From the hot brand LOGO, the past and the future of the enterprise, to predict which brands are still standing and unwavering!

About Apple

The most famous Apple story in the past is the fact that Newton has been hit by an apple in the apple tree, and that it is the gravity of gravity.The most famous "Apple" in the modern world is Apple, which represents 3C technology. With continuous technological advancement and simplification, Apple's representative figure has become ...

About IBM

Pounding on the LOGO evolution of IBM International Business Machines, a world-renowned technology manufacturer, we will only see ... 30 years from now ...

About the entire directory

It seems that the author is very optimistic about the future of the entire directory and feels that it will become a 100-year enterprise, but how can this future LOGO associate me with the "umbrella company" in the movie "The Goburburger"?

About Microsoft

Windows 8 introduced by Microsoft before it is known as the ” instant boot ”, is it because the number of the LOGO screens is less and less?

About LG

South Korean tech giant LG, which emphasizes Life ’ s Good, is still bullish about it. Since it's so optimistic about life, then it's not even more enjoyable to turn LOGO into a single round face. It can also be made into a chest.

About Volkswagen


Even if the LOGO pattern of the STARBUCKS is simplified, the consumer can recognize that the green circle and the mermaid pattern are the representatives of the STARBUCKS , but will it be easier to do so later?

About Google

After a lot of new functions have been made, it is best to say that Google is still searching for the best thing to do about it.

About Motorola

The Motorola classic: "Hey, Moto!"It is still the case, but it was already acquired by Google a month ago, and it doesn't seem to be a surprise to see what will happen in the future at a turning point in the world.

About GAP

After a fierce old and old LOGO World War, the GAP brand of world-renowned clothing sales decided to revert back to the original LOGO, then what would be the next?Let's wait and see!


See this picture, I just want to say, " Come on, come on."

About FireFox

I didn't think that the "Foxfire" of Westerners was not far from the "Bath phoenix" form in Taiwan!And the emphasis on the human nature of FireFox, on the design of LOGO, seems to be able to follow current events.