Women fans also invite you to come with us and tell Taiwanese society, women, can also participate in public affairs, women, can also be obsessed with politics.

We always say women don't talk about politics, that's a man's battlefield, but do you know that according to the Central Election Committee, the last presidential election, Taiwan women voters vote more than the male voter 270,000? The figures show that Taiwanese women are more politically involved than men, but interestingly, Taiwan's government and candidates rarely have the right gender perceptions and their counterpart policies! (Recommended reading: Does sex discrimination exist?) Let the Google search engine tell you )

If democracy is good because everyone is able to make a voice out of votes, shouldn't women be silenced? If women are key voters, whether politicians should take women's concerns to heart and act

Women! Let's make a sound and let the change happen! Let 11/29 of the nine-in-one election, there are women's voices and strength! Five minutes, 15 questions, tens of millions of hearts, this time, women fans invite you, and we create a gender-friendly country, and a better Taiwan.

Women fans have reached a consensus with three Taipei mayor candidates (Kovinge, Sean Lien, Peng), who will draw on the questions and needs raised by the questionnaire and formulate municipal policies. Hope you can join us, speak the truth, let us bring real change together! (Women fans are also actively contacting other county and city candidates!) )