The focus of the campaign is "trust", believing that the change will come true and that a vote in the hands can change fate and determine Taiwan's history.

Do you know? Women, of course, can be obsessed with politics!

October Women obsessed with politics when the new channel is online, from questionnaires , articles , and psychological tests , we hope to step in and let everyone understand politics in the least stressful way. If you care about Taiwan, you must have noticed that the first televised debate of Taipei mayor will be on Sanli TV eight o'clock in the evening to 10. This debate is the first head-on confrontation between Kovinge and Sean Lien. Women fans are not absent, women fans will be in person at the Taipei mayor of the debate site, bring back the first-hand debate news, invite you to pay attention!

2014 What is the first televised debate about Taipei's mayoral candidate?

According to the Sanli TV program of the organizer, the debate process is mainly about four stages, which are the two parties ' theory, the Citizen representative's questioning, cross-examination and argumentation. It is worth pondering the two sides of the push of the list of civic representatives, but also revealed their own camp focus on the issue of cards, even the camp push youth, women, national development groups, the KE camp push all more, labor, environmental groups. According to the attributes of the citizens ' representatives, these issues are expected to become the focus tonight.

Women's politics for the first time debate attack and defense focus

It is noteworthy that because Kovinge and Sean Lien have made a slip of the tongue on women's issues, women's politics will be the focus of attack tonight. Sean Lien's women's political views include a wide range of 8 women's political views in public spaces encompassing women's health, employment, gentle production, entrepreneurship, infant and child care, and women's friendliness. Kovinge mainly focuses on public sitter politics, with young working women as the main focus. How to fully express the needs and dilemmas of women in only three minutes? How do women of different classes, races, and sexual identities express different expectations in their problems? in the past, the main axis of the televised debates about economic issues, housing justice, urban development and so on are traditionally considered municipal events, and tonight let's hope that the issue of gender friendliness can jump off the field and be fully valued and discussed!

Apart from women's political views, would you like to know more about the political confrontation? A live transcript of the debate will begin in 2014/11/07 20:00!

"Women obsessed with the political debate will live live text broadcast"

The following Sean Lien abbreviation even, Kovinge abbreviation Ke, moderator Chen Yalin abbreviation Chen.

Note: The following text for W series in person Sanli TV station word struggling to fight out, because Live fast, if there are omissions in the sentence also please forgive me.

1900 Sean Lien and his wife Caishan to the scene

Lian: Today is wearing my usual work wear clothes, today mainly for the discussion of the topic please Caishan help me listen, in addition to the cross, there is no lucky little thing. We have also had the opportunity to debate on different occasions, and this time we will relax and consult and debate with our opponents on the policy issues.

1904 Kovinge to enter alone

(Reporter: Why not wear a suit) Ke said: "Only in the National Day cocktail party will wear a suit, I hate to wear a tie and a suit, everyone in a comfortable way to wear." (Reporter: After the afternoon retreat confidence doubled? KE response: No, the afternoon retreat as far as possible to prepare. (Reporter: Does madam have any suggestion?) She was on night shift tonight, without giving other advice.

Candidate Lounge retreat in preparation!

(Photo source: Sanli TV station )

(the candidate shakes hands to greet the eyes completely without intersection)

The opening of the host

Chen (Chen Yalin): I hope the candidate can explain the idea or political opinion, tonight's debate is about the candidate of the stateless Taipei mayor: Mr Kovinge, and the Kuomintang Taipei Mayor candidate: Mr. Sean Lien. Today's debate will be divided into four stages: the first stage is the theory of claims. The second stage is a citizen's question, which is asked by the candidate's representative. Including Labor, housewives, environmental protection, all more .... Six civic groups. The third stage: cross-examination, the two candidates ask each other questions and cross-examine, will be more spark. Stage IV: Conclusion, after the first declaration of the conclusion, after the people of the post-shen conclusion. This is a gentleman's battle, where two candidates are invited to shake hands.

On Kovingeschen

ke: The host of the citizens group even Mr. TV friends in front of everyone good.
Chiang, a pioneer of the democratic movement, contributed to the new Culture movement, a bronze statue in the Chiang Memorial Park, a doctor's bag on behalf of medical, medical, medical, and social science, and a book for the neo-cultural, new knowledge, and new ideas.

