Women's fans are defined as a group of courageous women who have sacrificed many, and in person, women are not inferior to men in the political circle.

the afternoon, we walked into a nice restaurant, prepared to meet with today's interviewees, Kao Chia-yu. She has no ordinary political figures, no assistants, no assistants, and no assistants. If you don't look at her background, you might not see her as a good political figure in politics, a high school in Taipei and a big law school.When she saw us coming, she was greeted with a smile. Even at 6:00 a.m. on that day, she began to worship at the intersection. She hadn't stopped all day long. Her face was still not worn out, and she said she was stepping into the political scene.(Recommended reading: In Iceland, Politics is Women's World )

When I first entered politics, I realized that I could only rely on myself

" In fact, politics is about caring about your side."

She is not a political family, nor does she have a prominent family or even a class cadre at high school." In fact, we have always been concerned about politics and public affairs, so we chose the law department, and then started participating in the student self-governing society, starting from the student representatives, and choosing the president of the student union step by step.In the spirit of enthusiasm, Kao Chia-yu felt that she had political views and should be implemented. Only when she was able to choose her classmates, she challenged the installation of air conditioners that had failed in many of the students' unions.

" At the beginning of the school were students who were underfunded, but we didn't give up, and we asked my classmates' fathers to evaluate, calculate the cost of the heavy-pull line and install the cool air conditioning. Later, the school assessed the burden, and finally got the air conditioning.Later, they also helped students fight for the design of the zebra crossing, so that students could be more secure.Kao Chia-yu says that although these things are small, there are many challenges in the initial stage. It must be flexible to come up with more ways to make the school or the government accept it. This is the first time. She finds that her own power can actually change society. This is the first time. She understands politics, and she starts with her side.(Women look at politics: you can talk about mascara, and of course you can talk about politics in the Middle East )

" Don't you go to the political circle?Kao Chia-yu also had hesitation. Later she tried to become an assistant to the office of legislator Luo Wen-chia, and later decided to run out of the political circle. Even though she had no connections at that time, there was no background, and there was no faction within the DPP." I hope there will be more capacity one day to do more to help more people.The idea of a simple idea from the outset was not easy to do." At that time I ran into the market in the morning, and I went door to door in the afternoon to go door to door, and at night I ran along with the garbage truck, and every day I kept it for a year and a half.She had no flags to tie up banners and had only two feet, so she relied on each person to shake hands and smile to let voters know themselves. Maybe some people felt silly. But such a foolishly daustening force allowed Gao Jiyu to choose the Taipei Municipal Council election in 2010. A girl without a background and without financial means, has broken the glasses.(Extended reading: Zhang suspends the national flag, not politics, but with respect )

The stakes are high. If they don't choose not to succeed, they will lose their losses.Kao Chia-yu confidently said, " In fact, if young people are willing to make an effort, voters will give you a chance. I hope that through my own election, young people will know that as long as they are diligently diligently and diligently, even if they are not powerful, they will have the opportunity to make a part of the people.She makes it easy, but we know that at first it's hard to get a track record without a track record. Did you ever encounter any of the most frustrating times?We are curious."In fact, politicians are public figures, so they often have to change attacks on malicious statements, and sometimes they have a setback, but I think the most important thing is to have confidence in what they do.""

At that time, she had no factional resources. When the campaign headquarters was set up, only Su Tseng-chang was alone in the party. It was because he was a candidate for the mayor of Taipei, so he had to come."I have always relied on myself," says Kao Chia-yu.Perhaps most people touch the factions within a political party, but it is certain that many candidates have started to run in the background, even though they have not yet returned.

Politics is important, is it a face or a manifestation?

If you want to talk about Gao Jiayu, her skin is absolutely beautiful and her skin is well maintained. She can't see the marks of the years. So when she says she's 34 years old, Wide-she has scared the big jump, and he herself says that the voters all think she is young." In fact, girls' politics will be affected by gender, and the average person who sees you will be judged by the appearance of the outside.Sometimes, it seems to be a pity that it is reported that it is a long-phase, rather than a political expression.The media's headline was the 2014 list of popular candidate networks, while Gao Jiyu's eighth is listed."But women have some advantages in the political circle, and we have affinity, so we can use feminine tenderness. Even if we can't be sociable with men, we can still rely on the grassroots to let voters know more about it.""

One of the most often words of the electorate is: "Is it really me?"She joked that she was herself 100,000 times a day.On the one hand, it is because of the young beauty, on the other hand, Gao Jiyu is really a minority candidate who insists on running at the grassroots level."I don't like propaganda cars and flag poles, so I don't like propaganda cars and flag posts, so I only use 10 flagpoles," he said. "Many people will hire workers to pronunciation, but I think what you would like to see is that I am not a student.""

election should be an expression of the professional and service performance of the government, not who has more or more the job, or who has more than one flag.

So the scene of the election of the workers and the flag of the Chinese people is never going to happen to Gaoka Yu, but you can see her standing in the street and greeting them in a cordial and friendly manner.(Sibling: she was considered GDR Mouse, now German Chancellor Angela Merkel )

If you describe yourself with three adjectives, Gao Jiyu says?" Serious, hard, professional, I think my personality is doing everything to get 100 percent, stick to my own sweeps, and hold a press conference every week in the parliament.A lot of people say, " Why do you spellBefore the election, it would be good to have a press conference, but I am very much asked to do everything I can to do.Can political figures really change society?At first we were skeptical, but Kao Chia-yu's achievements were not to be attacked. It was only a simple statement of the results of his own efforts, but it seemed to be a little underwritten, but each one took a lot of effort to achieve it.

The hapest thing is to see a change happening, and sometimes on the road, there are voters who are very serious about shaking hands with me, and say thank you very much. The most encouraging thing to do is to make efforts to make society see." From Gao Jiayu, we can see that this is not a firm and unforgable passion.

A woman politician must marry politics?

"Most women politicians don't have a family, no marriage, but I think this is the path of life.""

Kao Chia-yu says she likes children, so she always hopes to have a family, but she also knows that most of the social attitudes still recognize women's political figures and do not dare to marry. They are all voters, and most of the men are also family members." In fact, I also know that there are more than ten hours of the day outside, and there may not be so much time with the other half or the children.But even then, Gao Jiyu still thinks that women do not necessarily have to marry politics. If a man has a family, she can still have a good political circle, why is she not allowed to do so?(Extended reading: No home, country is the best dream, South Korea's first female president )

I believe that you will be able to give you a chance, "she said." I believe that you will be able to give you a chance, and I believe I can and will be able to do so."Women's fans believe that she has always been a strong woman, but she has broken the impression that she was so warm and sincere when she asked her. "She's a fan of the wind, she sticks to her own path, she doesn't follow the secular norm," she says.

And women fans want to encourage all women, hoping to women's politics channel , let us know that politics is not just voting. Politics is the small thing that happens next to each other. Everyone has the ability to care and to change. Each one is a small but important change power " is the time for us to make a sound and change the time of change.