The November small red box to look forward to the text of the box! In the cold weather inside, want to give you warm feeling, accompany you through menstruation reporting day.

Winter came, quietly invaded the gradually becoming Clammy Taipei City, the gray sky and wet sticky air, always let a person lazily not a bit of effort, need something exciting to cheer up the spirit. Don't worry, it's a magical little thing that's full of strength, and women are ready for the girls, the Little red box filled with women's hearts. Dear you, whether also and small weave as excited and look forward to? Let's take a look at the Little Red box of the November and what surprises women have given us.

November Small red box intimate Little thing point name:

1. Viva brand Vitality Hazel fruit drink and Viva brand chocolate hazel Fruit x1, sweet but not greasy good taste soft melt your heart
2. Every day beautiful Chinese herbal mask x3, once let girls experience three kinds of different precious Chinese herbal medicine nourishment and care
3. Moisturizing Makeup water x1, so that the beautiful and easy to the upper floor
4.Q collagen protein Drink x2, so that the skin has a ㄉㄨㄞㄉㄨㄞ good touch
5. Physiological period intimate good friend Health cotton x1
6. White handsome sparkling clean dental products x1
7. Hair Silky Wash Hair x1
8. The woman is intimate little card x1, with our full blessing, hope you happy

November Small red box content, the same as female fans carefully selected out and girls to share a good friend, everything has our insistence, also contains we want to bring the girl's intimate and care. Whether in every box design or the selection of content, we hope to use meticulous care, so that each received a small red box you can warm heart.

This time, in the full surprise, small compiling out of the intimate index broken table three intimate good friends to share with you, let us take a look at these make me feel full of happiness of small things! (Can't you wait?) Now go to the Little Red Box website to order it! )

Cold winter send warm, warm heart good friend share

The first is the intimate index 80 points, good drink and will make people skin pink tender water when, Q play collagen protein drink.

Small make up their own very love to drink collagen, on the one hand is sour sweet is very good to drink, on the one hand is to drink the skin will become smooth and elastic, such a good drink, how can not try. The Q-Bomb collagen drink, in addition to the collagen, but also added a valuable luxurious Queen's milk, can promote metabolism, replenish vitality, so that girls in the physiological period of hormonal imbalance, can also have full vitality and meimei skin. (You should know: women 30 years old, no longer ignore the physical maintenance )

Next is this month's intimate warm heart index broken watch, let small series of super intimate two small objects, first issued to Viva brand chocolate hazel fruit and hazelnut drinks zizi warm intimate award. Physiological period, the belly will always be stuffy pain feel uncomfortable, mood is always fluctuating, this time to a cup of hot chocolate can always alleviate the discomfort of the body, and bad mood will be driven away because of the sweet taste. Viva brand Chocolate Hazel Fruit drink ingredients natural, did not add cream and pigment, let us drink both peace of mind and warm heart. In addition, plus a piece of crispy delicious healthy vitality hazel, so that girls are not only sweet heart, but also fill the vitality.

From the inside out of the beautiful, walking heart good friends to share

The last is the same intimate index 100 points, beauty and vitality of the daily beauty of Chinese herbal mask, the small red box has three Chinese herbal mask, respectively, is moisturizing the Tremella almond, rich in collagen-containing gelatin and can replenish the muscle of poria white surgery, respectively, with moisturizing, compaction and bright white three effects, Small series received small red box on the day can not wait to apply the mask of donkey-hide gelatin longan, first do not say how effective, just the longan distributed sweet and greasy fragrance, thoroughly bought small knitting heart! After the application, the face of the whole lit up, revealing a light luster, looking at the mirror of their own, my mouth also followed by a smile, that moment, I feel beautiful and happy. I believe the girls will also like this one has a touch of herbal fragrance mask. (Extended reading: no more toxic maintenance!) Love Skin Organic Care Product Selection 5 steps )

A monthly physiological period is the sweet and heavy load of a woman's life, we will feel tired, feel uncomfortable, and even feel special loneliness, this time, but also to love and care for themselves, female fans in addition to want to let girls in addition to have a lot of intimate magic small Things, in the period of physiological period can be well spent, At the same time, with each month greeting small card, passing our warmest greetings and blessings. Let the intimate heart and heart of a woman's Little red box to accompany you to spend the most special moment of the month together.

Next month, who would you like to see Open the box? Also welcome the message to tell us yo!

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