Kovinge inherited the spirit of Chiang: "Change Taiwan from the capital, change Taipei from the beginning of culture."

This is a campaign to change the political culture, says Mr Chiang: "We must unite and unite." We need to break out of the blue-green society's infighting and struggle, the big league is in the integration of political parties, the integration of the power of Taipei residents. Taipei's mayoral election should not be a threat, a sad card, a crisis card, because the current crisis is that Taipei has lost its competitiveness in internal friction. So we launched the open Government, open and transparent, Kovinge the list of property, campaign funds Open, this is the first election in Taiwan.

This is the beginning of youth politics, I am a vegetarian, no baggage, I was a civilian, simple life, so aboveboard, I do not buy bus ads, do not flag, do not advertise, the future mayor of Taipei will implement a transparent integrity of the Convention, the mayor will take the initiative to explain the property situation (the same deal with the director), Kovinge to let the structure of collusion between government and businessmen disappear from Taipei.

Any major policy will be discussed by the citizens first, and the budget will also make the public understand, to protect the public's right to propose and supervise, and Kovinge to put forward the six major visions and more than 30 new policies, which can be seen on the internet. Kovinge to emphasize the value and the idea, we once believed that as long as hard work can be successful, my wife and I are studying in the background, to learn medicine to save people, to strive for, Taiwan in the past because of the efforts of all walks of life, was Asia Tigers, MIT brand is our pride, but now the birth of the class, our children eat black , collar 22k, high prices, even if bought a house still burdened with a heavy mortgage into a house slave, as long as the efforts will be successful values disappear, we not only worry for ourselves, more worried about the next generation.

We stand for fairness and justice, not for a handful of monopoly holding companies by opponents. This city belongs to the next generation of you and me, the mayor has tenure, the public does not have tenure, the people's dream to save is the city's vision, Kovinge when the mayor is to regain power, and then to the public, anyone as long as efforts will have the opportunity, this city should not be monopoly, let us work together to make the change come true.

On the Sean Lien of Shen

even: good night, everybody. It is a great honor to participate in this debate of the Taipei mayoral candidate, I grew up in Taipei, and I was full of emotion to Taipei, and running for mayor was an accident in my life, not for fame or as cynical as Mr Ke, but for my rethinking of the value of life, There are other important things to discover besides name and benefit, that is to serve the public with humility.

I am willing to use my life to build a city. Taipei and Taiwan are facing the choice of breaking the cocoon or the constant internal friction in the face of the economic meltdown, the government has been working hard until last year, but many friends have not come out, and in the past few years, the government has many parts to review and improve on the 12-year state religion and the national security issue, believe me, I sympathize I have never concealed my views and put forward criticisms and opinions in a forthright manner, I was the first person to propose improvements to the Songshan airport, and the first to put forward the idea that Taipei's black-hearted food would not be on the shelves for ten years.

but the world will not change because of criticism, but to really do it can change the problem. So we put forward the idea of spreading the seeds of hope and put forward the concept of six Taipei, including the balanced Taipei, the public Welfare Taipei, the Citizen Taipei, the Innovation Taipei, the High-efficiency Taipei, and the internationalization of Taipei.

The biggest difference between me and Kovinge is that great development and catastrophe, Taipei is not a new drug laboratory, I put forward the concept of no top farm, compared to Mr Ke's idea of sidewalk gardening, I want to build a garden city that makes people proud, not a big garden, this is the difference of vision, affect the depth and breadth of the whole city.

I have suffered a lot of discredit in this election, Mr. Ke, with the words of beautification, but this is the difference between the feasible and the impractical, This is not a question of justice, but a matter of feasibility and not feasibility. The election in Taipei is not a choice but a question of right and wrong, and I believe I have the absolute executive power to serve Taipei.

Vice chairman of Taiwan Labor Front Association: Liao Huifang Questions

The first question I would like to ask is how to solve the problem of poverty in the face of poor wages, and the second is how to solve the situation of sex discrimination in employment and increase the female labour participation rate.

ke: The first is to increase employment: the industries that Taipei can develop are: biotechnology, information. Therefore, the Institute, Vaseline Beitou, Neihu Science and Technology Park needs to be accelerated to complete. The public are more domestic demand-oriented economic models, by increasing job opportunities, increasing industrial activity and then increasing employment.

