The red box is the most caring heart that looks after every woman in the life cycle.What warm surprises did this month's little red cartridge come from?Let's take a look at this!

October is a month of happiness, and a prelude to the celebration of the year's end of the year!On the way home, the cool breeze makes us feel happy. The temperature difference brings us to remind lovers to add clothing, holidays, and good sisters to drink tea with a cup of tea and enjoy happiness in the autumn and the tender sun.

October is also a quiet month. finally, to say goodbye to the hot summer, fading away from the summer. We occasionally feel lonely because of one person, and occasionally in the stillness of the day, we are getting cold and cool.This is a little lonely day, and the October red tape cartridge is warm and sincere.

over the September , the floral language is the "tenderness" of the hibiscus flowers, and the small red box is blossoming. In the face of the rose, the orange and the roses are warm, and they are visually preempting each other by a hug.

's a little bit empty in your heart, and the red box is on the way.Still, from inside to outside wants to help you manage comfortably, conditioning your body's collagen drink, and when you have a biological process, you can take care of your friends' mats and hot cocoa.Even if you don't forget to keep the golden warranty period for the "golden care" of the "golden age" the women of the Asian 's Love card, and Hair Pro by Watsons have also asked you to raise your hair in this month.

Physiological appointments also have good colors

Each woman has learned to protect herself from a very small place, from beginning to time to herself, to music, relaxing, and relaxing the sensitivity of the muscles.You can also get an emergency room for the collagen Q10, the sweet taste of acid, the sweetness of pearl, the super high CP value of the vitamin C, and a bottle of love for your love.(You would like: Love to fall in love!Three-date prerequisite to lift moving food )

Boring Your Bare Era

this month, every woman has a good feeling about the of the beauty, the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the beauty of the beauty, the beauty of the skin, and the beauty of the beauty of the beauty. Be gentle and Spa when you take a bath, and I believe everyone will be able to use the comfort of the wind and autumn wind!(Recommended for you Miss Picky: The International Cabin IBUKI New of the IBUKI )

Hair Pro by Watsons' top hair care wants to get you out of the dark in the autumn of the autumn. Japanese research and development technology is a micro-fix, fit for the girls who have dyed hair, hair damage, and so on.In the naked color age of October, we want to be more perfect, both inside and outside of your skin. Deep skin care allows you to not add a heavy make-up feeling when you have a physiological period, so you can easily get out of the door!Also, there is no need to spray the volume of the styling liquid again, and the bright and smooth hair is the most beautiful form!(Sibling: What kind of naked makeup is best suited to this?Pain-make-teacher teaching in real combat does not learn )

The red box is a discount lover and a good friend of every woman, who knows how we need to take care of our bodies and our bodies, and to make us feel happier and happier when we are at the "low tide".It can be a gift that you give yourself, a blessing that you give to a good sister, imagine that a box that is full of meaning is passed from your hand to her hand, and that happiness must be too much for her to send her a plaster, a pair of high-heeled shoes.The small red box gives us people who care for us. When they don't help, they have the actual company of their companionability. They give the blessing to her in your heart. The red box will warm her in the autumn for you.

Don't forget to tell the sisters the flowers of hibiscus: tenderness, tenderness, and perseverance, dear, and may you, in October, bloom.

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