Chen to really team members said she is not a genius, but a very hard "ground", in the end, why is called the ground, we come to see.

People's understanding of "Chen Kovinge" is probably the first slip of the tongue from the Taipei mayor's candidate, "a beautiful girl, suitable for sitting counter", causing a stir. But she has also been a lot of media attention before, is her role as the last committee of the Qing-Fu Council period. A main broadcast body, the appearance of Bright eyes and young to enter the political arena, the public questioned her, or sex labels have never been less, but she rarely responded, but she was immersed in doing what she thought she should do.

Team members said: "She is not a genius, but an effort to" ", and in the eyes of women, Chen is really full of feminist professional women, in her eyes girls do not do things, she used the attitude of a salesman, seriously understand the customer, that is, the general public demand, to find the government can provide the most suitable services, Help people to get a better life with their own power.

A world without boundaries, try

From the cool weather in the north, the southern Chiayi, in the morning at eight, will greet us with the genial sunshine. Walking into the Chen Yizhen campaign office, the wooden table is full of mellow and warm texture, leather low sofa Let people mistakenly think into the small café, feel very secure and comfortable.

Red and white as the main tone of the wall, let people feel energetic, carefully look, each photo is Chen Yizhen with the people's photo, she always wearing a white shirt, with the signboard scarf, the most impressive is her sweet smile, before seeing me, her imagination and adjectives, probably: gentle, Sweet and kind, but after meeting, it makes a big difference.

Ear just heard the sound of the car arrived, to really immediately before us, cordial greeting, shaking hands that moment that, a little surprised! A beautiful appearance so young woman, hands but have years of experience after the coarse cocoon, was an anchor, reporter her, voice because often with the people greet, interaction and gruff. (same field Gayon : They all want to say: Women are not the only one )

But the most unforgettable thing for women is her firm eyes, said to us: "There is no girl into the political field of the problem, because when you use the word" into ", on behalf of our girls have been excluded! But for me, girls have no boundaries in any field. 」

Labels are inevitable, but they can't fall into the gender frame

Gender, in the course of real politics, is often mentioned, many people will be curious, the female political figures, in the end what kind of advantage, in the political field, and male politicians to compete with each other? In the face of these problems, the truth in turn has taught us a lesson.

She said: "In fact, there is no male or female political figures, I am doing the things that other people will do, because the care between people is no gender, age, party, color, I just understand the needs of people, help solve it." 」

Media on "She is very beautiful, suitable to sit on the counter" discussion, or always be the media crown "Princess", when the media or the public, against her gender, to really very little response. Because she says she's really not good at fighting, faced with these stereotypes and labels, she can only remind themselves, do not fall into the gender framework set by others, but to strive to break the ego, focus on their own direction to go, do what they should do, nature will be seen. (You will like: as women, we don't have to prove anything to the world. )

The point is not to save the people, but to experience people's lives

Although the political experience is not as rich as the predecessors, but to really in the first insurance salesman to learn a lot, she said: "Salesman work let me learn how to care, to understand the voice of the grassroots people, this ability, to me when the reporter, when legislators, when the administrative officers are very helpful!" 」

Chen Yizhen, a special report on Burma and Burma in the years
(Transferred from Chen to true official website)

During her work in the media circle, she had also been on the border with political refugees, and she was deeply aware of the following: "Our involvement in humanitarian relief is not about saving others, but about seeing other people's lives." "What we need, in fact, is to understand people's lives by heart, and to care for the society with various methods, bringing the strength of warmth."

After seeing the difficulties that many people have encountered in their daily lives at home and abroad, to really think that the real change in society requires the public participation of many people, including her former journalist, can observe the public issues, and exert the influence of the media, so that more people understand that the student participation in community activities, student movement is also a way. But with the true and the same student movement, labor movement for many years, the husband believes that the faster and more direct way to change society is to enter the political arena to become the force of change. (same field Gayon: the power of gentleness! To every caring society of the "Queen of the Sun Flower" salute )

Chen Yizhen a parade in the defense of the Lok Sheng Sanatorium
(Transferred from Chen to true official website)

The quickest and most direct public participation is: stepping into politics

It is not a political background, and there is not much political experience, so when she was a newcomer to the Jiayi County legislators in her hometown, she brought many different ideas of political participation.

To really say: "The needs of the people are not partisan!" 」

So she maintained the past as a salesman care attitude, walk 11 hours a day, visit the farmers, understand the problems of poor agricultural products, prices are suppressed, know the real difficulties of farmers, the introduction of the available resources of the Government, to break the old stereotypes of agricultural products, using the way to create packaging to help farmers solve problems And get a better life.

When he took over the Main Committee of the Tsing Fu Council, the outside world criticized the voices and questioned her how she could serve as a spokesman for the youth and fight for the rights of the young people who did not have any experience as an administrative officer. However, the media attention to the enormous pressure, to really still silently adhere to their own things to do. She will be the thinking of the salesman into the government department, in order to improve youth employment, she will be the Ministry of Youth Entrepreneurship, employment, loans, subsidies ... And so on the integration of related services, with appropriate channels available to young people. (extended reading: tomorrow's not going to be good unless it gets better today . )

In fact, the government has a lot of resources to provide to the public, but it lacks suitable channels for the public to understand and use. So she's like a super salesman, the government's rich products and services, recommended to the people in need, integration of supply and demand side, this and the previous public sector thinking is completely different, but also greatly enhance the government's governance efficiency, but also can combine the strength of the people, the real solution to Taiwan's social problems.

After the visit, to really and hurriedly rushed to the next trip, and members of the campaign team chat process, she said: "Just like Jolin Tsai's documentary" Just as, to really is not a genius, but she is very hard to become the ground, only now we see her.

in the political arena, there are many eyebrow angle need to overcome, but in order to minimize the threshold of public participation, before the introduction of policy, the use of small fireside will, close to the people to understand their needs, to invite people to provide good advice. Because not only believe that women in any field is no boundaries, but also believe that people have no boundaries in public affairs, every thing in life, need to let more people care and participation, can cause change. (same field Gayon: What really changes Taiwan is that most people are willing to make small changes )

and women fans have been moving in this direction, hoping to women are obsessed with political channels , let us understand that politics is not only a vote, politics is actually all things happening around, whether it is food, clothing, living, travelling, breeding, music ... And so on, we can all do our best to care and change, everyone is a small but important change of power, now is our voice, let the change occur at the moment.