The second is to protect the labour force: first of all, it is the selection of Labour secretaries and the selection and assessment of trade unions. Free legal advisory services for labor disputes, one-fifth sessions are guaranteed in the Labour board. Then came the Labor Inspection project: Union friends had the opportunity to participate. The future dispatch of workers should be reduced every year. In the protection of women, the Office of Gender Equality of the mayor of Hau was a good measure, not without law at the moment, but without policy implementation.

The Law on the Protection of women in Taipei has been thoroughly implemented, policies and public space development should be considered for women, and women's policies should establish a rule for the implementation of women's policies, taking public housing as an example, do single mothers have priority?

even : For the young generation part, we must first ensure the rights of the fresh workers, strengthen the labour inspection, change from the collective penalty to one by one, and announce the bad employers to the whole of Taiwan. For the part of the staff, on the one hand, the Taipei city government to reduce the proportion of the use of staff, on the one hand, the cooperation of the sending company and normal companies to provide the same benefits. Women, who want to provide intensive work mechanisms for women with violence and new residents to help them find jobs. For those who are physically and mentally handicapped, they offer incentives to encourage employment, such as cultural creativity, biotechnology and so on. Many young people just out of the community can not find a job, we advocate the inability to find work of young people, will be issued a maximum of six months monthly allowance of 6,000 yuan, to provide a stable life for the survival of friends, but also hope to help Taipei City friends of basic wages, I will give full impetus to.

Chairman of the Taiwan Competitiveness Forum of the Corporation: Peng Jinpeng Questions

Sean Lien, you come from a political family, why risk your life to elect the mayor? The public is curious to know if you will kangaroo account for profit consortia, what are the innovative strategies for improving urban competitiveness? Kovinge, for everyone to obey the law, but you can not abide by the idea is? You say Kangaroo account is to break the historical bad habit, this kind of transcending legal values how to create a vision?

ke: MG149 was established to have lofty dreams, all Ming culture, ownership management rights separate, according to the law of people. I will donate my income to my account to help other hospitals, but they will be discredited. From the case of Hing-vote, Yuchang case, to MG149, the government used Jiaan smear, why Roshule have such information, is because the state uses the public power to deal with candidates, this is wrong. Especially MG149 how it works, Sean Lien team members should know well, but you are deliberately attacked in the media for corruption, money laundering, it is very hateful.

Lian: Help City service, which is influenced by social feedback society. I help the bottom of the struggling people, solve the urgent problem, the big card company manager Mr. Bico, a year to deal with tens of billions of of the gold flow, but no one accused me of the harsh deduction of staff overtime, or Kangaroo account ... Wait a minute. During the financial tsunami, I paid half my salary to my employees, and my employees were in a difficult time. After the election, I personally and the head of the Bureau, to prohibit the participation of any company with the Taipei restaurant, directly to the office to talk about, and will not accept manufacturers to entertain abroad. There are laws and regulations to attract foreign investment, the development of industries such as the creation of new industries, as well as bio-technology medical, internal medicine, such as South Soft.

Chairman of Taipei Youth Entrepreneurship Association: Jiang Mei Questions

Kovinge, who was invited by a lone group last year to tear up the ROC identity card and express support for the Taiwan independence stance, offers a different idea, so what is your national position on the ROC? Will you join the DPP after your election? Sean Lien to help young people to enhance their competitiveness and entrepreneurial opportunities, how to assist young people to start a business?

ke: When elected, he will not join any political party and ask the Director to withdraw from political party activities.

Taiwan politics needs to reboot, we have a different past, but there is a common future.

I come from 228 families, I have my background, but do we want to continue to divide? Regardless of the past, it depends on how I am now and what will happen in the future.

You said in the paper that I tore up my identity card and that this smear ad needs to be spurned. The Republic of China is my bottom line, I now choose the mayor of the capital of the Republic of China, do you dare to speak loudly in front of Xi Jinping four words of the Republic of China? You are just the comprador of the two banks. I have been to the Huanghuagang, know that the Kuomintang has been so long must have his ideals, but the spirit of these revolutionary martyrs now in the Kuomintang see it? I advocate that Taiwan's political need to be restarted, to get rid of the blue and green mud, and the intensification of ideology will only make certain political parties effective and not in line with Taiwan's future progress.

