Do you know that the iPhone's shell can have other real functions in addition to protecting your phones, showing image and attracting attention, and looking beyond your eyes?

special phone shell is actually a

Creative design from Taiwan designers, Snap! , which is redefined for the iPhone.The shape of the classic camera, the real hand feeling of the shutter, is a digital camera.Or is it playing the iPhone?Easily press the shutter, and live, that is, to be wonderful!

phone shell shows always

Embedded in the SWAROVSKI water drill, the iPhone4 fashion and the Loveless series , not only for the romantic love between lovers, but also for the lifetime warranty for this shell.

ideas for designers of special phone

Design creativity from the Dutch designer Janne Kytt ä nen: iPhone sculptures designed to protect the have a sense of space in the cell phone shell!In order to realize this kind of design concept, Germany's top 3D laser carving technique is used to produce a few, exquisite production methods. Apart from bringing about fashion interest to electronic products, it also reduces the production of large quantities of earth and resources for the production of earth and resources!

phone shell party

You're not wrong, this is the iPhone shell that can be used to open the bottle, which is very suitable for party animals, the English heroes of the country, and the use of the English heroes.

hold hands on the special phone shell!

This girl is not a bloody hand-break, but a mobile phone shell that can be held at any time and . Not only can you give your palm when you want to be warm, you can also help with something!

-to-Write with Special Mobile Phones

This black-black-phone shell is ideal for doodling people who want to do graffiti at any time, but you may not be able to hold your phone calls once the picture has been drawn ...

can't see

This series of cell phone shell functions are that people don't know that you're talking about the phone, but in the ears!I don't know if I'm really effective when I'm in class ~

phone shell is more

Even if the cell phone is broken, it may not damage the shell of aluminum alloy iPhone4.

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