When the thoughts can only be transmitted through the screen, the hug can only through the imagination, love in the end is not so great? Listen to seven tips from psychologists to long-distance couples!

Every love has a place to work, and people who talk about distance (long-distance relationship) know that to talk about distance, have a strong heart, and a very loving person.

After a long distance, only to feel more deeply, although we were born a person, but the original separation is really to learn. How to take a familiar relationship, how to leave a loved one, how to live alone, two people in love, is a distance in the knowledge.

Although many psychological studies have shown that "spend a little time apart" for emotional warming effect, but for long-distance couples, when a year apart time longer than together, how to say all have to find more love mood. Facing the cold screen, how to find the two people love the temperature? Listen to the psychologists telling you to keep seven lessons for a long distance! Let's take an elective together! (Recommended reading: The first lesson to practice happiness: love, no disguise )

The first lesson accepts the fact that he or she is not around

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At the beginning of a long distance, you will feel suddenly empty a seat around, not a habit. From a distance, he's not around, when walking in the street, there is no big hand to hold you, sad time, or to his warm embrace, when he is happy, he is not beside you to laugh with you, in the middle of the night, he can not hug with you to sleep.

Long distance, all feel is far away, should learn a person to live well. Because he can give you all, only through the cold screen, less physical intimacy, deep emotional communication becomes more and more important. so the first task of a long-distance couple is to be honest with the two people who are less intimately exposed. Accept the fact that "he is not there" before you can think about it.

Through such a distant distance, you enough to love a person, but also Lengnuanzizhi. Often separated from the distance, more can see his weight in your heart. (Recommended reading: long distance, so that people can see clearly )

The second lesson is that he/she must build his own circle of life

The second lesson, long distance, is to face the inevitable uncertainty. Uncertainty in relationships can make each other more insecure and more dynamic, but at the same time let each other learn to trust each other.

Your other half has to build your life circle on the far side, he spends a lot of time with people who are not you, and that doesn't mean he doesn't love you, he's tired of you, but he has to live. You definitely don't want your partner to be a loss of life after leaving you.

Because no one should be because of leaving another person, and feel that the weight of life lost, can not find the power to survive. Because love is not parasitic, but it is mutually beneficial symbiosis.

Together, we want to become a better person for each other, when apart, promise you will take care of yourself, because want to good, waiting for the time to meet again. If he loves you, and you love him, even if you have their own circle of life, you will still remember to put each other's love in the heart of a deep place, not around, but deep in the heart. (same field Gayon: people who are more important than themselves in life )

The third lesson holds the time for good communication.

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Distance from the third lesson, is busy all remember to squeeze the time for each other. Research shows that in a long-distance relationship, the time to share daily chores regularly can make someone feel closer to you.

Trivia is more important than you think, because when we can't actually see the other half through the size of life, we should at least set aside time to listen to him because he is the person you should know better than yourself. When you are in love, it is sometimes the sweetest thing to say something that doesn't matter.

In addition to life trivia, you should also talk about each other's true words. Less default in mind, a little more communication; say less about "How do you Do" and "Let's talk" a little bit more. Talk about each other's feelings, not only the experience of happiness, of course, your loneliness is sad and insecure.

You can even talk more honestly about the following situations, and what they would do if they did:

1. What do you do if you find that you have feelings for others?
2. How to deal with the lonely mood? (Recommended to you: lonely lonely good?) )
3. What would you do if someone showed you a good word?
4. When should we meet next time?

The most important thing is to be honest with the current relationship and ask each other what they want in this relationship, and there is no better place to go. because there is not much time to get bored together, so the time to communicate more than ever before, to put it bluntly, for lovers, it is not important to have no company around, but he has not let you feel the company. (Recommended reading: Love is stronger than distance!) Five good ways to celebrate a long distance lover's holiday

Lesson four Don't be lazy

The most taboo thing in a long distance is laziness.

Very tired ah, today do not chat well, the mood is very bad, forget my emotions themselves bear it, or to buy a ticket to fly over? Ah, anyway, six months can meet, what is the rush?

Lazy lazy, the feeling seems to be more and more evaporate away. As the days of separation more and more long, the mood of love more and less, forget the original had more than with this person together not, over time feel oneself a person also indifferent. But Ah, in love, should be a person to live well, but just want to be with another person together is. Not someone else, is you, such a willful.

Although it is long-distance love, but if you can, remember to save each other "entity" time to meet. Take time to buy a ticket to fly to each other side, hug you in front of this long lost person, feel his body temperature, hug for a while without intimacy. Because love a person's time, will not be lazy.

Lesson five less speculation, a little more trust

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At a distance, there is always a time of uneasiness. Why did he not call me back, why she was sitting next to the boy, why he was silent in the video, why she no longer as often as before to say to me. You want to ask, but also afraid to break a potential balance of relationships, so you tell yourself to endure it well.

Many long-distance couples are in order not to let the other side worry, and learned to lie, we are wary of the good news to Shang, avoid sensitive topics, just to not want to let the other party unhappy. We installed the amplifier, in private but because of fear, began to think of the east, inadvertently put all the worst of the plot in the mind of the rehearsal side, couples also have a pimple. When you have a doubt in your heart, you have to ask patiently, to understand, between the distance, need less speculation, a little more trust.

It is difficult to believe in a person completely, because "trust" is tantamount to delivering your heart and risking the risk of injury. But if you can't trust each other, you'll find it hard to be happy. (Recommended reading: There 's not a distance between us )

Lesson six accepting real questions from a distance

Fall in love, is not only loves and does not love two options, there are more times, we hover in love and not love between the gray zone. Love, is very real, you do not necessarily have every moment in the hundred-percent loving each other.

What is more true is that in the distance, there will be temptation around us, we will have insecurity, we will not be sure whether this person is to go for a lifetime of people, we may be lonely and the nearest to choose another person. This is a real problem in a long distance. If you meet such a moment in a long distance, you should be glad, because if you go through this reality, you will be closer to yourself and more mature love relationship.

Love a person is not tightly tied to him, is clearly loose tied, you are not willing to go, love is even though two people go far, in the mind is only not the other side. Long Distance love, is the heart of the steadfast and intimate finally defeated the carnal desires. (same field Gayon: Why don't you tell me, the taboo, cheat and escape in love )

Lesson seventh imagine the future together and set goals

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The last of the long distance: No one wants to live a long distance, prepare a plan to end the long distance, call it for you Game plan!

Often this is the case, so long distance waiting, when the "maintenance" into a natural habit, when the yearning to become a daily necessity, there is a day to feel the other side mo belong. So either you go to him, or he comes to you, or maybe you go to another place together. in short love, is you know that there is a place to go together, then, two people together, that's good.

A long distance of seven lessons, but also seven more embrace the relationship of the exercise. Long-distance love, like two people forced into the pressure cooker, love may be stuffy more mellow, may be stuffy to let people out of breath, in any case through the distance of two people, will grow up faster to meet the next stage of the challenge. (Recommended reading: Each relationship is a practice!) Seven love exercises to embrace happiness )

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After a long distance, so know, weak as we, in the feelings can not fear, but also know that the other end of the far away, there is someone to stabilize your thoughts, is so happy. Also because of distance, otherwise will not know, the original is this person, there is no fault. Distance means so little, when the someone means so much.

Seven classes, sent to the distance, will be far away, just over the distance, afraid of the distance of you, everything will be fine :)