Lian: I think a lot of young people have a dream but lack of opportunities, first of all, to create the Taipei city government and large enterprises to create enterprise internship platform, in the University of the first internship, training to enter the community need to prepare, The Economist reported that the United States 60 of students have internship experience, is an important Taiwan can also deal with it in comparison.

Many young people want to start a business, we have a good boy plan, hope to provide venues, set up a breeding center, reduce rent burden, help buy high-end products such as 3D printer. and the establishment of local teams and foreign venture investment opportunities, to provide funds, we also provide mentoring, invite successful entrepreneurs to serve together, and invite professional accountants to provide tax planning services.

If more new ventures survive, more jobs will be created. In addition, it is also hoped that the continuous expansion of the functional development of the college's services, so that career planning professional ability to upgrade, can engage in higher-order work, and even have the opportunity to go abroad to observe, to engage in more technical requirements of the work, so as to improve the salary income.

Taiwan Riot Federation: Zhang Jinli Questions

Domestic violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence from the lack of women care, discrimination against women, ask Sean Lien How to ensure the value of gender equality and connotation of practice in the municipal, to ensure women's equality? Mr. Kovinge's speech, his writings caused gender discrimination, strongly derogatory views of women, this is a violation of women's verbal violence, I would like to ask such a mayor, How will the gender equality business be promoted in the future?

Lian: I graduated from college first work practice assistant, my chief is a woman, her professional and ability to admire very much, I am very grateful to her, and then I met a lot of outstanding women in the workplace, the work is very serious. I will strictly implement the concept of gender equality, to the municipal team of any discrimination against the behavior, must ask him to leave. As for how to eliminate discrimination against women in the workplace:

I think sex discrimination is the root cause of domestic violence and workplace violence, and we will implement workplace inspection mechanisms to ensure labour rights and enhance advocacy. Help vulnerable women, battered women, new-resident women and aboriginal women are also being strengthened, and some public housing programmes can be planned for the Half-way house to rehouse battered women and to help make a living. New residents and aboriginal women are helping to get into the workplace. In addition, health-care services are being strengthened, as long as women in the country are willing to receive full cervical cancer vaccination.


Facing the problem is the first step to solve the problem, we have shortcomings do not cover up to find excuses, to find a teacher to learn.

If I am so caught up in gender issues, I am sure I will be the most gender-focused person. Surgical male majority, and too pay attention to the life of rescue, often to quickly loaded ECMO membrane, how to ask the patient is a male or female? So it's not gender-sensitive and vague. But such a situation in the public society is not very appropriate, if this society needs us to change, we will change.

There are too many exaggerated culture in the campaign. in fact, as a physician, the speech is not too outrageous, but if taken out of context and be exaggerated, will cause the present result. How to protect women's rights, the Taipei Mayor's Office of Gender Equality is a good design, Taipei is not without law, but the implementation is not thorough. I think the campus gender equality education should start from the primary school, the child education is good, in the future will not have sex discrimination problem. On the institutional level, such as the design and change of any public space in the hospital, there are three committees: women, infection and safety. So the future Taipei city government can also learn. In the selection of heads of bureaux, if the conditions are similar, will give priority to women, in addition, will strengthen the baby, support, young and security classes, the elderly care, the social welfare to do a good job, will reduce the burden on women, as I will not sex discrimination, as long as I look at the way with my wife, you know I absolutely impossible.

Housewife Alliance Environmental Protection Foundation: Raixiefen Questions

Health, safety is the basic right to survival, I would like to ask two of the nuclear core two, this distance from the Taipei 30km nuclear power plant in the case of the attitude, if it is in favour of, please explain how to deal with a nuclear disaster. And if it is against the policy of the central government, how can we stick to the stance?

and reign food safety, minimum standards, how to rebuild people's eating attitude and value? What specific policies or acts can make the public not passive consumers but take the initiative to create a good food environment in the community and the family?

ke: about nuclear power plant I was very clear at the outset, I also asked the National Disaster Prevention Center, Taipei City If the earthquake is difficult to deal with, the experience of many years of physicians I am very aware that we do not have nuclear disaster response measures, once there is no way to deal with, so the decommissioning of nuclear Core II is But this involves three questions. First, industrial policy adjustment, pollution-causing industries to reduce. The second is the alternative energy policy, and the third is the implementation of energy conservation policies. Because of the high electricity consumption in Taipei because of the heat island effect, I feel that the government has not been prepared to do so, forcing it to go to nuclear power. In energy conservation policy and alternative energy policy when I became mayor, I would do quite a lot of work, solar power is also.

