workers , many of them referred to as social workers , and they hear the term. It's hard to imagine the meaning behind the term.A social worker is a profession.Like a doctor, there is a cumulative need for clinical experience; like a lawyer, a professional certificate needs to be taken up, and a hundred people have only ten people who have access to a low rate of access. Like accountants, they need a lot of time and patience.

A social worker, a kind of you, I may not be so understanding, but real and a better career in the world.To follow this path, there must be strong dreams and enthusiasm, because the pressure on them is unparalleled.

On the eve of Christmas, access to a professional social worker --- moxa .In the course of the interview, she always laughed at the various hard and even dangerous case management experiences she was involved in (case management), and asked her how she was sticking to her under the pressure of being so complicated."I like to see them as they feel," Ai Ping's answer is so simple, but it also shows everything.

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Chuang Ai Ping, a 27-year-old Taiwanese girl, after graduation from the University of Taiwan University, the University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy & Practice, and Master of Nonprofit/NGO Leadership in Social Policy & Practice.After graduation, he joined the social work.In the first year of his life in a paediatrics organization, he served as a child insurance social worker, and in 2010 he passed the US Certified Social Workers' license (LSW, Licensed Social Worker).Now in Philadelphia, it is focused on the Refugee Resettement Case Management.Every year, as a result of political persecution, natural disasters, and countless refugees, the work of Ai Ping is to help the US government relocate those people who have been reliving in the United States.

"Maybe some kind of call," Ai Ping-ping.When asked how she chose to become a social worker in the first place.She has always wanted to read the news as a journalist. When she first wanted to fill the university, she wanted to increase the social and cultural concerns of society and the people, so he chose to study social work, and didn't think of this road, and he couldn't get back.

Ail-Ping is one of the most memorable in the experience of social work.She was surprised to find that the roles of social workers are very contradictory, and in fact sometimes they are not necessarily popular.In nonprofit groups (NPOs), government powers, the media, and programme owners, social workers always have to stand on the front line and have the most direct involvement in the life of the case." We have to pay the other life, and even the sadness of another family.Ai Ping says that while she was engaged in social work, she received many warm thanks, often being questioned and complaining, such as Ai Ping, who had helped her husband to apply for a compulsory protection order. The next day, the furious husband rushed to the office accusing her of damaging his family.

What kind of pressure is this?But when she reconfirmed the living conditions with the case owner, she knew that she really helped a life and gave a new life to the case owner."I believe in the tears or sighing of the present, it's all the way to the future," Ai Ping said, so she can always sump up courage to continue.

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The year in a pediatrics institution was the most intense time of her life.The shots of alcohol, drug abuse, and child abuse in the movies are no longer true to her."My job is dangerous, but this is part of my job," she said gently. "When you invest in social work, you have to lay a foundation on believing.""

Believe you can help them, believe that when you do a home visit, they don't hurt you, you believe you can be safe, believe that you can give them the best help in each case, and believe that you can professionally clarify that line of aid that social workers should provide, rather than being overtaken by the demands of the case.

Although she had to go to the airport to pick up political refugees from various countries in the middle of the night, it was a dark matter for a person to move a bag of small bags to lay out an apartment set-up, and to pay attention to all kinds of national preferences for all sorts of national preferences.In the last second, there might be a case owner and she said, "If you don't help me do that, what do we do," but perhaps the next one's case will be the hand of one of her hands and say thank you for everything you've done to us, or the smile of a child, as if they would start tomorrow with the rest of her mind."I get a lot of the weight of those lives," says Ail-Ping, and says, " These are all part of my life, and then they accumulate into an impossible life history."

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Life is a scene of a screen shot, and sometimes we can't forget a moment of emotion.The interview that day gave us a sense of how Ai Ping was able to make the world a better place, and to believe that everyone had the ability to love the world."Don't always say that it's like this and limit yourself," says the firm, that the environment will never be in the best and perfect state, but it is also because of this reason that everyone needs to work hard to challenge.The Ail-Ping organization hosts the Thanksgiving Festival every year. At that night, she saw that every refugee who had been resettled had a happy smile. It was really the comfortably smiling face that made her feel that it was worth it.

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After obtaining a Social Work Master's license (LSW), she has already completed her own career path, but she also has a dream that she wants to move on to the third world because she has not been in contact with another world, and she wants to share more experience in the past to warm the world.

She also shared a word for us: " dreams are not in the past, not in the future, but in the direction they are going to now."" long as we move forward, we will have the power and ability to achieve it."

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