Have you ever thought about it? Your grandmother is in fact also very fashionable, about the beauty of grandma, the illustrator told us-egg sister.

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We have visited two days of workshops that are good at depicting girls in rapid transit, and they have recorded the quality of the girl's dress. But do you want to be a fashion traveler to grandma's lap? There was an illustrator, walk on the road always pay special attention to grandma, she felt in fact many Grandma body revealed very beautiful details, so mention strokes down, "and passers-by Ahan" series began in the network fever, this work from an idea of unrestrained young girl-egg sister. Talking to the egg sister about the idea of first drawing a passer-by, she said:

"I just like to paint beautiful things. 」

Egg sister said that they have always observed the habit of passers-by, see Grandma Special wear can not resist the film, over time the mobile phone has a cluster of material, one day she decided to mention strokes, things happen. Yes, painting "Grandma", this matter is rarely in our life, we associate "beauty" is a young, lively, mainstream, but who said Grandma is not beautiful?

Egg sister think: "These women who have been through the long years, the body has a kind of honest, their corners of the corner of the eye is the gentleness of life, Grandma's beauty is you I am not easy to detect, but so naturally revealed in our surroundings!" "(same field Gayon: Sin Xiaoqi: Time take not walk naïve, the years gave me the growth )

Egg sister also said: "I think the beauty of women with the age of growth, as the years to learn about themselves, you will start to have a different look." 」

The egg sister said "Grandma wears" is an inspiration, it sounds easy, but we know that she actually in the university to set herself to become a illustrator, she in daily life more carefully than others experience, more than a deep feeling of the heart. The egg sister said she never wanted to paint, from an early age in the Art room to learn painting, until the university to study the relevant departments, not because of the national high school and painting gradually gradually away, for it is very easy to be "environment" impact on us, how like egg sister like the interest as a career? (Extended reading: What you need is not a job, but it can create value. )

The egg sister said: "Illustration, is let me want to continue to do a thing." 」

Why can you be brave in setbacks? Why not be defeated by the reality of money? Why in the twists and turns or go to the current illustrator of the road? These questions don't require much explanation for the egg-girl. "Just like Ah!" "It dawned on us that the firmness of the words was uttered from the tender inward mouth. Yes, what's the excuse for doing what you love?

We are reminded of the "magical journey of the Shepherd Boy", which mentions: " when you truly desire something, the universe will unite to help you to accomplish it ." "In a petite girl such as the egg sister, we saw this boldness, her eyes constantly telling us:" Yes, I just want to do something. 」

See the egg sister in the illustrator on the road forward, we wonder how she had entered this circle, have you ever encountered any difficulties? She told us: "Once in the interest of the work after lost, but finally let me find my own or painting." "She is always a few meters of the words particularly deep:" Things are never ready for a day, not to share the creation and you can never wait for the mature works. "In her body we saw the young man's march forward, the egg sister also believed:" Firm passion, is very happy. "(Extended reading: young people, you must have good values )

Sharing, it's possible to make someone else's life start different.

Egg sister more than a few more practical action, she also encouraged to become a young friend Illustrator: "Brave to do, take the first step, in more domestic and foreign platforms put their own works, learn to share, in order to harvest." 」

Egg sister also said that their paintings are actually encouraged to start their own, but through sharing but can move others, this is a very fulfilling thing! She thinks the most interesting thing about the fan club is that since the painting "and passers-by Ahan wear a match", some netizens will upload the photos of the fashion grandma to her, these interactions make her feel able to use creative communication with strangers is a very interesting matter. We're curious about what the egg girl wants him to say. The egg sister thinks, just because she describes the ordinary life, others can feel empathy, most of us hold daily, through illustration, add a little imagination, but can add color. Illustrations for the egg sister is like a description of the shape of life, so that we maintain the ideal and beautiful! (Recommended you see: The life of a person extraordinary time, do not need so much )

The egg sister has also written in the fan group: "The ideal life does not live in a very big house, but there is a window of the studio, can be painted in the picture, with a window to feel the temperature of the sun, rain romantic ..." Just think about it and feel warm ︒"

The ideal life is the taste of the present

Egg sister's portrayal of life is: "The security of my family, live in the present, pay more attention to the details of life, to the enjoyment of their hearts, to travel, read books, this is the ideal life." 」

The ideal life of an egg girl is to live in every moment, just as a woman's fan has always believed, me time, is in the dialogue with the self to learn to embrace the world, is in travel or reading to see the deep soul, is at every moment, to love you want to love people, is in the wandering and loneliness, do not forget that home is forever return to the place. We see the egg sister never stop understanding life, be good at solitude, listen to inner voice of the egg sister told us:

"Learn to be a person, to love yourself first." 」

Egg sister said: "I like to get along with myself, also think everyone should in life to keep their own white, cultivate their interest." "(The same field Gayon: after the spotlight is still confident Xu Yu Ning: Alone, let me more Love myself )

Egg sister Think "practice a person" is everyone's life proposition, sometimes a person a bit lonely, a little lonely, but that empty time just to fill their own. As a woman's fan believes, a person, not that we do not rely on others, alone, but to enjoy the dialogue with the heart, to capture a moment of good details of life. There are always times when we don't want to talk, we just want to be quiet and listen to our inner voice. However, when a person feels afraid, the egg sister put pen to draw down, she said, the fear of painting is a kind of frank, Frank, the heart is free. (Recommended reading: Challenge yourself, do something that scares you every day!) )

"The fear of painting down, let it accompany you bravely." 」

In addition to with passers-by Ahan wear series, egg sister also painted more life experience, in her paintings we can see the mind of reflection, each painting is like a whisper, quietly in our ear said: "Hey don't be afraid!" "And the colorful icing on the package, the egg sister like to use color to let the visual have a richer level of feeling, but also good at bright colors to give people warm optimism strength." She shared a picture of a woman's fan reader when she was "scared".

Egg sister told us: "Sometimes not afraid to find the door, but we put their own" package "into the fear, jump out, to see themselves understand. (Extended reading: Don't be afraid, the pain keeps you growing )

A modest loosening of the unconscious guard, accustomed to wrapping itself well. After a long time, they quickly forget the most authentic feelings and the original appearance.

(Photo source: eggsister Illustration )

Women, the most beautiful.

The egg sister said: "A woman is comfortable living, is her most beautiful time." "She also encouraged everyone:" We want to peel off a layer of their own, to feel, to experience. To see their truth, to embrace their own incomplete. "Egg sister to the reader of a woman who is the most beautiful woman in her eyes, the woman in the picture, hide the mask of smile, because face in the mirror of herself, she no longer need to pretend."

Egg sister said: "Women in the state of freedom, is the most beautiful, because we do not have to hide, open the heart, to feel the stimulation of external things, whether it is pain or good, are feeling." "(You see: I prefer barefoot happiness to high heels )

Female fans like the egg sister said, a person's beauty, is her eyes. From a person's sincere eyes, as if can look into her soul. We saw her in the egg-sister's body with a strong creative power, there is a constant sharing with others and the world's thirst for knowledge, may each of you, in the egg sister's illustration to get more comfort in life, forgiveness of their own lives, the treasure, as women fans want to you.