Food safety part, the diet is the education culture, regarding the correct use of the diet in the country medium and small will teach, the civilized country fat more, regarding the nutrition concept to be more common, the Taiwan medical system should promote the health rather than provides the medical treatment, the nutrition and the movement is the important direction. Provide a good health care system, physical health, exercise health, and through education deep roots.

Lian: at present, I see no justification for the extension of the service, my basic attitude is that there is no discount to the safety of the people, and I would like to stress that this is a complex issue of overall energy policy and industrial policy, and that the last business week saw Germany decide to scrap the nuclear power, but the electricity price became twice times that of the United States, which led to the exodus To set up factories in other countries, we hope to have a basic discussion on the needs of energy future development, alternative energy involves many problems, if you want to do so, electricity prices or subsidies should have a consensus, industry, to encourage energy-saving, power generation equipment, energy-saving facilities. The industry has reduced its consumption of electricity and encouraged such changes to develop in Taiwan.

The black-hearted manufacturer should not have been in Taipei for 10 years, although Taipei does not have many manufacturers, but it is the biggest market. The future will invite experts and retired workers, the formation of the Old River Patrol team, to start on food safety inspection. For prosecutors, to provide protection and raise the amount of prosecution, up to 50% of the penalty fines, the whole nation together to curb the flow of black-hearted food.

All organizations: Peng Yangkai questions

Would you like to ask Mr Ke, Taipei Urban planning: Urban planning, urban renewal, preservation of old trees, preservation of monuments, how to avoid the form of public hearings and the establishment of a mechanism for public participation? Mr. Lian, please explain the five demands of the nest shipment? How to avoid a large family of property, causing the public to your family may be so profitable question?

even: tax reform, the establishment of public legal persons, the provision of rental wear law, social housing up to 5%, public land for free. The political views I have put forward, including location, finance and source, are practicable through the way of community building and the planning of social welfare for social housing. In addition, it is important to how the social housing to be integrated with the community, reduce the community rebound, so that the neighborhood profits, whether it is the Sunshine center of the Silver Clan, health center, Rimin Center, Baby, care center, can let the social housing to label, High-quality, so that all the neighbors with life together.

A large number of property problems, Chen said in 2004 that our cadastral data has more than 20,000 ping, but the fact that only 200 ping, now the rival camp with the same false message to slander me. What we have done is to work for the well-being of the people of Taipei, and that is my intention.

ke: Open the Government all participate in, reach the public, the most important three things is the personnel money, regarding the person's part: The head uses the selection method, the annual year-end appraisal, I in the Taiwan Big Hospital does the director the way, the implementation many times confirms feasible. The appointment and examination of the person as far as possible to let more people decide. Thing: All bureau records are uploaded openly, many policies are openly decided, digital development makes the referendum easier, and direct democracy is easier to develop, and it is easy to implement an online referendum in Taipei. Money: Individual or group proposal, passed to a bureau for execution, any funds are announced, in my campaign is the operation of this, although at the outset we are afraid, but more transparent way to solve the problem of opacity, more democratic way to solve the problem of undemocratic, I have a demo for everyone to see, confirmed feasible.

Public can gather more consensus, mistakes can be found immediately, also can do introspection, the more open more transparent more effective.

(Photo source: Sanli TV station )

Cross-questioning a

ke: in order to establish an open and transparent political culture, I open the list of property, all the details, I aboveboard, I would like to open a social test? Like the election to spend 80 million you said to follow up, you have more than 80 million, and then I stressed that not to discredit not blue green and so on, you will follow up?

