Brunch force menacing, go to have brunch delicious fragrance! Today I want to share with you the best of the brunch world.

The holiday is to sleep to wake up naturally! Not afraid to eat breakfast after 12. "brunch" has become a habit of many people, like in a leisurely afternoon, a relaxed meal a little exotic brunch, and good sisters Chat, with the lover to take a walk, with their own afternoon dating, in the slow brunch rhythm of the Tianshi Happy Days back! Share with you 12 of our favorite brunch shops, which are charming, some material, some like a feast in the French countryside, where do you want to go this holiday? Let's go to brunch Date! (same field Gayon: to work hard for you: come to a home Spa, hug your Life oxygen )

Quality and quantity are satisfied! M One Cafe

(Photo source: M One Cafe fan page )

M one Cafe and famous hotpot shop orange brush pot Out of the hand of the same boss, Price in the 200~300, in the brunch circle is the average price, but the content of food on the table always make people feel c/p value is very high! The first time you can start with an Omelet Series or brunch series, especially if you choose to use a few avocado dishes. But because once on Kangxi came, this shop is also difficult to order, regardless of the quality of the content of the store, it is worth our patience to wait!

(Photo source: M One Cafe fan page )

Average price: 200~300 yuan/person
Phone: 02-87732136
Address: No. 6th, 27 Lane, four, Yan Oi Rd., Daan District, Taipei-1

Panini Mania Toasteria Cafe

(Photo source: toasteria Cafe fan Page )

"No 0 coke, no low-fat milk, no low fat cheese, only good things!" "Taipei Baked Cheese Home Toasteria Cafe The spirit of the establishment has been very clear: enjoy the food is right!" Main 40 kinds of features panini, salty sweet meat of the vegetarian are available! Bite under a full of cheese into the liquid out then feel satisfied, not a bit in the soft bag stuffing, point a panini absolutely eat full! Don't want to eat toast also have light food Sarah, after dinner to order a little wine, slightly drunk your little weekend! (Ladies ' Night, Wednesday and Thursday night after nine o'clock, a specific wine buy one to get one) (Recommended reading: hangovers or "glamorous" 7 small methods )

(Photo source: toasteria Cafe fan page )

Average price: 200~300 yuan/person

Chung Hau Store
Phone: 02-27318004
Address: No. 2nd, 248 Lane, Chung Hau East Road, Taipei

Dunhua Store
Tel: 02-2752-0033
Add: No. 3rd, 169 Lane, Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei

Super Breakfast breakfast in the air.

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Have you ever seen a breakfast shop that has to be lined up for two hours? Early Breakfast with a signature breakfast, Western breakfast to do the packaging, Chinese food to do content, the concept of combining to let them produce a lot of signs! Yilan Cherry Duck chest fort, pineapple vinegar 魠 fish fort, Yunlin Pasture Goose Burger, does it sound like a combination of Taiwan's characteristics? And the " boyfriend's Salad" means: "This time your boyfriend's salad, you can eat enough." "Isn't it lovely!" Early breakfast to walk in the price of exquisite breakfast route, the attack of many loyal gourmands heart!

(Photo source: Good breakfast fan page )

Average price: 150~250 yuan/person

First breakfast, one shop.
Address: New Bei Banqiao District Wenhua Road Two section 125 lane 70th
Phone: 02-22532087

First breakfast, two shops.
Add: No. 118th Jianguo Street, Banqiao District, new Bei
Tel: 02-2960-0788

A good taste for French toast and cheese Chen Gen for tea

Directed at the French toast, the 17-year-old shop with pure food to capture the hearts of diners, many people say that although the food is simple, the taste is unforgettable, the boss is also very adhere to the original flavor and less oil, this insistence also continued the breakfast shop 17 years of life! Chen Gen Find tea on weekdays only open to 12:30, holiday only open until 13:00, is really a breakfast shop, Sir Greedy to early! (Food persistence: Go to the countryside to do farming, gourmet hands, a return to the simple food Revolution )

(Photo source: Chen Gen to find Tea fan page )

Average price: 50~120 yuan/person
Add: No. 7th, 391 Xiang Road, Xinyi District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2725 3696

"We've got a reservation for next month." Good coffee.

(Photo source: Good coffee fan page )

A good drop of coffee can be a series of aids for many girls crazy, in fact, its sandwiches and pasta is also very reliable! The most vocal in the store is beef cheese sandwiches and strawberry aids, but believe you can also find more exclusive delicacies to conquer taste buds in good drops. Dining limit of 90 minutes, half self-service point of order, not another 10% service charge, good drops of the environment is the wood color with warm light, and a good sister to a tea date, and then to the next side of the Songyan sincere goods walk, a good hearty afternoon! (You will like: Add sugar for life, come to a French afternoon tea )

(Photo source: Good Coffee fans page )

Average price: 300~400/people
Address: No. 26th, 553 Lane, Xinyi District, Chung-Fu East Road, Taipei, China (MRT station)
Tel: 02-2764-8181

Brunch, big Fun coffee.

