Huang, through music and fans dialogue, but also with their own and the world dialogue, dialogue is life, are the mood. Spend the ups and downs of life with you.

Huang, from the orchestra guitarist to the singing folk singer, constantly through the creation of dialogue with themselves, not rigidly adhere to the form, has been to Taiwan's music has brought many great songs, but also to the music industry to inject a lot of creative power.

Talented people spit on the glittering trophy.
Dear Cobain, have you ever admired vanity?
How I wish someone would break through the doubt and take me forward.
Now I've become so weak

I just want to lead you to a dream far away
The little cabin, the red roof address is a secret
You hold the kitten blue eyes no longer melancholy
Shangri-La is there for us to find

Many people listen to the doll Wei sang this song, then met Huang, constantly using songs to depict the mood of the boys.

The creation of him, is in full swing in preparation for tonight's "Nature Trilogy" concert, despite busy, or take time to interview with women fans, from the lines can also feel the charm and vitality of Huang!

Songs are the process of dialogue, singing together, talking together, always walking

Starting with the 929 orchestra, we sang a good song with our partners, at that time he was just in the side, playing guitar, quiet; later, out of the record, a person standing on the stage, although to face the difficulties, tension is a person to carry, but later also found himself more accustomed to a person, but also more secure.

From the first album of 2007 to the present, each song is a projection of Huang and himself or others, Word are recording life. If you don't know Huang, you can start with the song "Shangri-La," to listen to him, to understand him, he said: "This is my answer to myself to comfort the masterpiece." 」

There are a lot of questions on the way to music, like the monologue in Shangri-La, "I wish someone would break through the doubt and take me forward." Although doubts but not too much hesitation, has been done on the right, this is Huang and other musicians are not the same place, think very little, only know to have been in their own way, go forward.

"Electricity", "sea", "wind", irresistible, the power of music

This time in Legacy's concert, Huang 玠 to be with three groups of his favorite musicians to do a show, he loves to work with these talented people to create and sing together, like nature, is an irresistible force, then produced a "nature of power", each group of musicians just and "electricity", "sea", " Wind "These three elements perfect match.

And the girl and the robot work together the electronic dance amorous feelings song "because you", wants to present the intense love the certain degree of irrationality, precisely because this kind of irrationality, only then makes the love more attractive. "Most of the time is for each other's sake, and rarely ask themselves good, this is the most romantic thing in love!" Huang also talked about another kind of romantic, quarrel, because the communication so quarrel, so noisy, to some extent, show care, show a fervent love. But in the face of people are always enthusiastic Huang, it should be less and people quarrel.

The story of this thing is the wind. To have something to shake him, the wind will begin to turn into something that the eye can see.

Cun Shang Tsuen Shu

To Huang Lai said, music is also like the wind, especially when creating, emotion is like shaking music things, to accumulate to a certain degree of time, so when the wind blows, there is no way to know.

And like the wind as a woman Huang cooperation, "You are not like me," a song about a person, about loneliness.

I follow the tide of time
I'm walking slowly because I look back too often.
Hide the souvenirs and turn them into secrets.
The warm sun has left a shadow on the body.
I follow the time freely
I'm holding on to the one that doesn't exist, you see where you're taking me.
I write the same thing in my diary every day.
Like a desert swept by the wind, leaving a trail of regularity.

Listen to listen, you can feel the yellow 玠 mouth, that freedom brings loneliness.

"The best way to face loneliness is to feel it, it feels real, it's healthy in the face of your own, and it's healthier than fake high because it's true." 」

Follow this song together real face it, negative emotions are their own, continue to listen to the song, continue to be sad, did not cry, the heart is filled with more than tears of numbness despair. No more disguises, we all know that the sadness is true.

In the wind, the twinkling of an eye came to the seaside.

Cross the distance, sing the comfort, get the courage

I took the midnight train from Taipei to Taidong, which was difficult for me.
I took the midnight train from Taipei to Taitung and my baggage wasn't too heavy.

Listen to Huang's new style rap "all the way eastward", in fact, the difficulty is not because of traffic, but because the Taipei people and Taidong people really very different, every day traffic jams and the mood of the sea is too bad. Perhaps the difficulty is that Taipei people still keep the blood of Taipei people, love that Taipei is inseparable from Taipei, can only occasionally release themselves, become Ronin, and the sea, singing together.

No matter where to sing, music can comfort themselves and comfort others so Huang will always do music, always use his good way to comfort the world, to change society, if you can sing together with the song to sing into the ideal, full of love, no longer with material, money to measure the value of things, Then society will keep on improving.

Huang hope that he has always had the ability to write songs, diligent to write a lot of songs, continuous progress constantly forward.

No matter happy sad, believe Huang can use his gentle voice, straightforward lyrics, accompany us to continue to go on, as long as there is love, there is yellow 玠, no matter where in nature, can have power, are invincible.