Hey, what would you think of a model in a glass window in a department store? Tall, smooth skin, perfect proportions? It is true that window models are often a perfect nose for people to think they are not real prototypes, but have you ever thought about it? Why can't a window model be more real?

It is true that some people think so, also put this idea into practice! They are Pro Infirmis, a vocal institution for people with mental and physical disabilities from Switzerland.

They invited five people with mobility disabilities to tailor a model for their models and named them "who is perfect?" "The five people who have been invited to the physical and mental handicap include Jasmine Rechsteiner, a handicapped lady with congenital vertebral deformities, and Erwin Aljukic with osteoporosis. Pro Infirmis wants to use a simpler action to tell you: "A little closer, who is perfect?" "(Because who is Perfect?) Get Closer.) (Original, invisible problem, is because not out of the door )

Such a beautiful process has been recorded, so that we in Taiwan can also share their affection. In this film, we see Pro infirmis with the most exquisite attitude to take pictures, measurement, with the brush carefully record their size, and then with a rigorous mood to produce their unique model appearance, very labor-intensive, very time-consuming, this batch of models can not be copied by the factory, But the guarantee is: each one is closest to the truth. (same field Gayon: real size model )

And when we see the film's mobility of the first time with their body type matching the window model face-to-face, their expression first is puzzled curiosity, then 360 of the most familiar with the most unfamiliar with the body, unspeakable moved to their hearts. Perhaps it was the first time they had felt so strongly that their bodies were incredibly beautiful and had gained so much affirmation, "Yes!" I am very beautiful, and I am unique! 」

Even more touching is the fact that these real window models quietly replaced "perfect proportions" models, were placed in Swiss windows, and on the main street in Switzerland, Bahnhofstrasse, the real window models confidently displayed the most authentic dimensions. The passers-by on the street may be surprised, because it shocks their rigid imagination of window models, but change is beginning, we do not want stiff perfection, hope to have more realistic beauty. She also said: " do you think I am a beauty?" The model tells you the truth about Vegetarian Yan.

Look at them, how beautiful

Although we have always known the fashion industry in the window models, the reaction is never the most real figure, we always know, but also feel that change, seems to be a long time later. Thanks to Pro Infirmis's "because who Perfect" program and the Swiss store, we believe that the perfect body is not equal to beauty, and that everything really can be changed! (Together, they all want to tell you: "Women, not only one way")

Take the power of change and hold it in your hand
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Author: womany Editorial office/Audrey Ko

Reference Source:"Disabled" mannequins remind us that beautiful doesn ' t mean perfect