Debut 27 years of Sin Xiaoqi, life experience than she sang more songs still deep, life attitude is a step by step more mature stronger and more courageous.

It seems that the Sin Xiaoqi of understanding and taste that everyone has sung has built up our imagination. In with Xiao Qi see before, in fact we some disturbed, but see her oneself, completely changed the original idea.

The new book, "time is not going to go with Innocence", Sin Xiaoqi non-stop Recording program, on the notice, hope that sincere works and more people to share, Friday afternoon, from the night of the Little Yan TV television station to visit the scene, Sin Xiaoqi face without a trace of fatigue, immediately dedicated to change a set of clothing, Sit down and happy to say to us: "Visit is you relax me easy!" "(Recommended reading: big sister Zhang Xiao Yan, 50 years of constant entertainment warm power )

To meet the real Sin Xiaoqi

Sin Xiaoqi from the previous thought that writing is a kind of pressure release, to develop the habit of writing diaries, but also lucky to have such a writing habit, this book has more appearance of the Sin Xiaoqi. "The book can see more of me, can completely understand me, I like to write, because I can be very comfortable to write to the extent of their own, can be very delicate to explain their life story." 」

Sin Xiaoqi will choose to be a writer at this moment because he thinks he has enough experience to complete a book, the process of writing is also like recalling his upper half life, looking back on the way of the past stumbling, Sin Xiaoqi firmly said: "I have never regretted which part of life, because the past all good and bad experience, I just sang" Understanding ", If I were a blank sheet of paper, I could not be sure whether it really touched people. (Recommended reading: The path of life is more important than the moment you succeed )

There is no big singer's sense of distance, some just sincere to talk and share, break before the imagination of Sin Xiaoqi, just like read her book, can understand why today's Sin Xiaoqi will be now so positive, firm charming appearance.

Brave face, every emotional subject

The book mentions: "To grow, in pain and tears slowly growing." Before the Sin Xiaoqi face feelings, will be like a moth flutter impulse, although pain, injury, failure, but also in the process of growth, the deeper the wound also grew more. Experience a lot of unforgettable feelings, Sin Xiaoqi think the two people get along with the way is communication, timely give space outside also can grow together, the heart management will find the most suitable for two people to get along with the way, can go long. (Extended reading: The condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

For relatives, friends of the death of Mr. Leslie Cheung, Sin Xiaoqi think it is a learning process, learning to face, their own to adjust, only to help themselves, to get out of the pain. In the face of family, friendship, love, Sin Xiaoqi very frankly the past feelings and we share. "All the biggest subjects are emotions, I have experienced a lot of people have experienced, I just very simple to use their own views, feelings and people to tell." 」

When writing constantly examines the past, Sin Xiaoqi reflect oneself really is filial person? She realized that her loved one was more miserable than she was when she was lovelorn, so she decided to heal herself from the heart, so that her family could feel that she was reborn, at the same time, thinking about each part of her relationship and how it was communicated when problems arose. Real face every feeling in life, Sin Xiaoqi every feeling, every step of the road is to grow. (Extended reading: on the road, every step is growing )

Never think of "time take not walk naïve" this book is to teach everyone what, but if it can let young readers get some moving, and then to think about the future, and then more love yourself, it would be a great thing for Sin Xiaoqi.

The years, the growth that brought

If not 20-Year-old entered the marriage, 30 years old before the divorce, early through a lot of love baptism, there will be no song to sing the first moving songs Sin Xiaoqi; if there is no family, friends died of pain, there will not be so comprehensive and profound to record the meaning of life Sin Xiaoqi.

Experience, so that works full of depth, years, people continue to grow.

Like now Sin Xiaoqi sing the past song, the mood will be different, as the age, the choice of songs will also vary. Sin Xiaoqi in 2012, the album "Meet Happy", very suitable with "time take not walk naïve" together to read, she is "Meet the Happy" the best interpretation of the song. (Read on: write down three things you should be thankful for and make you happier every day .)

Counting the footprints of years and experiencing the joys and sorrows of the world
Thanks to the encouragement of my friends, I insist on courage.
Know how to cherish and be thankful to share happy memories
The truth of the pursuit of happiness I will hold on to the end

We seem to be able to see a woman's scar has been crusted, after all kinds of experience, understand the meaning of their own existence, self-confidence in life to meet happiness.

Sin Xiaoqi now and indifferent, is after some experience accumulation and Shen Dian, "I have spent a long time of the price, just know to love themselves, to put themselves in the front." Time will be the edges of people grinding, and then found that the original insistence is small, now understand life is very short, very impermanent, let oneself happy is the most important. 」

The interview all the way is very sincere Sin Xiaoqi, said oneself is a naïve, romantic, brave person, no affectation of true temperament, exudes self-confidence luster. Sin Xiaoqi's story, with our reading from girls to women's changes, after the time of the 焠, she no longer tore the heart crack lung of the song for everyone to Heal, but with their own story, with warm strokes to illuminate the hearts of everyone.