The creative practices of art design have now become a beautiful moment to change and to change.

From 9/16 to 25 in the 1914 East China Business District, ten days of the "2011 Taiwan Designer Week" has already been created, and you will not miss the international exhibition at the time of this limitation!Today, let the womany take a big home to appreciate it , where the fourth designer the fourth designer, plans to exhibit "Keep Keep Keep Keep".

There are products, bodies, colors, materials, etc. that are intuitively known to all of us and have become a culture in each era.The fourth designer, who was designed by the Tien-ching Design Exhibition, plans to exhibit "Keep the Keep alive", hoping that designers can reinterpret these changes in different ways, different materials, different designs, and retain their emotions, so that these cultures and spirits can be passed down in innovative designs. today brings you a live report of the exhibition and a look at what is known as unchanging, original and unimaginable changes.

The entry for the invariant field.The form of "invariant" is already deeply rooted in people's minds, and even if "no", "change" is disintegrated, and the traditional way of writing is broken, people still know that it is the two words, and this is the "constant".

There are no tedious and complex decorations at the showroom, with a comfortable and bright white and warm and soft wooden board.

Outside, designers have been planning to sell the exhibits in the past, as well as from the first to the present.

Kite Lamp Kite Lamp

: Yang Hao-jun

Kites are memories of their childhood, tightly holding the lines of the kite and staring at the kite in the sky, and they are afraid that if the line breaks out, they will fly away.

Retain the elements of the kite and hold the kite in a kite to hold the power cord to the power switch on the ground.When they don't turn on the lights, it is a simple geometric decoration on the ceiling, and the lights are turned on, and you can see that two birds fly on the sky!


: Guo Yihuang

Everyday things in life, knives, chairs, rice, etc., all of these things that you used to think about, where did you ever think they came from?

A story that starts with a source and wants to be able to remind people of things.With solid wood carving, the appearance is the appearance that everyone is familiar with. After opening the lights, the shadow of the tree is projected on the table wall. Let us tell you that this is a big tree in the forest, so that the shadow can be a souvenir of the tree!

Chair Bars

: Yi Wei

An iron window that is visible anywhere in the bay is thought, and the iron window holds the iron window's image.However, through simple lines, and adjusting the angle of the square to a rounded curve, the original iron window was so cold that it felt that it had become more harmonious and harmonious.

One of the most important things is that one of the things that doesn't change is that the iron window holds the traditional method of making iron windows, so any of the iron window factories can be easily manufactured, making it possible for the traditional industries to change their way.

Moment Moment

: Guo Yihuang

When it comes to "no change", the easiest thing to think about is "time".An unchanging watch, which covers the surface with cement, does not see the hour hand, minute hand, minute, but holds the present state, clots the moment.

In the past, we used our ears to confirm the ticks of a watch, along with this habit, as long as this cement watch is close to the ear and the switch under the cement is activated, then you can hear the voice report, yo!(Please take a look at the live navigation volunteer demonstration for everyone.))

Secrets of Secret Stash

: Sonic Yao, Zheng Yiting

Too familiar things are often easy to ignore.Because of this inspiration, designers have created blind spots, and in mundane things, hidden space is hidden.

The lower-right little cabinets, which appear to be impossible on both sides of the table, are the best places to hide.A simple and unchy table also has a hidden secret. The plywood of the tabletop actually has a drawer, but without a handle, how can it be pulled?A small magnet can easily absorb the organs inside it, pull out the drawer, yo!

Talon lamp Got U!!!

: Liu Zhengxian

When I was a kid, I always liked to stand in front of the clip dolls, looking at the excitement of the dolls when they were caught, and by the small hand of carrying the booty, it was the feeling that the designer wanted to convey.With the pawn of the dolls, the paws have kept the "unchanged" component, tightly grasping the light bulbs and hanging in the air, as if the dolls were caught in the eyes of the dolls.

Raben RRamen, ice cream Ice cream

: Kawamura Hideon

Anything can change over time, this is the constant truth, but the demand for food will not change in order to survive.To make a fake and real ice cream and ice cream, you can make people eat big things, and you can see it, but you can't eat it.At this time, we can appreciate the value of food, and we can have a grateful heart for the food and the food we have in the world.

racing chair Race Chair

: Lin Dingus

You must have this experience, and you have to slip something with wheels, be it a cart in a supermarket, a chair in your office, and so on, and you have the desire to pursue speed and pleasure.

The Speed Chair keeps the material, shape, and process of bicycle handlebar and office chairs, combining both, allowing the "racing speed" and "competition" in the office to co-exist in a funny way and bring laughter to the heavy work.