We visited 30 women over 20 and 30 girls under the age of 10: "Woman/girl, What's your dream?" 」

Women fans video Special project first bomb! First and everyone meet the audio-visual special planning, we chose a very close to our lives but seems to be a little distant from the reality of the topic, so contradictory concept, you can guess what it is? Yes, we visited 30 women over 20 and 30 girls under the age of 10: "Woman/girl, What's your dream?" 」

this time I want to talk to you: "Do you remember the dream you had?" "Dreams can be big:" I want to be a contributing person to the world, "I hope to change society. "Dream can be very small:" Down-to-earth life, "watching children grow up safely." "You can shape the shapes of your dreams arbitrarily, because the world is big enough to carry all of our imaginations!" (Recommended reading:When you are 30 years old, do you dare to face your 20-year-old dream?) )

Are you ready to say your dream this time?

Travel around the world, you can start by traveling.

In this street visit, we found that "go abroad, travel around the world" is a dream of many people. Maybe, but also because we are in an excessively tight competition environment, life is rare to untie their own opportunities, so, to go abroad, to travel self-help, has become a great hope in life! How rare, we can not worry about leaving. Who do not want to put down the "survival" and seriously to "live"?

Dear, can not immediately meet the wishes of you, perhaps from a moment of detail to begin to realize your dream, your dream is a kind of comfortable pace, is to feel the great existence of the world, give yourself a little taste of life opportunity, again busy, don't forget to put a false heart. You may not be able to go to the Mediterranean to breathe the Blue coast immediately, but you can try to find your blue in the corner of the city and the small trip to Taiwan. (You will like: lost is the beginning of the journey, with roaming to realize the romance of the city )

We all have a cartoon dream: "I will punish you instead of the moon."

In addition, it is worth mentioning that many girls in the film have ever seen the cartoon characters as a child, as a blueprint for the dream! In children's childhood occupies a large number of cartoons, really on a person's adventures and imagination has a great impact ah! So we think that children can depict the world through cartoons, of course, the need to choose programs carefully, but do not prevent cartoons to bring the children's singular fantasy! After all, we have all looked at the girl Warrior said: I will replace the moon to punish you! 」

When you grow up, you can still keep yourself alive in fairy tales.

The impression is very deep, there is a girl said: "Childhood dream is when the princess, after all, childhood is to live in fairy tales!" 」

Oh, yes! Childhood innocence, always so easy to be sophisticated shattered, we understand that there is no Santa Claus, Prince and Princess happy ending is not easy. But can we still have our own fairy tales? Can you still believe in hope? There is no Santa Claus, but we have more than Santa Claus also have a hard visit to our parents, waiting for the Prince's Kiss is not easy, but we can no longer like the Prince's salvation, but voluntarily from the dream to wake up, and strive to practice love sour sweet beautiful! (same field Gayon: don't wait for the prince to save, the princesses are in their own battle. )

When you grow up, you can still have your fairy tale, you are the resolute princess who built the beautiful castle with bare hands, you will brick build up the appearance of the dream. The real princess seems happier than the princess in the story book! Because we are not only the Prince a simple choice, the princess can have more interests, career, dream. Hey, honey, you can always live in a fairytale and choose what kind of princess you want to be.

From girls to women, dreams are supposed to be happy.

Have you ever noticed that from the beginning of the film, the more you think of the young girls ' answers, the more naïve they are? We think, "dream" two words, is to make you persist, still can feel happy things. So if the end of the "want to become a lion" girl because of this dream, and life is full of pure expectations, what can not? Relative, "Down-to-earth life", "want to see children grow up safely," is also a dream. Perhaps not "the dream of speaking out will be laughed at, only the value of practice." "But" every dream that has been constructed is extraordinary and worthy of practice. "(You'll like it: stop it!) Dream meet is to earn! In this life I only do Huang Junrong )

Do you remember what a naïve and daring dream you've had? For many people, "say the Dream" this matter is not easy, we always think more, the dream is not enough to hear the great, say that will be ridiculed? Dream, it may not be so serious. Because, can dream of us, is happy, brave, crazy.

Why do you want to do this visit? Seems a little sudden, and some impulse, in fact, the first play of the film, just to want to and now screen before you chat, such a simple motive. You want to be closer to the person who cares about the woman every day, and meets your life in a different way. Thanks to all the friends who have been to the street, it is a pleasure to hear your dreams and be the witnesses of your dreams at that moment. Also thank you for reading the article at the moment, thank you, become a woman fan to complete a dream part.

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Next, what do you want to create with a woman fan? We want to start with a "dream" and run all the way to find out more things that deserve to be discussed, those that are inadvertently forgotten, and those who are supposed to be concerned about being a "conscious person". Are you ready to join us in our dreams?

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