To tell you the truth, a film never stood on the female side; but this does not mean that women have no feelings for a film (we just don't like mainstream a, women are only tamed), and it seems that no matter how the shot, the woman is still reduced to a no assertive, pure play to let the men vent their desires. But now, there's a man who is willing to speak up for women! She was a German female director-Petra Choy (Petra Joy), who won the film awards and was passionate about feminist films. And not long ago, her new film "The Taste of Joy" (A taste of Joy) has just won, by the Dutch famous female adult channel dusk! The 2013 best Erotic movies awarded! Now, the talented female director will tell us how she will use her power to flip pornography, erotic movies and all women's "sex" Fate!

Q: Why are your movies so popular with women?

Petra Joy (PJ): I think it's because women are respected in my films, meaning that women are the focus, not the man, or the sex itself. More importantly, the film is not a big star, but in life, you and I are likely to meet the vegetarian people. Some people are true lovers outside of the play, and I must say that there are many men in the real world who have very graceful fingers and body lines. But the most exciting thing for me is that they have a genuine desire to be true to their loved ones. This is what we do not see but look forward to seeing in the general pornographic films.

Q: Are mainstream love action movies full of sexism?

PJ: It's brutal, but no doubt yes. Most of the A-film mainly sets the sales group on the men, and most of the directors are male, in short, the sex industry is a male dictatorship market. But what bothers me most is that many pornographic films have evolved to a very extreme degree, such as the strong force forcing women to make oral sex for men. As a feminist, I don't want to see women being so marginalized and demonized by men. Although some people have realized that this is wrong, but the mainstream public opinion is still willing to let men play in the palm, this is a very paradoxical thing, as a woman, we have to make some changes .

On the other hand, for today's young people, I feel obliged to show them a more diverse genre of film. At the very least let more people know that women are to be respected. ( extended reading: The dress is too short, no one "should" be violated ) if you continue to indulge those who want to own or heavy taste of the people's selfish desires, and to take an inch, do not show respect for women's films, the woman is really poor. So I decided to play with them, really! Making pornography is not a taboo thing in itself, and what I have always wanted to do is to provide alternative forms of pornography in this market.

Who says you have to be explicit enough to draw people's desires? We all have boundless imaginations, I want to inspire the infinite potential of human sexuality, and the people who see the film, regardless of men and women, can feel and enjoy the same joy, the same satisfaction.

Q: Why don't you choose to use professional actors?

PJ: So far, I haven't looked for any famous AV star or actress to shoot my film. Because women's aversion to mainstream a, most of it comes from the inside of the drama, empty eyes without vitality, and a false eye can see through. I want performers to be honest with each other about desire, with the truest emotions and reactions that I want. ( extended reading: love needs a chili!) Sex and love that can't be absent in romance ) of course, I do not deny that there are some professional actors who can bring enthusiasm to his or her work, but most of them may have been numb, and the feeling of genuine enjoyment has not been found. The audience, of course, is not a fool, and you can even see that they begin to look lax, feel uncomfortable, or even feel pain in a few seconds. After all, the senses are more likely to be magnified in pornography, so it's not easy to get the audience to pay for it!

As a director, I don't want to be a control freak , I designate actors to perform, and my characters are relatively inconspicuous when filming. Only when my sense of being is minimized can they be free to show the nature of being driven by desire. I believe that in order for a movie to have a free flowing soul, it must go with the emotion of the actor. So I'm not going to yell "cut" to them, I don't use overly sexy lenses, and I don't get a big close-up on any part of it. I like to enjoy surprises, and the performers in my movies often do things that make me overjoyed, and I love them even though I have no warning.

Q: So you're looking for a real couple to make your movie?

PJ: Some of the people I've filmed are in love with each other, but not necessarily in a relationship. But they all delivered what I always believed in the show:

Give women more power with sex, and let men experience what it feels like to be a plaything of desire.

Thankfully, the people who promised to perform were not holding a kind of: "I could have had sex in front of the camera. Yes, good!" Vanity, instead: "I think what you are doing is really great, can you also be one of the witnesses of your work?" "A humble mentality that fully understands each other's hearts. And in my films, women are very passionate about women's rights and politics, and even a few are feminists. Our aim is to give voice to a group of women who are not aware of themselves but who need to be seen and respected by the public. And the first step is to give the women the power to take the lead, whether it's coaching, making or writing a screenplay, and it's time for women to sit in big places.

