The appearance of Female Porn makes women more aware of their sexual desires, more actively and more libertous, and they slowly learn to enjoy happiness in sex.

A Woman's A?Isn't that a Korean show?This is the reaction of most of the friends of the Female Porn.The dichotomime of "men watching A movies, women watching Korean dramas" is no longer a second law today!A woman's A-slice has recently become popular, and many women are afraid of violence, abuse, and images of women as playthings. Today, we want to talk to you about a different kind of A. They try to figure out women's inner feelings and needs, and create a more suitable female market for women. Why start with the Female Porn mechanism?Why are women being pushed by the sex industry?Let's start by talking about the sex and love of the past.(Sibling A big challenge: giving female pornographic video workers the right to speak out )

In the past, many contemporary feminists recognize that porn, porn, and sex drive the sex of a woman. In the process of seeing women, women become objectionable objects, and the whole process lacks the subjective and autonomous nature of women. Twentieth-century feminism radicalized the "anti-pornography", targeting patriarchal history, gender discrimination against women in mainstream pornography, and exploitation of women in the production of pornography.However, there are also feminist scholars who are anti - "anti-pornographic," and they think that women do not have to be sexist, and that we can write a woman's history of pornography.

Yes, why don't we rewrite the history of pornography?Since ancient times, young boys have been aware of "sexual desire" from the experience of "A". Most of the traditional "A" films are more aggressive towards women, with violence in exchange for pleasure, and women have been "deleters" in the "A".It can also be interpreted as the original intent of "P ornography ( translation into color) " in the 1857 drug dictionary, in English, "prostitution and prostitution", that is, prostitution, sex workers, sex workers are only able to write pornography and sex, and the sexual integrity of women is basically eliminated.(Recommended reading Women's erotic desire in academia, social movements, and women's culture )

The French feminist scholar Simon Pova said: "Men have sex with desire, and women have the same."Not only is it, but it is also very strong. It has the desire to be satisfied."

A woman's sexual desire has been tampered with by the heavy patriarchal history

Before you talk about A, we'd like to talk about why women weren't good at expressing the idea of sex in the past.Why are we still hard to admit, "I like to have sex"?(Sibling A big challenge: Why can't we say we look at A piece? )

The British philosopher Russell, who initiated the emancipation of women, stated in the < Marriage and Ethics >: " Traditional ethical education makes women's sexual vision a sin, greatly constrain their nature. Sexual fear education has been recognized as the only way to keep women in "chastity", so people have always deliberately educated women into physical and spiritual cowardice. As a result, sexual intercourse is not a fast thing for most women, so they are able to bear the pain of sexual intercourse in marriage, only because of a sense of obligation."

From the above discourse of sexual desire, we understand that women generally play a passive role in the past, even though sexual desire is innate, natural, cultural inertia makes it difficult for most women to talk about sex, face up to their expectations, or even be a bit of a shame.And now the concept of " men look at A slice is normal, women look at the A movies are strong ," the concept of " men are good colors, women's congenital purity" is beginning to revolutionize!It's not a sin, it doesn't mean that it doesn't mean sex. It's happening in our generation, and it needs to be done by all of us, and it's a real name for the female.A girl's desire is a normal thing, and most people no longer recognize that sex is a difficult thing to start. The more positive women are, the beginning of writing their own sex history.(Recommended for you Three-level movie director: To be a woman's "sex" life, it is not a good thing to do! )

is the sex that women need?

The "Female Porn", which has become a popular demand for women in recent years, is literally interpreted as a "A" film for women.What's a "A" for women?Let's start with a type of "A" type that women like to see, and the American website HuffPost Womenen and Buzzfeed's collaborative research show that the most common word for women to search for "A" is Lesbian (lesbian).And then, let's see what women like to see is different from men.

The top three women are: Lesbian (Lesbian), Gay (Gay), Teen (teenagers)
The top three men are: Teen (Young), Mother I'd Like to Fuck, Mature of Maturity

, Mature (Mature)

Bondage (bondage) is on the women's list, but not on the men's list, and the relative BBW (Big Beautified Woman) falls on the list of men, and does not appear in the women's list.This shows how different women and men need to be in sex.