Lian: It has been mentioned in the beginning, we are in line with the Taipei Municipal Commission to make property declarations, no matter what we say, you do not believe, as Mr Ke said many things, there are many people do not believe. Before we had a proposal: the Accountants union to check, do not say that the legal standards are harsh on you, whether it is your private account, or property is the same standards. But you do not have any response, which we also deeply regret.

Here do not want to waste time to discuss the smear, such as the sweet potato incident, but also the other side of your camp raised, the latest eavesdropping incident is also. In the past, Yih elected the mayor of Kaohsiung also had wiretapping incidents, as well as the mayor of Kaohsiung during the election of the walking events and so on. We don't want to smear or cheat, but if you can't restrain your campaign, we regret it. We are going to tell you about the vision of Taipei City, and how to do it? How do you do it? Can you do that? When we finish the November 29, Taipei City's problems you have to start to do, many people are waiting for you to solve their problems.

I ran 620 neighborhood community, no one would like to go to the place, I have gone, you go to water Yuan Zhen curtilage? Have you ever been to Daan District's rooftop farm? I went into the area to get to know the situation of the people, and I heard, saw, and walked on to my substantive actions.

ke: In fact you do not want to talk about, you still intend to use money to defeat me, your campaign team Cai Zhongyuan announced my itinerary, you know beforehand afterwards? Or are you going to say that you don't know, that you have nothing to do with you? Don't dodge the questions about me.

Lian: I will not dodge your questions, Mr. Ke, he explained to us, because there are many people in your camp who will support you in many positions, so Cai Zhongyuan wants to use the public information to prevent the change of support for the position, in fact, There are a lot of his friends from your camp heard this message, my itinerary is also known to your camp, we participate in a lot of activities to elect your camp are people to stare at the whistle, but so what is the explosion to help Taipei what things? We come to the election to solve the problem, not here in the way of exploding material, we choose the mayor instead of the most sour mouth in Taiwan, I hope we can return to the municipal issues, would you like us to debate again on the municipal issues, because sometimes it's like watching your politics as a black comedy, Maybe we can come back to the debate and discuss your strange ideas.

Cross-questioning two

Lian: You said you are not light green is dark green, elected mayor is the best time to release the flat. The past does not count, now restart, but the cottage machine after the restart or cottage machine, such as the ring South Market, are first moved to the embankment, but if there is a typhoon will not be moved back, your reboot is not caused by the people's troubles? And you claim that 5,000 parking spaces will cause other problems for the public.


I said it was dark green to prove to the society that your gunshot wound was real. To avoid the tearing of Taiwan society, but you said today I am green, is to tear up the Taiwanese society, to seek your personal political interests. I think Chen Shui-bian is the same as seeing you, you are all my patients.

About the flat problem, I said he has a mental illness, is a cripple, such a diagnosis, the Central Institute also signed the certification, on medical issues do not have to discuss, he is a patient. Lian Yu mayor said that the flat should be medical parole, I just said: "Let Chen Shui-bian died in prison, can Taiwan society can get the best interests?" 」。 As for Chen Shui-bian is a political issue, we must have political intelligence to solve it.

In addition just ask you Cai Zheng yuan question, you do not have a positive response, I would like to ask if the use of improper means to fight the election, how to look forward to the election after the proper means to govern? How exactly does Cai Zhongyuan get our internal data? Do you agree? Do you know?

About the ring South market problem, because I am a surgeon more urgent, so I hope to be able to solve, do not want to spend more than 10 years. If a typhoon is moved to the beach, it is likely to be closed for two or three days, but this can be discussed, such as whether to move to another place. Wait a minute. I am a man who believes in conscience, because when the door of the ICU is closed, you know what you do, so conscience is very important. I always say, "Be good and do your best", I hope everyone will face it with the same attitude.