(Photo source: Fun Coffee fan page )

Brunch must know the brunch shop! Fun Coffee with the signature Benedict Egg with Dutch sauce to open brunch trend, the contents of the meal is very rich, brunch, egg rolls, pancakes, fort type, salad, want to eat a large portion of the American authentic brunch, to have fun! (Recommended reading: Do you know how good a few degrees of eggs are on the toast?) )

(Photo source: Fun Coffee fan page )

Average price: 200~300 yuan/person

Ruian Store
Add: No. 145th Ruian Street, Daan District, 1F
Tel: 02-2700-1680

Xinyi Flagship Store
Add: No. 12th Song Shou Road, 1F (ATT 4 Fun)
Tel: 02-7737-5055

Keep looking, you can find little France in Taipei

Sweet and Tranquil day, Fuku brunch.

(Photo source: Sweet fu fuku Brunch fan page )

It didn't open until April this year! Beauty and full sense of the Fuku brunch first in the decoration to attract a vote like in the comfort of dining diners, the light of the country flavor to relax! "Intestinal sausage Together" is a combination of various sausages, "baby Beibei" is the classic combination of fried food, if the novice came to sweet luck, point on a guest fuku combination meal taste is right!

(Photo: Sweet fu fuku Brunch fan page )

Average price: 200~300 yuan/person
Add: No. 70th, Banqiao District Songjiang Street, New Bei
Tel: 02-82536066

The little French TAKE FIVE in Taipei

(Photo source: Take Five Fan Page )

TAKE Five,"it takes FIVE senses to enjoy food". In this restaurant you will enjoy a five-feeling experience of food. From Yongkang street dessert king Jewelry box and the "Romantic Pavilion" chef to create a French light food, to provide salty pies, sandwiches, bread, cold soup, juice, wine, dessert, it is interesting to have some cooked food weighing style, how much to eat, do not have a desktop Bento restaurant flavor! However, TAKE FIVE the whole shop neat minimalist, using French specifications of the seasoning, to brunch for the high price, but for a while, perhaps you can in Taiwan a small piece of leisurely European situation. (same field Gayon: make you drool!) Sandwiches around the World Creative Recipes )

(Photo source:Take Five fan page )

Average price: 400 yuan/person
Add: No. 15th, 6 Lane, Qingtian Street, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: 02-2395-9388

British breakfast Porter English Pavilion POT PIE CAFE

(Photo source: Porter English Pavilion fan page )

The traditional Shepherd School is the star of Porter's British pavilion, with lamb mince and mashed potatoes baked salty pie, and Apple Milk Crisp Potter faction is also different from the outside of the sale of apple pie, crisp milk crisp and walnut fragrance do not have a taste. American brunch is tired of wanting to change a change of taste? Come to the Porter English pavilion to experience the breakfast in the English countryside! (Recommended reading: One second change English nobility!) 10 Secrets of top English afternoon tea )

(Photo source: Porter's English Pavilion fan page )

Average price: 200~300 yuan/person
Add: No. No. 319, two, Fuxing South Road, Taipei
Tel: 02-2736-0905

Come goody.o Cafe not afraid not to eat!

(Photo source: goody.o Cafe Fan Page )

GOODY.O Cafe, located next to Yonghe Fourth Park Green , is a compound restaurant, a lot of dishes, from all kinds of pasta, stewed rice, salad, Fort class to provide a lot of choice brunch, fried, pizza, very suitable for 35 friends dinner, a variety of choices will be many people's good idea! The endless cup of soft drinks also let the sisters who like to sit and chat at ease chat. Afraid to eat ray at brunch? Come goody.o Cafe won't let you down.

(Photo source:goody.o Cafe fan page )

Average price: 300~400/people
Address: No. No. 218, Bei Road, Yonghe District, new area
Tel: 02-2927-7718

Re-engraved recall of Rooster Coffee

(Photo source: Rooster Coffee Fan Page )

Rooster Coffee The whole store's tone is very exquisite retro pondering, from the entrance of the wooden door to focus on small furnishings, tables and chairs can see the owner's intentions. Of course, the Rooster Coffee Meal is also very special, "Man's breakfast" big weight not afraid to bring a boyfriend to eat, "surprise sandwich" is not let you know what good taste! In addition, there will always be a very lively novelty desserts appear, it is suitable for you like the taste of the delicacy! (You will also like:"Midnight Paris" secret scene!) You don't want to miss the London and Paris store )

(Image source: Rooster Coffee Fan Page )

Address: No. 20-5, Nanjingxilu 25 Lane, Zhongshan District, Taipei
Tel: 0982-081-464

The warm European country Merci Cafe

(Photo source: merci Cafe fan Page )

Merci Cafe Overall presentation of European simple texture, the store flowing warm color temperature, vaguely a kind of French rural flavor, so that people comfortable. The price of the early lunch mix, sandwiches, pasta, let it stand in Banqiao brunch Head of the position! If you also like the French-flavored décor, minimalist brunch,merci Cafe can satisfy you!

(Photo source:merci Cafe fan page )

Average price: 100~200 yuan/person
Address: New Bei Banqiao District 7 Xinmin Street, No. 17th (small far hundred side of the whole family lane get into; MRT Board South Line Banqiao Station exit 2nd)
Tel: 02-8953-3906

12 a small corner that relaxes you, which one do you like? Eat an early lunch, even do-it-yourself, you can find life occasionally hair Fashi, slow down also good! Leave a little space for yourself and release the stress of the day, and say hello to the good one from brunch.

Also welcome you to leave a message and we share your favorite brunch, share more powerful special store bar!