Let's see how these female athletes have accomplished their dreams, created their own beauty, and let us see more of women's tastes!

With a low yelling, Lin Chi-chi, who is struggling to lift the barbell with 145 kilograms, is so tense and intifous. It must not be in line with our established image of the so-called .At that time, she broke the world record of 63 kilograms of weight in the women's weightlifting, and won a gold medal for Taiwan in the United States, and all of them moved to the world.

Lin Ziqi

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" Poor, poor!Look at that muscle, and a girl has a stronger body than the boys. If you want to choose a campaign, you don't have to vote for the election.My mother stood behind my back and crimically said to me.She was also moved by the unwavering energy of Lin Ziqi, but she was unable to accept her "not like a girl".(Let's also see: Man's Truth: I feel the most man of my own ... )

Do you still remember?Hsu Shu-chun, who won the gold medal at the Asian Games in the second Asian Games, was once again the best wishes of her mother. She was hoping to see her daughter wore skirts. She had a brilliant at the Beijing Olympics.

Television reporter Lin Jing-mei has once met Chen Awei at the Beijing Olympics, and she describes the experience of that day:

cried when she spoke to her, because her hands were full of tears, and she was slow and slow, and she was a little longer than Chien. She was a little bit stronger than her head because she practiced weightlifting. She looked smaller.She says she doesn't care too much, because she really loves weightlifting, she hears it, and I want to cry again (or else it would be great).Rather than talking about what it is like to be a country's struggle for light, I see a girl and woman who pursues dreams that really makes her strong will, beyond the will of herself and the will to overcome physical damage."

Aretro Areas

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Yes, they used life to love weightlifting, whether they were steady or steady before raising them, or even an impassioned emotional shock, even the tears of the eyes when the challenges failed, and all the details about weightlifting have made them now.Every time you lift a lift, you raise not only barbells, but also dreams.This kind of woman is really, really beautiful.

is an impressive line of classical Chinese words: "If you don't give up on what you like, then you have to work harder to let others see their existence."In fact, isn't that what they're doing?At the stadium, they try to prove themselves and let their dreams shine. But why are they trying to prove themselves a "woman" woman after walking out of the stadium?(Extended reading: They all want to say: Women don't just look like one )

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And this incident also makes us wonder what kind of woman the society keeps urging women to pursue?Is the blink of the blinking eyelash blinking, a smooth, smooth, smooth skin, or a bottomless line of business?These are the "feminine" trends of social perception, so that women often have no desire to pursue certain specific appearances; the sound of the soft-speaking Doll, the innocent expression of tears, or the extent of the light and light of the waggles of the world.The image of the "feminism" defined in these dramas often makes women believe that in order to attract, please men, we have to look at these images.

All of the above definitions of women's taste may not be seen in the traditional stadium, but these female athletes have led us to see more possibilities for women's taste .

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's weightlifting, women's weightlifting, tennis, taekwondo, taekwondo, taekwondo and freestyle tennis have won the gold medal in the women's weightlifting competition at the
.These are the women who show up on playground, , in their own way, have shown the most beautiful appearance.

beauty of female athletes does not need to be defined by society, or the beauty of all women is.

Does it have the experience of cutting a handsome short hair but being questioned about women?Or is it because it is a woman who is considered to be underworking in the workplace?Even when the "women's flavor" continues to be pursued, it has become increasingly less of a sense of self-discovery.Just think of Lin Ziqi and Hsu Shu-chiu, who are struggling to win the gold medal and shout and shout at the tears of tears and tears.Women are more than just the same, as long as they can listen to themselves, be the people that they want to be, the best women, choose their most comfortable appearance, the self-confidence light emanating from the heart is the key secret for each woman to be the only individual.(Extended reading: Where is the confidence?to make you a beautiful little secret

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