Did you ever use the eggs?I can imagine the look on the face of the problem.

Thinking back to the first time you used the egg ygg, that's what my boyfriend bought me, and it really helps to improve the interests of the people!He took the bouncing balls and touched my private parts, feeling like an electric shock, feeling like an unprecedented feeling of comfort.And the disgrace was made by her boyfriend for me, and I was embarrassed to show it, and the boyfriend looked forward to the expression I had, and I felt like I was coming back to the first day of my life, and I felt like I had come to an orgasm.

From then on, this little guy is a prerequisite for our bed.I have used many kinds of eggs in the market, but sometimes I will experience such things as the electrification of the battery and the like, and the interest is greatly diminished.Some products also have bad contact wires between the remote controller and the jumper, and you can imagine how many sweeps that night are!

The cute little gift it received today is a Scandinavian ” from "Scandinavian ”, which has to say," It's a very individual sticker."

One second from the time I opened the box, it was attracted by its fancy packaging, and the ” Devil ” was lying on a beautifully displayed display.The tentacle of the hand in hand, the material of the medical grade silica gel, and the tactile feeling of the touch, can feel the exquisite.The two small buttons provide the light of the LED, and the original bouncing egg can be so exquisite as it is in the jewellery box.And in particular, it doesn't have wires, and it's really convenient for the design to be designed!The instruction is written to charge it for seven hours in two hours, and there is no need to worry about the problem of battery power and poor contact.With my hand holding it, trying to experience the five-part vibration is so powerful that I began to look forward to it and my close game.

By pressing the button of the LED light, I close it close to the clitoris and slowly move back and forth, feeling like a close touch of the boyfriend's finger, and also itchy, and I have never experienced this feeling and feel comfortable without any speech that can completely describe the experience never before!I tried to experience the five different frequencies, and the gradual weakening of the model provoked a little excitement and then gradually weakened, and the next wave of the year began to stir up the mood of the spring.

Then I tried to experience a ” angle of " Devil ”, and I didn't think of its unique shape and microscopic angle to the radian of the private part, just like the boyfriend's big hand covered the general.That feeling was so powerful that it was so unwittime that it was so hot.I really wanted to ... My pubes are starting to burn, and I look forward to orgasm. When adjusting to the shock of the fast frequency, this new frequency strongly stimulates my sensitive overcast and overcast, and after ten minutes, I feel that there is an unusually warm temperature coming from below, I have reached the peak of two times!At this point, I knew ” the " Devil ” could bring me the perfect masturbation experience, experiencing real relaxation and climax. It was as if the whole person was flying!

The previously used egg-egg is a cold plastic product. Capsule-shaped design can only contact one point of the body. The weak vibration is not strong enough. It is too much irritable to the private part of the girl when it vibrates strongly.The cladding feeling of ” Devil ” is like a pair of hands and a soft touch, and a wave of gentle and intense shock makes me float into outer space. After a perfect orgasm, I can't turn it off. It turns out that the seven-hour charge design is just like this. (Laughter)

And most let me feel the very silent design of the ” Devil ”, and when I'm using it myself, I don't want to have a buzzing motor to remind me that I'm alone.

Ending this date with the ” Devil ”, I smiled and took it into my own flannel bag, and the ” Devil ” was really a woman in a jewelry box.

Decide!Next time, I'm going to have a different experience with my boyfriend.And the next time, no awkward noise will cover up the pleasures we have between us.

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