Continue to look at the sex patterns that women crave

Next, look at the keywords that women have most often entered in front of the A piece.We can see that there are no women on the list of men on the list, "pushsy, licking it like a cat," "orgasm (orgasm)", " lesbian scissoring (Friction of lesbian) "

Through these key words, we can draw a line from the sex model that women aspire to:

  1. Enjoy preplay
  2. longing for orgasm
  3. requiring a more gentle touch of caress

From this we can see that the subjective nature of men and women is different, so it is necessary to work hard for men and women to truly achieve a balanced and beautiful sex!Men are more visually conscious when entering keywords: "Big Boobs, Beauty, Maturity," and women are more likely to depict their feelings when entering keywords: "Eating like a cat, Friction of a lesbian."It can be imagined that, for many women, what they want is the details of sex, and tenderness and caress is the focus of a good sex drive.(Recommended reading: After having sex, eight tricks to keep you sweet )

It's not only in the A survey that the female sexual desire has already been addressed by the general women themselves. In recent years, many films have portrapued sex in women's subjective and subjective way.

The City of Desire is talking about women's freedom to love sex and life, and to shape the dominance of young women in their own right to sexual autonomy.French film actress Juliet Bienosh described her mother's desire to explore herself as a sign of women's desire to curb her body, as well as the expression "reinforcements" of another type of feminine in the storytelling of the story (You'd like it When the desire master's milk comes home: the desire of the negative space flows to the housewife's rebellious nature )

sex addicted by Charlotte Ganseber, a sex addict in the sea of erotic desire, is a bewilder of sex and love. Behind the lust is the sex discrimination and women's counterattack.In addition, the "Lady Deep Throat" starred in Armanda Cyrus Fury, who reinterpreted the "A" industry with a female perspective, was not a real shot of sex, but was a legendary life of "Linda Lovelace", a documentary film of the "Agenie". Even the 50-way shadow of Gray, a British literature that has a fever, is a "SM (sexual abuse)" for women's erotic desire.(Recommended reading: The psychiatrist says that the 50-way shadow of Gray's shadow is the woman's Viagra? )

movies, books no longer only men can interpret and interpret, rather than talk about women's rights, let's say that women fight for their own sexuality. We just send out the sounds that should be made. If men can make a porn with their needs, why can't women create "Female Porn" in their own sense?

Unique Women's A-era.

Why do we have our own A?From the point of view of many women, we don't like to have sex every time you open A movie, and you don't like the whole piece of sex or sprint. You don't like women being whipped up like animals, and you don't like the zero plot of sex when you meet them.If women and men are really different, then maybe women are more concerned about feeling more, and more emotionally, emotionally, to catalyze orgasm.(Extended reading: I and I do not need to be Ozawa Maria )

For example, the SILK LABO series, one of Japan's famous "A" series, is one of the most beautiful women in the world. This is one of the most important sex in the world.Some people used to joke that "A woman's A drama is Korean dramas," and we think that compared to a piece of video that is constantly being inserted, maybe Korean dramas can be more satisfying for us!

Female Porn can be the first step in changing women's sexuality.

Is the appearance of the Female Porn a good thing?The historical development of sex is not enough for women's criticism.Women have to work hard to get their own money?

The definition of pornography is defined by the microscopic view of pornography, porn, masturbation, sex, and pornography. What people want to do is not to beat porn, but to subvert pornography.In the past, sex was a negative label for thinking about poisoning, but we must admit that sexual desire is a natural thing, and sex can make love even better.We have a vendette, a need, a better idea: "sex life" can make the relationship more satisfying, but it is not the whole of life.(Recommended for you sex therapist and agent partner: we should be honest with the sex )

Assuming that more women are able to recognize sex from the Female Porn, and that it's our right, it's our rights, it's not all about men's pleasure, more people want to take back women's sovereignty, make gender relationships more equal, and move from action to a phenomenon of "women are born to serve men."

we are in a climate in which we can change our mind, we will tell the world: "I love sex. It's not shameful." If we don't have sex in the world, need to use women's views to interpret pornography if we don't have sex.Breaking the sex is healthy, pornography is unhealthy, to think about as a basis for change!Women, happiness, courage, love.

woman's desire to talk about the media environment is a media environment for women to talk about.

We know that many people around the world have a direct feeling about gender issues, regardless of gender, gender identity, or sexuality, and they are thinking about how to act.It is hard to communicate with each other because gender communication is very difficult, gender equality is very long, and gender initiatives are very difficult, so we have to go down together.

Women's fans have launched a "with a plan" this year, inviting you to do something more, join together — with a plan " to believe that a group of people can't do it alone, and that the gender action that we can promote will have an impectable impact, and will reach more and more distant places.

Learn more: with a companyplan

And finally, you're welcome to talk to us about your view of Female Porn! Have you ever seen a woman designed for women? do you look at this?

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