The "The Right to Matrimony, Love the Start of Love", which was not the same as in the Revolution of this Marriage, but was willing to be free to everyone!

"May everyone be free in love.""

The story begins at the scene of the Rainbow siege on October 5.(Recommended reading: Success of gay rights!France is behind the scenes of same-sex marriage and the adoption of the adoption )

old woman was especially excited and encouraged by the atmosphere around him. They were just standing silently at the distance of the dance platform, but they were always focused on each other. They always looked at each speaker on the dance floor and never left the sight.At the end of the event, they did not disperse with the people. I always stood near the old woman and looked at them secretly. At this time, I looked at them with their eyes.

I was found to have stolen from them, I swapped a smile to the old woman, like a switch was suddenly opened, and the old woman suddenly threw me a question with her voice: " Miss, are you the one?"

" Which?I was baffled by the problem of not having a problem at all, and I was shaking my head when I was referring to "the old woman" referring to "gay" after "gay".

" So, why do you want to participate in this event?" The old couple also threw a question. At this point, my doubts were even greater. I was a comrade, and I didn't want to come to the rainbow circle. These two things didn't necessarily have a causal relationship.Isn't it gay that you can't care about the issue of marriage equality?

" I'm concerned about this issue for a long time, so I think of my support at the scene.What about you?I smiled and decided to ask the old woman.

old woman was silent, and the old man pushed the old lady to explain to me: " In the first time, our son was honest with us. He was gay.At first we were completely unable to accept it. He was only a child, and was very obediable since childhood. What happened?We kept asking him that he didn't say anything, but he chose not to answer the question, but only wanted him to get back to normal people, but found him unhappy because we became very unhappy. We love him, but there were many things that we couldn't understand , so we decided to go to the scene and see it."

When I heard this answer, my heart was in a very tight time.In the next time, I tried to use the concept I knew to communicate with the old woman.Sometimes we have to communicate with each other, often in our own separate and unsettled compromises, but neither side knows what the other party really looks forward to.This is a rare opportunity for us to compromise. We all have to spread the words that we want to say the most, and then expand the imagination to look for the possibility of a meeting between the two sides.

Too often we get used to everything we own, to look at and judge the world with our own eyes, but forget that the world never makes it for granted.Aung San Suu Kyi once said, " The real freedom is fearless.It is impossible to live with dignity unless it is free from fear. (You will also like: Love is what I really like to look like )

I want everyone to be free in love.

"You are not the same, you don't need to deliberately fit in, I just want you to be yourself.""

After returning home, sharing with your friends on Facebook, my friend inquisiiously asked me why I was so obstinable about the question of the right to marriage.I thought, "I believe love is not different. ""

Plato is in the once said:" It used to be cut into two halds, and now look for another half, straight."In the past two and a half years were women, and they were cut into two halds, and the other half of them were women. Men were also the same."

I do not agree that homosexuality and heterosexual are not necessarily inherent in nature, that love will flow, and that gender constructs also flow, just as we fall in love with a gender difference, regardless of whether we are in love with the same sex or heterosexual. We are emotionally similar.

We all look forward to being such a person, warm to each other in their daily lives .Early in the morning, touch each other's head. One day, from that "bed of bed!"Start ; at midday, cook a little rack for each other's favorite dishes, and take a bowl to take a walk in the evening; at night, the other night, the side of the other mind will even bother to sleep in the same way.These days are all starting with a complex number of times, and we have each other in the "after" we plan.(Sibling together: To speak for love!A deep, gender-specific photo collection anywhere in the world )

Why do we have each other's rights when we want to deprive gay people of their plans?

Gay groups say that putting comrades in marriage will undermine traditional marriage values and even the possibility of plumbrating liberation.I feel that love is sometimes the most terrifying ideology. When love becomes a kind of expression of your common belief and love, we seem to have an unlimited power, and we can draw each other without fear and move toward a better future together.

But when the group's image of love is only a shallow, positive force, love is too narrow. It's a very narrow one, but it's a little out of a single value.When we blindly advocate the sunshine of love, we will make for us to understand the obscure slogan, but not the way in which love is practiced, and not to understand the pain of love, and may make the most touching remark to be the biggest lie of this life. (It's worth looking at: " Home, it is to tell you love of a child raised by a loving comrade )

And I have a lot of gay friends around me to let my love be recognized, so that you and your partner appear to be a kind of sunshine, a positive, a clean impression, but when the image of love begins to become flattened, it becomes a single one.

is not just a fairy tale, just like in love, it's always sunny, positive, clean.Even if they are dirty and unbeardous, they still believe in love.Like heterosexuals, homosexual love is the same as sex, sex, sex, cheating, and venereal disease. Is it possible that gay people are not as clean, positive, sunny, or gay as you can think of love?Marriage is no value?

When we look at gay marriage with the exception of the "divine" standard, we forget that gay love is not so different. They have the erotic erotic. They also have the prettiest, unvirginity, jealousy and destruction in love.When love has a line, it is another possibility of oppression.

You are not the same and do not need to be deliberately intended. I just want you to be yourself.

You may still be touched by the lyrics or the movie, but you would rather be careful to wait for the next person to come.Or to believe in love that doesn't love it, it will never be bad. So constantly flirterance and ambiguity, but never to love each one. You may forget the strong love vows, but always have the of having a warm hand and a steady hand in the cold days.

Rather than looking for a "yes" love, it's better to find a suitable, liking journey of life." Gay wants it very simple, just like us.But it doesn't mean that the gay face must all be the same.(Recommended reading: teach children to love comrades with respect )