What do you think about sex?Waiting for trusting and spiritual communication is of course a beauty, but why not have other motives in mind?

In the latest romantic comedy, Anna Faris, the star of Anna Faris has discovered that the total number of 20 sexual partners in her life has far exceeded all of her friends.First of all, don't criticize. After all, the level of the number depends on what happens.Regardless of the urgency of "fried rice", it is because of the sudden and chaotic emotions of the people, or simply being totally wasted, there is always a reason for every risky venture of the nature of the problem.

The following 10 types of sex,


Well, drinking a drink represents a sense of interest to them, enough to allow you to talk, or at least make a tedious date more provocative.Oh, two glasses of wine say that this guy likes this guy, at least enough to allow him to be a hot night, or to be flirting directly in a bar.The third cup of the yellow soup has gone down, and it is already crazy for this man. We want to ease the tension as soon as possible, so that we will not lose control.Fourth?Careful, it is the people who want to find someone, and they refuse to take responsibility for the wrong decision.It's not all the fault of the tequila.

Does this mean that you find yourself telling a good friend or a diary that says, "Why haven't you had sex for more than one year?"This may be because the decision to wait until the person experiencing the real attraction is not the same as that of the same bed.Unfortunately, it doesn't always happen that we want to find someone who can make a real relationship.Therefore, men in their lives will be reranked, and a man who has never been on a date and who has never been a candidate is a great candidate who can untie the world of unintended and unintended virginity by the last time.

Thermal and salty

The present desire for passion has flushed the head.This type of sex usually takes the form of a day's remorse or an illusion of next week.Unfortunately, this kind of sex usually means that both of you are not suitable for some reason, and that makes it so hot and so hot that it is likely that it will come a few more times.

What is unbeatable (that is, the sex of time

It is often a decision to hesitate after a male friend hesitarily.This may have happened in a woman's friend who had just fried rice, and she realized, "If she could, I could."Or perhaps a friend of the group encourages us to find some fun, and to allow ourselves to do so.Other reasons are unannounced-for example, the room is too cold, after three patrols, and a big adventure, a bet with a person, a vacation, or a small town in a small town, that other things can be done.It's okay to have a dinner, isn't it?

Don't try to

After several dates, he thought he was a good guy, but there was no FU.Perhaps at this point, we will ask ourselves: " should we stop dating?I don't think so.What if he's really good at the bed, so I'm impressed?I know, I'll sleep with him once, and see if there's a spark in my quest."If this is done, the deeper and deeper it becomes, care to be careful: this kind of sex will lead to a lasting relationship that cannot be satisfied, and will then continue to struggle:" Should we stay together?Or break up?…

The sex of the

A friend of this type seems to have slept in a round of town, where is the value?Do we still think that only a few men have been cooking rice for the past?Is there any point in doing so?The answer to this question is: " No!"We want to experience a one-night stand and a night after the night," he said. "It's a feeling of not being a bird or a person who can wear the same clothes the next day."So every time we go out, it's like a war of sex.But if we need an emotional exchange to have a good sex, you may not be able to get satisfaction at all by looking for someone's bedside.

Don't reunite

The old people of the past are back in the city, and you've admitted to the past that they were very good.We do not know if we can see him again, and I have been imaginable in the past several years to see what kind of light is going to be.We must immediately get him out of the question, and leave this at the heart of the problem for a long time. Leave it to the bed to solve it!


This sex seems to override everything else in the present, no matter whether it is a K-book, or just a breath of breath from life.

Post breakup

This type of sex occurs because it doesn't have to be emotionally responsible, and the other half because both of you want each other to prove what the other side will miss.Be careful, this leads to "what's inextricably sexual," and finally, it may turn out to be a waste of the stage, a piece of rotten, and a waste of the life of the people.

Ease of

Your relationship is now in progress, and it is believed that this relationship is very developmental.Your intimacy is strong, and the passion and the passion of sex are born.Because it feels comfortable, we can tell him what we like to do, and vice versa, and continue to delight each other.This kind of sex doesn't have to ask each other how many bedsides there are.

Regardless of "20 too many", it is only a personal opinion of the world. Many factors will influence the decision to decide whether or not to "fried rice", regardless of the number of such factors, as long as it determines which sex is best suited to the goal, and what the goal is to achieve.Just as Ellie said, "Which one of you, despite your drunken drunkenness," says, "We have to take charge of our own destiny!"