Because of an Australian-sponsored "free hug" Movement, we find that human indifference can be broken and strangers can care for one another.

I do not know whether you remember, last winter there was a very warm film, the film has an artist, he invited five people with mobility inconvenience, tailored for them to match the model of the window, and the plan named "Who is perfect?" "(Recommended reading: The most authentic window model )

This time, it is as warm and thoughtful as it is to share with you the earlier works of this film-shooting team.

Please be sure to see the last.

That's how the story started.

A doll bear stood in the big square, looking at the people coming and going.

Then he will open his arms, to the passers-by, as if to say: Let me give you warm free hug bar! 」

Probably too long no hug with others, this man put a bag thrown in the ground, directly into the arms of the Big Bear!

And a lot of people are happy to accept the Big Bear's free hug!. No sex, age, simple hug all make us happy!

Dogs and bears can also be friends!

The children even play with the Big Bear, ah ah you incredibly bully Big Bear!

Female students grab a photo with the Big Bear, to commemorate the life of such simple ordinary happiness.

The cold day plus the cute plush Big bear hug, the square immediately many warm, each person's face is permeated with the happy expression, when they leave the square will be satisfied, because hugs, because of happiness, is so simple. (Extended reading: Six kinds of embracing meaning )

However, at the end of the story, the Big Bear has something to say. It turns out that the Big Bear is a physically and mentally handicapped Fabian played, for him, hugs is a very difficult thing, "people will not be unkind to me, but people do not want to come near me." "

Pro Infirmis is a charity group from Switzerland that speaks for people with mental and physical disabilities. They asked Fabian to put on props to hug with passers-by, the hug behind, in fact, we are difficult to admit the secret.

"Do we need to be disguised to be close to each other?" 」

"Come a little closer!" 」

Pro Infirmis's documentary film, not only warm, but also the people think, hope that everyone can respect the physical and mental disorders, no longer because of fear and sinking, but with a friendly exchange to replace the indifference of strange vision. We are all the same, need to warm, need to hug, eager to love and be loved.

"Same field Gayon: Free Hug Movement"

The free Hug movement originated in 2004 by a young man named Juan Mann in Sydney, Australia, inspired by the idea that he took turns hugging at parties and many people he didn't know, and felt it was a wonderful experience in life.

So he began to stand on the streets of Sydney, holding the free Hug slogans, hoping to convey warmth and love, he said, hugs can let the low tide of strangers a smile, a hug, may regain strength. (Extended reading: six different forces to change yourself )

As a result, more and more people open their hearts and hug him, and even attract the attention of the police. As the Australian law stipulates that such activities require insurance, he began to summon pedestrians to sign petitions, which continued in Australia and spread throughout the world, following the 10,000-person petition.

Darling, go and hug everyone around you! (Recommended reading: hug the Wall )