The first task of the W series came to the Greek brand fresh line of the brand listed press conference, fell into the Greek fragrance in the beautiful, share with you.

Slightly cool autumn afternoon, W knitting came to the house of Amy Hotel to participate in the brand-listed press conference, the first time to attend such activities with both the anticipation of a tense mood, a view is the symbol of vitality and fresh yellow, elegant cursive fresh line is surrounded by flowers and fruit, a look LOGO, We know this brand is natural and fresh. (women must See, choose Organic Care Products 5 steps )

In fact, Taiwan advertised the organic love of the Earth's fragrance brand is not small, fresh line to grab into such a competitive Taiwan market, it does take some courage and characteristics to bring a different feeling, but see the product's first eye, it conquered the heart of the W, fresh line In the brand image and products have done a very good partition, from packaging to the story is, more particularly, founder Mayra Vagioni-stasinopoulou is a female entrepreneur from Greece, the Greek mystique and the nature of the brand purpose of manual will stir what sparks! Let's watch it together with W-knitting!

Fresh Lin from Greece, founder Mayra combined with her grandmother's crafts and traditional skin therapy in Greece, the creation of their own fragrance brand, with fresh ingredients and herbs as a base, with ancestral recipes, creating a unique fragrance Maintenance products series. From hair care, body cleaning, skin maintenance readily available, on-site display of the product line open, an instant fall into a beautiful fragrance world illusion! (Charming recommendation, Tarot to find the best aroma for you )

in the name of the product is also very clever, in order to Greek gods, the days after the series suitable for mature skin; Nectar series in the name of the gods ' favorite drink, each product is very sweet and moist ; The goddess of intelligence created the first olive tree, so the series of products are based on olive oil The goddess of the garden is the source of sunlight, which brings the skin of the mixed muscles clear. The scene listens to these interesting stories, is the brand ingenuity, also lets the product have the different vitality.

Fresh Line CEO Natalie Vagioni also to the scene, in addition to the brand CEO is also the founder's daughter, their family are women, a shoulder to carry the mission of the family business. When she came to the stage, she first spoke carefully in Chinese, "Everyone is good," and then some shyly said: "Can you let me make a short film?" I want to pass it to my mother. "The people under the stage are also earnest and enthusiastic waving their hands, sincere and family, at this moment to reveal." (Extended reading: Three entrepreneurs listed on the list of rich-man )

The "fresh line product is not water, but is the essence of the eight species of herbs grown in the Greek Kriti, containing chamomile, sage, rosemary, and Camellia. Wait a minute. 」

Natalie also said that all of the handmade cleansing soap and cleansing mask are Greek direct, so that Taiwanese women can also enjoy the freshest fragrance maintenance, in order to keep fresh, these fresh organic mask and shower gel, body milk, and cleansing soap need to be refrigerated to save,Fresh Line from the ingredients are very fastidious, adhere to fresh ingredients, so the effective period of only 8 weeks, but also obtained the European ICEA Organic Certification Body certification, so that every woman can ease of use.

Fresh line from founded in 1992 so far, footprints have been spread over 18 countries, adhere to the best care for women, and female fans always encourage women to love themselves, through the sincere product diffusion, the use of fresh line products, you can feel a sincere. Today, the W series not only met a new brand, but also saw the firm strength of female entrepreneurship, this afternoon, the air, filled with a pleasant aroma. (same field Gayon: Dear woman, you should be better to yourself )

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Text: Sunny Chin