Ariel is about to upgrade a happy man's wife, her story is not to talk about long-distance love you more confident? What role do you like best in her interpretation?

"In the face of the old age, our hearts will never be old!" "This is what Ariel said when she won her second Jingzhong," I might not love you "at that time, she said:" I only hope that the play we do, as long as there is a little to make you feel touched, and then in your life, cause a little ripple, for you want to choose something, a little reflection, Or more cherish with you love the people, things, things together time, this is our greatest encouragement! Her words were deeply touched by all the people present and the audience in front of the television.

Ariel has said on the show that he will do a lot of notes in reading the script, with different colors of the pen to write emotions and the focus of attention, perhaps is this dedicated personality, let her every performance to impress everyone. Debut nearly 10 years of Ariel, from girls to women, accumulated a number of TV dramas, movies, advertising and records and other works, is the performing arts industry desperately, and she always seize the opportunity to constantly improve themselves, to go abroad, is a lot of girls in the eyes of the model! (Recommended reading: hard work or not?) Seven new ideas to subvert productivity

Do you remember? When you sit in front of the TV and watch the green and Li Daren drinking beer, who is the first person in your heart to think of? Have you ever worked as hard as Cheng with your inner loneliness, and who was there with you? today, let's review the process of Ariel from girls to women, and believe that the drama that she starred in is more or less in some special moments of our lives, with us as a confidant. (See together: The most lonely time, the warmest companionship)

1. The 18-year-old Agreement (theme song: A corner of the blessing)

Desperate pursuit of Love and hairdressing dream: Xiaciotong

"I will try to grow up, and then give you happiness!" "Always be mother's anger, blame of Xiaciotong, only to her practice cut hair use false head complain, until she fell in love with her own teacher, she began to feel free and happy." Only this taboo love is doomed not to be blessed, regardless of mother, other teachers against, still brave pursuit of love Xiaciotong, as if let us find the courage to love with people! (same field Gayon: love, IS has the courage to hurt )

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2. My Secret Garden (theme song: Love Me a Day more)

Ignorant, eccentric, very eager to love in the bones: Fan Xiaomin

"The school is used for class, you think is the Love bus!" "GLib xiaomin, forthright refused to the Yao Fai confession." The appearance of youth in our hearts vague and clear, those shy confession, bitter refusal, are the most valuable memories of our lives . (you will want to see: in the sour and sweet youth, stand oneself )

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3. Love Contract (Theme song: middle)

The lonely soul longing to be loved: Into Xiaofeng

"You don't know when love will come, but when he comes, you'll feel it," he said. "Love, can you make a contract?" Because of family problems and childhood by the fire tattoo, let Cheng the shadow of love lost confidence. Friends know that her heart is very eager to be loved, so with the male protagonist, Ken Exchange conditions, hope he to Xiaofeng fulfill "love Contract". Finally, we found that the original, in love to talk about conditions, is very hurtful one thing. (You should know: the condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime)

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4. The Kiss of Mischief (theme song: prank)

Clumsy but unremitting efforts, "Jiang Zhi shu, I like you!" ": Shing

"Jiang classmate Hello, I am class F Shing, well, I think you do not know me, but I know you very well!" Xiang Qin bravely put the love letter to the straight tree. Have you ever had a crush or a unrequited love moment? Always secretly looking at the playground to play basketball tall figure, often late into the classroom and have been sleeping seniors, or a good record of the book Award genius? The kind of good want, good want to be with him feeling, is let us keep trying to pursue the driving force of love! (same field Gayon: clumsy for love )

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5. Tian Fei Xian (theme song: One Eye Million years)

Mind all the tricks, never know love to learn to love the little mischief: Yuchao

Affectionate one eye love years, several times reincarnation is not extinguished! "Sweet potatoes, I just want to be an ordinary person, if you can choose, I just want to be with the sweet potato together forever!" "Since the Jade Emperor dote on the fairy Yuchao, because the wrong was relegated to the van, in the love with Dong Yong growing, from the naughty little girl to understand love woman, but a fairy and mortal love, doomed to difficulties." Honey, have you ever had a love that was not blessed? Want to love with him, but frequently encounter obstacles, in fact, sometimes, we all hope to have the same courage as the small seven and Dong Yong. (Practice together: Write a brave letter for yourself every day )

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Keep watching Ariel and grow up with us as women.

6. Oriental Juliet (Theme song: Not You)

Brave design genius, finally lost to love: Lin

"Light, you know?" I was going to never fall in love before I went beyond the Chu shape, but now I seem to be breaking the vow. "Lin from an early age to go beyond plagiarism of their own design designer Chu-shaped, but accidentally found his lover is the Chu-shaped son." When Love and hate interweave together, always persistent, courageously Lin into a complex mood. have you ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have loved? When you always insist on something that you don't accept, but you have to accept it because of love, will you choose to give up love or give up insisting? (The Antidote to love: no longer clinging to the cause of the breakup )

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7. Shoot Eagle Hero Biography (theme song: Hero Lonesome)

Unrestrained in with tenderness, Jing brother is My life only: Huang Rong

"Jing brother ... I really hate you where, do not care where the hate? Don't like the hate? "Huang Rong face Guo Jing This silly Big boy, give infinite Care and love, lakes chic chivalrous woman, in front of Guo Jing just a want to love girl." Have you ever been in love with a boy? Those with the boy in love flustered, anger worried, sometimes think up when the mouth will rise lovely memories! (Tarot divination: is it a boy or a man who is destined for you?) )

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8. I may not love You (theme song: I will not like you)

Strong appearance under that fragile heart, only "super good friend" to understand: Cheng and green

"Do you know why I don't love you?" Because to have, is to lose the beginning. "Do you have such a pink confidant?" Friends above, lovers are not full of the relationship although comfortable, but inadvertently may be more line. Li Daren to process and green care, but because of fear of losing her and conceal her feelings. Do you have such a person around you? Let you always secretly said to him: "Hey, before you reserve the courage, please let me use the name of" good friend "to accompany you around, because I really, really afraid of losing you. "(Lover: the possibility of looking for a kind of pink confidant )

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9. King Ling (theme song: Into The Matrix)

A kind-hearted witch, to break free from the umbrella Guardian beloved person: Yang Xie Dance

"Only once, I only give you a chance to leave!" You come back, I won't let you go again! "From an early age by the grandmother care of the snow dance, and Orchid ling Wangchanggong love, but because of reality forced to separate." Perhaps in real life, we less encounter the love of death and death, but we all know, must be forced to separate from the feelings of love, is how painful. If I can, I really do not want to let you go, if there is next life, I will not let go of your hand. (Take a look: every day is a practice to let go, to face the problem bravely )

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Ariel from the play outside all with us from the girl to become a woman, with us from the ignorant of the love of growth, perhaps, every one of us have been longing for love and enjoy the lonely Cheng, self-willed stubborn not easy to say love Fan Xiaomin, go forward but love lost Lin, or Silly Love is far away from their Shing .... But, dear, I believe we will eventually be able to be like Ariel, become a know how to cherish all the relationship of the process and green! wish Ariel a lifetime to be a happy man's wife!

Text: Content Lab/rachel Chen