Q: So, what's the motivation for you to step into this circle?

PJ: I studied many 80 's films in Cologne, Germany, and slowly became part of the anti-pornography movement. I even rented 70 pornographic films in two weeks, but after reading it, I was really disappointed. To be honest, those films not only can not stir up my sexual desire, the movie plot is only to use "miserable no people blocking" to describe-not only the woman was slapped also was spit; that is kind of, almost to a kind of disgust a woman's degree. There was also a film in which men chased women in the jungle at first, but in the end women were raped and even tortured by barbed wire. At that time I secretly decided that the first film to be named "Crush Desire Chain" (Smash the Chains).

But I was less than 30 and counted as a young feminist. So I decided to give some lessons about modern erotic movies, such as how to use language and editing in movies to demonize women. Then I filmed some documentaries about sex for the TV station, and when the experience was slowly enriched, I started a photography company called "Strawberry Seduction" (Strawberry Seductres), which filmed adult erotic photos for women or couples. But what frustrated me most was that I couldn't give them an answer when the group of female shoppers who were tired of the mainstream a film asked me if there was any good film to recommend them. Because I really do not think that there are really suitable for women to watch, and will not make the same mistake, the mainstream to shoot the erotic film, there is No.

At that time I had a set of photographic equipment, the heart also gradually sprouted a "Mount" revolutionary ideas. In the end, my first erotic film was born, but I didn't use the name I had in mind at the time, but I called "Lust and Sushi" (sexual sushi). Card Division, I found a couple of friends I know, and we spent a few weekends to get it done. From then on, I was pretty sure that I was going to go with the erotic film directing this path. ( extended reading: China: Sex, surveillance, and the rise of "People's Pornography" (People ' porn)

Q: How does the erotic industry respond to your filmmaking style?

PJ: The Movie maker didn't look at me at all. They said that this film not only has no male ejaculation picture, also does not have any famous AV male star or the female star Card department to support the field, does not have the root. But interestingly, the film was finally sold. The reason is very simple, because we finally feel tired of the same junk food, and my film for them, very fresh, and intriguing. My revolutionary plan is to start from then on.

Q: What does pornography mean to women differently than men?

PJ: Actually, what we want is just the opposite of what men think. Like men's women, in fact, and men like men in bed attitude is more similar, which is why girls will go to see gay pornography is the main reason. For example, my movie logo is that men start masturbating after peeping at a woman.

As a heterosexual woman, I would like to see how men please themselves, not just to use a woman's body to reach orgasm.

For me, the desire to extricate themselves is a male, so I love to shoot men's muscles and his hips. But the focus of the general pornographic film will always be on the strength of the man, as to who he is, as if no one cares, but I care, I want to see all of this person. There is, most of the mainstream film is two men on a female model; but in my movie, the woman is the real hero, is the protagonist ( extended reading: Eight classic film characters, they play more than men also vivid!) So even if there are many men with a woman, it's not a good thing. Of course, my focus is also on women's orgasms, and how they taste, the ultimate sexual pleasure.

Q: So is everything you expect to change?

PJ: At least one thing is certain, and that is that the revolution in pornography is taking place, and it is women who dominate it. Our power is unstoppable-whether in Holland or Australia, there is now a wave of young female directors, ready to work together for women's revolution.

My dream is that in the future more than half of the erotic films are made by female directors, and women are able to talk about sex in front of the camera.

from the past until now, only one of the best director Oscar is a woman, and Hollywood, the number of female directors accounted for only 6%; Petra believes that women should be able to pick up the camera, brave to the world to convey the heart of the desire of the most authentic appearance. Only with a bold and uninhibited attitude can we allow pornography to retain a more balanced view and perspective, eliminating the possibility of being brainwashed by male directors. And this revolution, in no way out of pecuniary interest, but all women, began to pay attention to the "choice" of the right.

for Petra's courageous sexual revolution , womany in addition to unconditional support, more importantly, we all want to do our best to encourage all women: Don't be afraid of bravery, because you are never alone. Only brave, we can together hand to go, that no 罣 without hindrance of the other side.

Be brave again, your freedom is in your final command!

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