If you want to keep a book at the same time, don't you want to let yourself go to sleep, and what else can you do?You can also use a few KUSO, adorable, and interesting bookmarks to make you more and more like turning books!

First we begin with the "" materials


only soft as a hung vines is more interesting and is placed on a bookshelf with a book. is really a delusion the green.

src="https: //lh5.googleusercontent.com/n16XriSGBjRzMODqcXgFlpi-lKp3OiinvNEvLEFgjayygjAS7FHnn3TpPR5b9hAdAsJFYZk4pdTs8lYx3RScRteY5HGw6n5nuQMyGtvExSBSehZKA2s "style = "height: 458px; width: 610px;" />

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This next section is also related to plants, but I feel that the design focus is not on beauty, but to remind readers: "If you don't look at your book again, it will grow grass!""

The design brand 25togo , also from Taiwan, designed this multi-function Pointing Finger finger bookmark , not only to help you remember which page you can see, but also the flexible materials that you can move freely to help you remember which line you see!Of course, you can also collect a few more articles to make it your focus note gadget!

Eh?Why do I have water in my book?Who's stealing the drinks?

No, this is a "liquid bookmark" with the function of frightening people, which makes you use the soft-hanging material to make it concavor when you use it!

The bookmark for metal material:

This is a design of Fairy Tale (a fairy tale), adorable hands, feet, and tail. It looks like you want readers to read in a fairy tale and enjoy and wander freely in the world of books.

Below This set of bookmarks is called once upon a time (long ago), what stories are most commonly used to begin with?Yes, the story of the prince and the princess, is there a story that shows the story of this group of bookmarks?

This last section is really super-practical, not just a nightlight, but when your book sees a paragraph, or when you see a sleepy light, just light a lid off the night light, not just the lights, but the next time you pick up and see the lights are on! Isn't it very sweet?

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