Li Guoyi is not just an idol star, the most appropriate adjective should be "serious to the hopeless actor", he is, and enjoy.

The first sight of Li Guoyi, you will notice his eyes, his eyes with a kind of sincere, but also clear people can not be moved out of sight, his eyes you seem to be able to see the "Bike on the road," the impulse of the Okuni, "the world's first Macfong" persistent Wu Baochun, "My freedom of the years," repressed flow chuan, The role of the past has not overshadowed the glory of Li Guoyi itself, instead of creating a more mature he now, some people say "my free age" This play let Li Guoyi become a new generation Idol star, but in women's eyes, Li Guoyi is not just an idol star, the most appropriate adjective should be " Earnest to the hopeless actor, "he was, and enjoyed.

Last year's Li Guoyi VS this year's Li Guoyi

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Recalling the last year's Li Guoyi, memory some distant, looking back at the "World's first Macfong" play Wu Baochun him, with a jerky and immature sense, interpretation of serious and persistent Baochun master, the play outside all the foot kung fu. After the tempering of the mainland filming, back to Taiwan followed by the "My free Age," filming, Li Guoyi play in the protagonist flow Chuan, the forehead does not see the past jerky, but more mature, you can see Li Guoyi for the role of the mastery of a lot of skill. (same field Gayon: Wu Baochun's Bread Life )

This Taiwanese idol movie was filmed for five months, the average rating of up to 2.67, the 2014 Idol play to sit on the championship, about the 1990 's college youth, the scene of the flow of Sichuan, a little melancholy and handsome character to get a lot of girls heart, let Li Guoyi fan group, in a day from 5 million people jumped to 200,000. Now talk about this role, Li Guoyi said: "Now chuan this name or follow me, so it is difficult to forget him." The role of the early stage like me, the biggest difference should be in the face of love, I will not be so afraid to shrink, I will not be so depressed myself. He seems to be the one who leads everyone to freedom, but it is actually the most depressing part of himself. 」

"I think this year's Li Guoyi more sure that they like to perform this thing, now absolutely sure, the mentality is also more and more PEACE, has always felt that the hands of the work done well, other things are not I need to care and control." Because I think when you care about the name and profit, you can not claim to be an actor. 」

As an actor, it's important to lose character.

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"If the character remains in the shadow of the last character, the audience will be sorry." 」

What is the most commonly described by others? Li Guoyi's first word for an exit was "weirdo." "When we first entered the cast, we often felt that I had autism because I was not very communicative." The reason is that I get a lot of pressure from every character, hope to achieve the Director's requirements and their own role set goals, so will be particularly serious preparation, hoping to find the role of the temperature and then to get along with everyone, everyone will say I am very stuffy, because later found I was often the most will lead the atmosphere of that person, Because I feel happy play must be really happy, or can not convince their own words how to convince the audience? "(Extended reading: Sometimes, the more you blame the more points )

It's important to be involved in a role, but it may be more difficult for an actor to drop a character, especially if the character is deeply rooted in the heart. Li Guoyi said he would rest himself for one months between each play and every play, hoping to have a moment to wash away the former character in the mind and greet the new character. "The last play and the empty file of the play, I use music as a rest, completely put the role of the actor out of my own EP, from writing songs, running north central south of the concert began to try the singer identity." After the end of acting, feel a kind of water thoroughly dry feeling, the role of the new play is easier to come in. 」

"No one can be sure how long you can play, so be prepared to exit at any time." 」

Many Taiwanese actors have entered the mainland, Li Guoyi said that people can not live comfortably, so the actor to work in the mainland is necessary, in addition to better treatment than Taiwan, another important reason is that there can be acting predecessors can learn a lot, like a natural textbook, they are willing to teach the young people in Taiwan. Mainland Chinese predecessors once said to Li Guoyi: "All the elements of performance are from life." He thinks: "The most powerful performance is the sense of life that has been designed." "Every action seems natural but it is the power of the actors," he said modestly, still trying to learn more neatly in different roles, and still trying to continue on the road of professional actors.

I don't want people to think Li Guoyi acting is just like that.