Lian: Mr. Ke, before you announced the case of Shaoxiaoling and Mr. Kim because of the election, what would you do if a doctor in Taipei were to do the same public case? Writer Ethan. Gertmann (Ethan Gutmann) in the recently published new book "Massacre" (the Slaughter) to show you in the mainland to participate in human organ donation, what will be the future if the Taipei City doctor to participate in this body organ intermediary business How do you deal with?

ke: This election demands a value: the idea. Taiwan does not have a lot of organ transplant doctors, asked to know whether it is true or false, our lawyer has been to the other side of the letter, the other lawyer also reply, the other side of the lawyer said that Gertmann for Dr. Ke has more respect. Enough to prove that all the attacks were immoral and incorrect, and that the other party had promised to respond to the issue within three weeks. Obviously do not know is true, or hard to fight, before saying I money laundering said I corruption, this is a value choice, discredit the behavior can continue to do? Especially against conscience. You know it's not true, I am in charge of organ transplant, I will not do organ transplant, this is very special surgery, need a certain professional, I can not take patients to the mainland to do organ transplant, the evidence is here, and so I will give the media to see, but the community can no longer allow this kind of thing.

Sean Lien Conclusion

as the capital of the Republic of China, Taipei has the key significance, which not only determines the city, the future of the country, but also your future. Let's put aside the name-calling to get to your imagined Taipei, we are ready to solve the problem for you. Faced with fierce competition in other Asian cities, such as China's second-tier cities, Southeast Asia, more economic development will move to Asia, the future of more Taipei people need to move to a foreign land to fight hard. We have lost the advantage of time, Taipei City, how many four years can be wasted? When we watch the Korean dramas, look at the change of the Seoul feel enviable, look back to Taipei City, we can only pursue small indeed fortunately, micro indeed fortunately? No! I must reverse the trend of the city and the national competitiveness, to create a happy old age, women and children safe, live and work life.

I have served as deputy convenor of the Economic Development Committee, under the wave of globalization, the middle class has been squeezed, disappeared, to prosper the economy, the need to find a lost middle class. In the past, I started to foster small and medium-sized enterprises, new career growth, I want to promote innovation, looking for the middle class of the new blue Sea. In the past, when I served in the financial services sector, I would bring entrepreneurial efficiency into the government and untie unreasonable restraints, otherwise all political views on improving the economy would be empty and forward-looking.

In the past, I have led a big card to break through the difficult environment, and now I have the courage to challenge the unreasonable system and strive for favourable conditions for the central government.

We are ready to serve Taipei, we have experienced financial, urban .... Experts, as well as young people working for society, we are a team with executive power, with the emphasis on having a completely different vision and concept for the principal. During the financial tsunami, I took over the big cruise card company, 2 years after the loss of surplus, to achieve the past can not achieve the goal, to become a foreign company to learn the object, leisurely travel card company has only done one thing is a change of a manager, I believe that there is no war soldiers, only will not fight, as long as the thinking of change, Even the classic cars can be transformers.

A city is great, because from different groups of different thinking heroes and females, create a vibrant city, no matter where you come from, are new Taipei people.

The future team will never because of a person's political ideas or background stickers, so as to promote urban progress, the future of the city can never be smooth sailing, for me personally, the first job into the bank as a Commissioner, and then entrepreneurship, then to serve as a public servant, now running for mayor, I face a lot of But we can listen to the voice of the public more, the campaign team, we encountered many difficulties, but still strong, the wind forward. Therefore, I would like to thank the people of Taipei for giving me all kinds of tests, so that I have the opportunity to prove my ability to lead the city. After I was elected mayor, all my family members could not intervene or meddle in the municipal services, which is my demand for probity, and I believe the wisdom of the people of Taipei will be able to elect the most appropriate mayors. Mr Kovinge is an outlet for discontent in Taiwan, but not an outlet for discontent.

So, I would like to ask you to vote for this vote, give me a chance to let me to serve you, let me serve Taipei City, perhaps, you used to be enthusiastic, but later because of a lot of factors to make you feel cold, or even disappointed, but please believe me, from the moment you go out to vote, Taipei City will change because of you, This vote of yours will let the seeds of Hope ground, will make the city's vision sprout, I and my municipal team will use every part of our lives to fight for this city, to fight for you, for Taipei to create a new future, I implore you, please, we are ready for all the friends dedication.

Kovinge Conclusion

This debate will be held before the consultation, I particularly enlist the participation and questioning of civic groups, because I believe that the rise of the civil society represents the advent of Taiwan's new politics, the beginning of the deepening of democracy, the Hong Zunchu incident last year, the opening of 200,000 of white shirts to the streets, the development of white forces, and a new era of civic politics, Chiang once lamented, when a physician to save the patient, but to save Yongle-cho, save the whole of Taiwan? This is a doctor, compassionate bosom, but also a reformer Chungzhi sigh.

