a right environment that allows her to work hard on things that she believes in, but we see, like us, what rhyme and rhyme of fear, why she can persist?We think that because of what rhyme or rhyme doesn't recognize you as a revolution, it's all about the silent sacrifice of all of society, and we can't think of any other public figure who is more modesty than she does?Who else, like her, is concerned about social issues far more than sales?(Recommended reading Let's make an honest film, Yee Chie: As creators, I want to speak for the community )

The verse: "I really love life, and this world.""

In a live interview, what rhyme doesn't understand, we can also read from her online network that she seems to be a person who is very careful about her life, often cooking, and loving her with love.We're curious, why is it that all the things that used to be so sharp on the screen are now such a soft woman?She said, "People are like this, they fall down before they can discover the beauty of the world. By frustrating me, I understand myself, and I can rethink my life."He says that because of the failure, she knows that the original "one who always feels very strong and everything can be perfect" has never heard of "what the heart tells me."(You would like: six moments, let us relisten to yourself )

How did we ask her how she changed her mind?Her gentle and steadfast response: " I really love life, and this world."

It's also the beginning of this year to learn to refresh yourself, to slow down, to simplify life, and to simplify life, "she said." A lot of nuances are getting me to life. I'll make breakfast every day, and I'll find out that breakfast is so enjoyed."We think that because she knows how to understand the details of life, she can become such a person of empathy.She hopes that the people around them will become better together, Ho " The people of Hong Kong are not educated to life. People have too much competition and too much hurry. In fact, she hopes to tell people that you deserve to live. You can choose the life you want." (Recommended for you: 10 ways to enjoy life in a happy life )

Learn to love yourself before you love others

The Life of Door and Space for yourself makes life easier for Ho rhyme."Whether it's emotional or human, or social problems, many pathology is because we don't know how to give ourselves space, whether it's the progress of the Internet or the pace of the city, we connect with a lot of people, but our hearts don't really understand others."(Still confident after the spotlight: Xu Wei-wei, let me love myself more )

For love, there is only one sentence: "Many people don't love themselves too much.""

She says our lives are too busy, we haven't stopped before, and we often set ourselves up in a "shape," which is the best, of course, of course, because we don't think about what we need, is it something that can change anything?He rhymes that life is filled with things that are full of things. The best thing to do is to leave it to oneself to breathe, and to have a room for self-dialogue.

She says: "In love, too, we always see what's in front of us, but the relationship between the two is a little bit closer to seeing a blind spot in a better place, in our relationship."" (Love yourself: I love you, but I love myself more

Our wandering is to go home

the past decade or so, she has played an innumerable role as a performer. She is a singer, an actor, and a host. From movies to dance, from Hong Kong to Taiwan, we ask: What does a rhyme like most of its own?She thought for a long time, and Shen said later: " All the acting roles are me, and I have made myself more aware of myself."

that each character has its meaning. For example, when the song was written, it seemed to be a diary. She remembered the feeling of "The of the first album, but it was only after four years of experience that" people were looking for their dreams, finding themselves, and finally finding out that you were the dream that you originally looked for."(In the same place: At the age of 30, do you dare to face your 20-year-old dream? )

In The End I
that I was the dream I was looking for,
I tried to live with my real life.

The poem says: " In the last few years, Taiwan has been in love with Taiwan, and I have fallen in love with Taiwan, and even if I have thought about it, I have to move in like this.She loves the pace, air, and human life of the United States. She seems to be more suited to what rhyme and rhyme than Hong Kong and Taiwan. She once wanted to escape from Hong Kong. She has been thinking continuously in recent turmoil in Hong Kong. She has been through these years. Is she able to do anything for her hometown?" I know that Hong Kong is messin ', so I want to go home." you say that, we have acid in our nose.She says that her growth in recent years has finally made her know about the mission of the House. She has to go back because there is still something to do!(sibling together defending the world that we live in from Hong Kong )

We are constantly at the level of metico and talking about her emotions, and at this moment is not a big star sitting here to accept our visit, but a sense of love, a person who has a consciousness of society, and we talk about how she feels about life and life.

From her, we learned a lesson to learn more deeply about life, communicate with the world, learn to love yourself, and learn how to love others.It's always cool in the screen, neutral, a woman, a distant sense of distance, but here we feel that she's a very warm woman, and star of her is a kind of package and empathy, and see how serious and honest she is to herself, to see her determination of justice, and to her soft and forbearable love.

Finally, I'd like to share with you what rhyme about poetry in 2013 in Legacy, Taipei, when singing this onion, she said:

We both make mistakes in the process of growth, and we will all be disappointed by ourselves. We all regret it, and we all regret it. The most important thing is to learn from it and to do better next time."When you look back on your old days, don't be so strict, put it down, and move on." (Recommended reading: The sooner the better!These 5 setbacks make you a better person