After moving people and practicalness, the design is no longer just indifferent and rigid to aesthetic standards, more emotions, and a temperature.

My job is to experience my life with your heart

When the designer Liu Yi (original name: Liu Xiangling) said this, I can feel that she is satisfied with the design she is now doing and enjoying!

beginning of the path to the design is a twists and

the early days of the university entrance examination, she was able to make a career as an artist, and wanted to be an artist, and to be an artist.

After entering Hua Fan University, because of its strong personality, Liu Yi tried to let her own work meet the concepts and standards of each teacher's request. But was the design of a high score that moved people's designs?

may be a good design with no higher

From the time she met the founder of the fine design, Alan (Yi Wei-sheng), she only understood that sometimes she couldn't get high marks, but she could move people's designs very well.After she had such an understanding, she began to feel the way she was living, observing this world of her own life, and by adding his own ideas into her own design thinking, and then using the idea to interpret the ideas in his head.Next, the graduate institute of the United States, which has a very low recruitment rate, won the internationally famous design competition IF and the red dot prize, which became the light of the design world.

In the process, I have repeatedly and repeatedly failed, but I believe that these failures will be key to my success." Liu remembered smiling.

Reddot design

Feel close to life, feel good design

Appreciating the design of Liu's memory, you can see how she feels about life and the details of her life.

This is a "brush umbrella" that combines an umbrella with Chinese traditional stationery: a brush and a writing brush. In 2010 she was awarded the "Design of the World's Oscar for the Red Point" design.When the umbrella is folded, it is like a large brush pen set aside, and it has practical, more archived and expanded traditional Chinese culture.

Sticker Phone with natural silica gel, with digital ink soft-screen display panel and back-embedded printed CIGS solar cell.Whether in the driving, office or home, the Sticker Phone can be adsorbed on the window glass to absorb the solar energy to generate the electric power needed by the mobile phone, besides the material itself is environment-friendly, and the manufacture and consumption of the charging product are reduced.

Liu Yyi says: I see myself five years later, and if I have to become that person five years later, then what I should do now is to do something!