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"My age of Freedom" after the Li Guoyi did not only connect the hero of the actor script, he chose the "K-Dream Fly" This play, the story of four college students after graduating from the story, a total of six main roles. Speaking of the young people into the workplace of bitterness and tears, he played Nindau in the role of the play than the play of the wind in his eyes, but can see Li Guoyi play more likely.

"I hope that the audience can see the interpretation of the role of the different, see and flow in the charm and action of the difference, this is actually I want to break the part." In fact, the effect of the flow of Sichuan let me a little afraid of the performance will have scruples, will always have the shadow of the stream, but I do not want to let people think Li Guoyi acting is just so. 」

Photo Source: 22K dream Goofy fan Group

When it comes to the new play, Li Guoyi has a deep feeling about the character, he says the role has been released! Although the role of the job is most likely to become a doormat customer service, but he felt that any way can be called "professional", like Baochun is the bread industry, he has that insistence, is a very positive thinking person.

"And the biggest difference is that he is a Nobody, every one of you, each of you may find a job in his work may encounter situations." The six characters on the show represent six personalities, and everyone can find something similar to what you feel in the workplace and what you've been through. "(Extended reading: cruel, but young men must not know the Workplace 5 trifles )

In fact, Li Guoyi's first job not to K, just started filming very low, a day of work is long, time also pull very long, often finally get the money to calculate down only found a day work less than ordinary people, once film four months to get 70,000 salary, later on the TV show monthly salary counted down also only 20,000. (Recommended reading:22K It's okay, you have to double tomorrow. )

"No one was born to take K, I started filming a few plays and went out to work, because I think I have been acting in the act of this matter, there is no other experience, so I did the signboard, sold noodles, but also to the auxiliary Big Garden night market with masks to help friends sell sunglasses, slowly training themselves to face the crowd do not panic. "Because of the passion for acting, so K did not knock him down, but let him in this new play, there is a more profound interpretation, because he himself, has been in it."

Li Guoyi, a warm man or an idol?

Women are exclusive! Li Guoyi warm man from photo

Li Guoyi got Bella Lennon, women fans, blushing red jointly held the "2014 warm Men battle " in the electric eye type warm men and the United States lip warm male two awards, but his own for the "Warm Man" the title of the first idea is actually "I have been thinking of where they warm?" Why would I be so described? 」

Perhaps because, when the whole heart into the time, the next to see what is missing!

So unconsciously, because of the performance of the play and have such a title. Li Guoyi said that he was not afraid of warm men to become a stereotype, but rather fear there will be "Idol" this label. "I am more afraid of being framed by these two words, because idols and business are not related, and once you become an idol, it is more difficult for the audience to switch different roles in different plays." I have been learning from the past until now, for me, I do not know what the artist is? 」

Li Guoyi explains that if you are called an actor that means that the other person knows what you're doing, but when you call yourself an entertainer, it refers to too many different jobs in showbiz, and he wants his efforts to be seen and seen as an actor.

"The play was good, the singing was fine, and it was the greatest compliment for me," he said. 」

He said modestly, but we actually know that Li Guoyi more than anyone else's performance, in front of people, we see always optimistic and dedicated Li Guoyi, in person, "My free Age" shot later, his right lumbar lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion recurrence, "at that time almost unable to walk, every day by the medicine to pressure down the pain down to continue filming." "He's not the kind of actor who cries for pain and asks the cast to stop filming, it is not the mouth shouting his very serious actor, his serious is even if the waist injury recurrence or reluctantly, was the director out of a cold sweat finally sent to medical treatment, he did not say, but each performance is done solid.

The trip to the day was very full, elected as a warm male hegemony Li Guoyi first to the scene to accept the magazine interview, followed by three sets of clothes to shoot the cover, the middle also interspersed for half an hour to attend the press conference, we looked at the dedicated he cooperated with the photographer pose different posture, take pains to do several times of action, The problem with reporters is always humble and reasonable.

Before a woman's fans visit, she has time to pick up the water on the table for a little rest, and as we enter the lounge, he still greets him kindly. exhaustion did not linger on his face for too long, he carefully took the business card and carefully studied for a long time, in the visit, but also always with a sincere eye to see us answer each question, from his every move you can see a professional, a to their own, to the people around the professional, so that the professional Li Guoyi leaped into the actor, A serious to hopeless but incredibly happy actor.

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Text: Sunny Chin