Today, let's get to know this seven-year illustrator, who has been secretly portrayed as a woman, who has quietly gone red to Japan.

In the evening of Friday, a boy slowly walked into the interview, looks like a general college students, vaguely revealing some artist breath, you may not recognize him, but his reputation has gradually expanded to Japan, this January illustration works "uniforms to the highest Taiwan female high school uniforms election" , has had a very good sales performance in Japan.

He is a special portrayal of the female body of the male, he is a special brush record Taiwanese beauty creator, he is a seven-year illustrator, Chi.

Portray the female body and tell the Taiwan issue

When you turn to Chi's work, you will see many different styles of young women, we can see the beauty of architecture all over Taiwan in the 2012 issue of "We stay we Live Bay", and in the eyes of the young woman, Taiwan is probably like this, hoping to paint her figure while she is still beautiful. 2013 In the book, "The Eye of the Eye" published in the year, also through the feminine appearance, introduced the Taiwan Temple architecture and the folk custom ritual knowledge; the "Uniform Supremacy", published in 2014, shows Taiwan's high school uniform culture. (Recommended reading: bend over and listen to the secrets of Taiwan's Land )

Photo Source: Chi Yule Multi -days Journal

Chi said that perhaps the present Taiwanese cultural relics are not as bright and beautiful as those in his paintings, perhaps some buildings have been destroyed, no one is willing to save, but he did not deliberately want the viewer to see what to do after reflection, there is no special to show what others see, but with their own strokes, the beloved Taiwan painting out.

If the first is attracted by the beautiful maiden in the painting, it will be found that behind so many young bodies is not erotic vision, but full of love, "I would like to say that these cultures, but not tense, critical, but with a beautiful picture to influence," a stroke is love Taiwan, caring for this piece of land heart. (Extended reading: Why are we disappointed in Taiwan but reluctant to leave?) )

A proud culture of Taiwan's uniform

Chi, who continues to care about the Taiwan issue, hopes to record many Taiwanese characteristics, and at first did not want to do a high school uniform program, but was interested in the subject matter of the uniform, and found the development of college uniforms in the research data collection stage.

He observed that most high school students now wear sportswear, girls, there are a lot of people in uniform shirt with sports pants, Chi said, he does not think that girls must obediently wear skirts, but to stand in the cultural perspective, more and more do not like to wear neat uniforms of students, then the future of Taiwan uniform culture will gradually decline to lose, and turn it into a foreign system of no uniforms?

Photo Source: Chi Yule Multi -days Journal

So Chi began the "uniforms first" plan, collected in northern Taiwan more than 50 college uniforms, process more requirements are in accordance with the school rules of the Orthodox wear method, collected photos can not have hot hair, no career line, do not wear jewelry, "I want to show the young and fresh female high school students, not sexy charm." Chi's insistence, so that he can from the button details to the dress pattern is quite elegant, but also confidence to consumers said, "this album can take a magnifying glass to see!" 」

Photo Source: Chi Yule Multi -days Journal

Chi especially use exquisite strokes will be the northern Taiwan rich, colorful and diverse uniform culture, we can see from Chi, in fact, live in Taiwan, surrounded by the inspiration, we often ignore things are culture, are worth proud, proud.

Beautiful women in the artist's heart, carrying countless beautiful paintings

Chi also shared with us the most beautiful female appearance is when, he likes girls focus on doing their own things at the moment, like a girl's back, or see the whole face of the side, especially like such a woman hazy beauty. (Extended reading: When is the most beautiful woman?) )

Chi's Teacher's live painting, the teacher's eyes of the most beautiful woman appearance!

He also shared that women's bodies are actually harder to draw than men, men's lines are more rigid, angular, the opposite view of female body lines are more hazy, more difficult to catch points, from waist to bottom curve painter is usually freehand, but also because of such a hazy, chi especially think that the female body on the canvas has a better harmonic effect, So since the beginning of painting, have chosen the female body as a genre, as a powerful medium to tell the topic.

For painting, Chi especially thinks that Taiwan is in a transitional period, just like our crazy Japanese comics, animation, illustrations, holding major exhibitions for exchanges, and constantly emphasizing the integration of culture and the world at the same time, but forget to think about it and Taiwan itself. Chi Uility not to appeal to consumers pay more attention to Taiwanese painters, but hope to see such a market some day, can see Taiwan painters can be strong enough to compete with international painters, so that consumers can freely choose the domestic and foreign works at the same time to consume the market. (Recommended reading: the light of Taiwan!) Seven animators spawn "Forest Warriors")

Chi, a special portrayal of the Taiwan issue and the seven-year-old female body, not too many complicated ideas, just have been using their best brush, depicting their own concerns, he and we live in the same land, but see more extraordinary Taiwan's beauty, in his pen, even if the slightest thing, are shining light.