The 16-Year-old starred in the Yellow River, nine years, he has what kind of transformation, the boy changed the process of men, what stories, let us look.

Like many people, women are fascinated by the impression of the Yellow River, still in the dangerous mind of the Shei, that a small crew, brave impact on Taiwan's education system of young teenagers. But at the 25 birthday press conference He, a starched suit, the artist's long hairstyle, to Kiangjianjing mature image, to show you his transformation.

From the Yellow River, which the boy transformed into a man, said firmly: "I'm sure I like acting, want to continue to perform, and I have to work hard to do a good job," in his firm tone and eyes, we know he is no longer the one who inadvertently broke into the drama Circle of the boy, he to himself and show more expectations and imagination, the Yellow River has been different!

The Yellow River and the Shei: Two big boys grow up from the green ages

Actor, is a very special career, he can in different roles of the conversion, experience the difference between life. The Yellow River in the interpretation of different roles, always expect themselves, not just the surface of the play, but really "become" that role, in the continuous dialogue with the role of the process, these roles in his body left some weight, the Yellow River became the role, and these roles have become the Yellow River. Among the characters he played, the Yellow River was most impressed by the two characters, as they emerged at a critical turning point in their lives, leading him into the next stage of life.

The Yellow River said: "In my life two important points of time, encounter two important roles, they have a great impact on my life, one is a dangerous mind Shei, one is " Qiao Mo female Rob head marriage " Jiangjian Ren. 」

The Yellow River in the country just graduated when the results are very bad, do not know what to do, what can do? At this time he met Shei. This role brought the Yellow River a different point of tears, the Yellow River himself smiled and said: "Then I really do not understand anything, even walk, the lights do not know, just to the scene, with their own way to read the lines." 」

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Shei Zhengjie for at that time Life no goal, no direction of the 16-year-old Yellow River, is to guide him to find the direction of life an opportunity, because this role, the Yellow River has the opportunity to meet different people, see different things, ideas have begun to change

The Yellow River said: "Basically I grew up with Shei, for me, he is not only a role, he is not a part of my life inseparable." 」

He followed Shei to learn how to face himself, how to help others, brave against external oppression, make their own decisions about the future. After six months of shooting a dangerous mind, the Yellow River more and more clearly know that he likes to perform, he said: "When you find yourself like something, and do these things, you will not stop to want to know more, will want to continue to learn, that means you really like." "

From a young age after nine years, just graduated from college this year, but he said he would never lose the identity of students, because he will continue to learn in the actor's life, if heard someone said: "I have nothing to learn, I have learned." ", the Yellow River will feel very puzzled, he felt that this is not the display of self-confidence, but will let himself lose a lot of progress opportunities." Unlike the general community of fresh people, in the Yellow River did not see too much hesitation and helplessness, but more determined for the future, it is because, he met an important role in life: Jiangjian ren . (You will like: no action with the dream, not to call the Dream )

Boys become men, the Yellow River and the Kiangjianjing man ' s talk

When the Yellow River from the simple student life, to enter the rapid change of social work, like many new people in society, realize that they are no longer the wrong to do, people will comfort you, teach you the age. On the battlefield of society, there is not too much sympathy and compassion, those first into the workplace fragile and uneasy, can only be hidden in the heart, we can do is to try to show the perfect self, this is the difference between boys and men. (Extended reading: Boys make people worry, men are reassuring )

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At this time,"Qiao female rob the head marriage" Jiangjian This role appears, a career in the struggle for many years of business marketing manager, wearing a stiff suit, face the work has matchless insistence and enthusiasm, Jiangjian Ren Lead by example to teach the Yellow River, as a man to have the mature, stable, self-confidence.

The Yellow River said: "This role taught me to be sure of myself, to keep working hard, if you want something, you should try to do it", which is responsible for their own and honest.

The Yellow River said that his original personality is relatively conservative, more uncertain, but in order to perform this role, he from the tone, demeanor, eyes, body movements ... And so began to learn. In saying these words, we found that the Yellow River's eyes from mild and supple, and immediately become like eagle eyes to look at us, the tone of speech also became forceful, the Yellow River disappeared, in front of us, is that mature self-confidence Jiangjian ren .

This moment of change, people have to admire, as a professional actor's skill, but the Yellow River added that, at first, from the surface of these "behavior" began to learn, but to play a role, is the need to learn the role of "temperament", he said: "Temperament this thing, although not see touch, but it does exist, We need to see a lot of things, to learn a lot of things, and to have their own ideas and understanding. When the cumulative, our every move, the tone of speech, attitude will be different. 」

The Yellow River in the performance of Jiangjian role, but also constantly with the role of dialogue, but also began to change their temperament. Perhaps many people are impressed by him, and still stay at 16 years of age, that ignorant impulse, energetic collision system of Shejeje, but from the chat when he said the statement, look at the point of view, can see the maturity of overage, in fact unconsciously, the Yellow River has changed from boy to man, he is not a 25-year-old just out of the community of fresh people, But can be like Jiangjian , have a higher vision, a more mature attitude, enjoy the different stages of life scenery. (You will like: every step in the journey, are growing )

Have you had a good life today?

In these nine years, the Yellow River not only has some changes in appearance, but what we see is that he has more inner growth, and we think it is because of the three things that the Yellow River insists on, so that he will not waste the time he experiences, but can change and grow in every moment, that is: "honesty, hard work, learning".

He said: "This honesty is not the kind of telling the truth, but the honesty of their own." Life is so long, get along with the longest is their own, when we make a lot of decisions or things, if not honest to themselves, casual compromise, in fact, can not frankly face themselves, with their own. 」

Like when the college entrance examination, because the two school interview collision period, facing a high probability of admission, but the department he is not very satisfied with the school, the other is his favorite school, but the admission is still unknown school, he chose the latter. Although he was not admitted at the end of the day, he felt that at least at the time he was honest with himself, rather than choosing a school that was sure, but might not be happy when he accepted. (same field Gayon: Choice and commitment, do you want to climb the stairs or climb the tree? )

For how to face themselves honestly, the Yellow River insists on "living life", this short sentence to explain, he said: "A good life every day, after the end of the day, ask yourself what happened today, tell a thing that makes you feel happy today, tell me what you like to meet today." "This is the best way to be honest with yourself."

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What if you don't like your life? The Yellow River nodded sincerely replied: "Then keep trying, because after trying you have a chance to meet the things you really like!" ", we often encounter the choice of life, or experience a low ebb, but the Yellow River believes that as long as the enthusiasm of life, honest to their own, and constantly try to study hard, finally can find their favorite way to live." (Extended reading: Living by Heart is habit )

Like reading the Yellow River, and finally sharing with us, he recently read a book, "Lady with Puppies" in a passage: "His conscience was painfully disturbed, and after Vera had vanished from him, he began to feel that he had lost something very precious, kind and impossible to retrieve, and he felt that part of his youth had slipped along with Vera, In that moment how hopeless he suffered, and will not have that feeling again! ", in addition to youth, the Yellow River feel that there are many things in life, but also in our unknowingly lost, never come back, so we should be honest to face themselves, grasp every moment of continuous learning, efforts to" live.

In the interview process, women fans feel that the Yellow River in these nine years, experienced a boy into a man's process, from his forehead a more restrained look, in the work of the role of the conversion more freely, more importantly in the conversation, you can see that he accumulated over the years of life observation, so that it can use a higher level of vision, To understand each moment of life, to practice their expectations. in his shy smile, and glittering eyes, showed enthusiasm and positivity towards self, work, and life, We believe he is ready to meet the challenges of many different roles and to enjoy being a unique "Yellow River" in every role.