90 years later, I stand here, Kovinge to say, as long as the people stand together, we will not only save the community, save the city, but also to save the whole of Taiwan. I am here to announce that the future election of Taipei mayor, the municipal government will set up a civic Participation committee, to achieve the open government, the concept of universal participation, to enable the public to re-establish confidence in democracy, but also willing to actively participate in public affairs, in order to transcend the blue-green confrontation, I insist on the angle of civic participation, to The significance of the big leagues in the wilderness, all citizens should unite to bring Taipei to civil society, rather than let the city be monopolized by a few elites, politics should be shared by all, Taipei is the home that you and I share, the city should not have blue and green, and be in ideological opposition.

This election is a historical choice, in the end, we will stay in the mud of blue and green, or to get rid of the blue and green, the pursuit of a new era of unity and harmony, the Kovinge of the party, elected Taipei mayor, can let the Kuomintang close to nationals, the DPP more progress, which for both parties, is a chance for reform Kovinge is a political person, working in Taiwan's Hospital for 30 years, every day to deal with the problem of life and death, I see the world hundred states, more empathy, what is called cross, better understand the gap between the rich and poor education, medical inequality.

Grassroots People's voice I silently listened to 30 years, I encourage the Taiwan large leaf film team, so that Tongren have a sense of honor, and in the process of saving life to get a feeling of achievement, this leadership philosophy, let me ECMO film team, become a world-class team. In the future, I will lead the Taipei municipal government, with honors, achievements, care and sharing ideas, and work together with the municipal government to make the Taipei City Council a world-class team to serve the people as a kind of glory.

I am a political person, so I humble study, respect for professional, honestly, and never dodge, some people think that my gender awareness is not enough, I will not find excuses, but to find a teacher, and then to supplement the curriculum of gender mainstreaming, quickly improve the deficiencies. Kovinge's campaign team, most of them are young people who are auditioning, they are full of creativity and vitality, I not only give play to the city's imagination, but also at any time to accept the candid views of the young people, a team of only 22-year-old college graduates, and often tell me in person what to say wrong, where to improve.

In the course of the election, Kovinge is a political person, I do not have a political party Olling, and the five hospital to accept the highest standards, the wife can not be selected, colleagues interviewed, speech units were audited, but in the face of such pressure, I still insist, because I was to improve the unreasonable situation, just stand up, if in order to achieve the ideal of civilian participation, I Kovinge this kind of torture as a necessary process for the mayor to be exercised.

Kovinge, like you are the civilian children, we cram, with professional in the community foothold, efforts to feed the families, with mortgages. Because I ride a bicycle to work, so I can feel the road rugged, experience the wind and rain, I know what the public think? What do you need?

Please trust me, the doctor's profession is only right and wrong, even in the face of enormous pressure, I still uphold the fair assessment of the former president Chiang Ching-kuo, only sincere to face the history, can really let Taiwan society into harmony, I know that some people want to pull this election to the blue and green confrontation, but this is really good for Taiwan society? The people of Taipei have long been tired of the antagonism of hatred, and if I were mayor of Taipei, the banner of the political parties could still fly in the city, so there was no need for intimidation or crisis cards. Please believe me, although my eloquence is not good, and even some white eyes, but I know how to listen, listening is the key to solve the problem, so that all voices can be heard, to achieve "open government, the participation of the whole people." Democracy is not a vote in four years, except the executive and legislative powers, we should also protect the people's proposals and the right of deliberation. Therefore, we will disclose the information of the city, promote the participation of the Internet in the policy, and make public proposals.

No matter where we come from, we choose to settle down in Taipei, one City One family, the family will be considerate and tolerant, the family has you have me, we are brothers, and the land is our parents, here have our tears, sweat, dream, let us with love and moved, let Taipei stand on Glory, This campaign is a social movement that changes politics and culture. The focus of this campaign is "believe", believing that change will come true, that a vote in hand can change destiny and determine Taiwan's history.

11/29 you must vote for yourself and the children vote for the next, we change the world is the future of the next generation, let us work together.

Text: Sunny Chin, Yoyo Lu, Fantine Chiu