The generation of network, all information transmission speed, and more diversified, the news of the output and receiver of the line gradually blurred, everyone is strength.

You must have found that we are already in a "People's media" era, from this year's sun flower movement to the current Hong Kong sports, the power of social media is definitely more powerful than we think! (Recommended reading: Everyone is the age of the media, what is your media principles?) )

Today, information is no longer one-way access, with the emergence of smart phones, we began to have the ability to write knowledge, writing news, this is never in history. Social networking sites build up a new society where everyone has the opportunity and the ability to create their own headlines and even influence others, a powerful force that cannot be measured.

This force does not mean that all are used correctly, he is a double-edged sword with pros and cons, the community has rewritten history, not only in the media, and even in the political, military fields, all exert its influence, become the current era of the biggest weapon of pulsation.

This year has been a tumultuous year to see how the role of social media in these world events, and how countries and organizations have transformed communities into action.

2014 Israel's conflict with Gaza

For centuries, political propaganda and war have long been inextricably linked, how to use the media to destroy each other's public image while wooing its allies and strengthening the public's trust in the state.

In July of this year, in the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Gaza a foothold in social media, for example, as of July, the label #GazaUnderAttack has been labeled in 4 million of the tweet, but the label #IsraelUnderFire was only marked 200,000 times. (Read on: The cries of children under the flames of war, do you hear?) )

Thus, Israel's global public image faces a grim test.

Same field Gayon: three minutes to understand Gaza conflict


The Islamic States of Iraq and Sham, ISIS, are more sophisticated and efficient in using social media than all terrorist organizations in the past, a complete and unambiguous social media strategy, using multiple Twitter accounts, professional film-shooting groups, and even publishing apps, annual reports and English-language magazines, To carry out a series of recruitment and publicity. (Extended reading: The Holy Warrior Bride under the flames: ISIS's seeding action for strong sex slaves )

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ISIS uses the endless Twitter account to broadcast brutal images and threat warnings, including many American wounded or dead soldiers photos, in addition, they will search for the most popular labels at the time, also marked in the dispatch, to increase the spread of the dispatch.

Therefore, the United States in the fight against ISIS there are two levels, one is the military aspects of air raids, the other is social network warfare, so the U.S. State Department began to establish a Twitter account, by the counter-Terrorism Strategy Communication Center management, account name called "Again Turn Away", hoping to The media such as ISIS have been hit.

Hong Kong "Let Love and Peace Occupy Central" campaign

The social media platform has become the catalyst of the recent movement in Hong Kong, in the beginning of the movement, the label #OccupyCentral and #UmbrellaRevolution has been the heart of this series of movements. (Recommended reading: Hong Kong people do not fake universal suffrage!) Peace to write down the history of a page )

The people of Hong Kong have successfully used Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and FireChat to organize the masses, disseminate information about the actions of the parties and disseminate the ideas and aspirations of their movement to the whole world. (Recommended reading: democracy is a verb!) Hong Kong is a visible future

The network and the community have changed the way people face government and even challenge the government, which has changed our means of fighting and brought about an unprecedented revolution in communication, communication and communication.

Through the community, politics is no longer the only one who has the right to be far away, politics is in your hands, maybe a hashtag can shake the future of a country, everyone is the media, so everyone is the power of change. (Hashtag power: anger and solidarity!) #bringbackourgirls Global Call to put Nigelia female students home )

About politics, everyone is the power to change #womenvote

Women fans want to invite you to join us in using the power of the community to voice, look at our new political channels , with #womenvote care about our environment and the Times. Together we make history, together, let the change take place.

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