Ma Zhixiang, wave the past ten years, looking forward to the next ten years, has used his life experience, made the most heroic dream of a demonstration. What about you?

Ma Zhixiang, how do you know him? Perhaps you would say, he is an actor, you remember him in the TV series "Evil Son" in the corner of the Fung, wild but eager to love; You might say he was a television director, and the first directing work, "10-year-old Descartes ' Wish," won the Golden Bell Award for the best mini drama Writer's Award; and you certainly remember his first film, "Kano", The history of Taiwan's baseball, the release of nine days to break through hundreds of millions of box-office, in Taiwan to raise a wave of wild ball retro atmosphere. (Recommended reading: a ball into the soul!) "Kano" actor Yong Lai, Ban Jing Ji exclusive interview )

To count his experiences, many people may feel that Ma Zhixiang's life is very good. But the seemingly smooth behind, never just "play and gifted guide" so simple. Ma Zhixiang with 10 years of time, from the TV series groping, playing continuity, deputy guide, screenwriter, solid practice director credits; with countless TV series works, to concise the ability to tell the story, then the birth of the "Kano".

First World War Famous,"Kano" finalists six Gold Horse nomination, who wants to be behind is how many years of steady effort? Among the many identities, Ma Zhixiang smiled and said: "I still like to be the director of the identity." "

Ma Zhixiang in front of us, wearing a turtleneck brown sweater with a grey suit coat, in the eyes of the years wash the sophistication and innocence, the tone of sincerity and weight, in GQ Annual style Men awards scene, we do not talk about fashion, but want to have a good chat about the film, talk about Ma Yi as a "story The story of Teller. "

The Golden Horse lost, and I'm going to go down after the pain.

The Golden Horse Awards the 51st session just ended, to Taiwan's movie circle undoubtedly throws the shocking bomb, the biggest winner Lou Ye directs "the massage" to include six prizes, the Gold Ma actor Chen simultaneously also the best supporting actor and the best new director. In the midst of a fierce battle, Taiwan robbed three of golden horses, which aroused heated discussion among all parties. Golden Horse Executive Committee CEO Shangxiang in particular to say: "Always can not my family children examination, all may win the child to block outside." 」

This time the Golden Horse is indeed a fierce battle, is a gentleman's fight! So in the days after the Golden Horse, we also can not help but vulgar asked Ma guide, the director of the debut "Kano" won six finalists affirmation, but eventually drubbing and return to his reflection. Ma Zhixiang smiled and said:

"Disappointment is certain, but after disappointment?" After the disappointment I will continue to go on, I want to be better. The Golden Horse defeat is a stimulation, stimulates me to continue better. "(Recommended reading: A letter to yourself: believe that you can be better )

Ma Zhixiang Frank, these three years to see the film is actually a handful, spent more time in dialogue with themselves, in other films have not fully read the case, Ma Zhixiang said that they fully believe that the Golden Horse review of the credibility.

"The Golden Horse prize loses, I with Wei has a little disappointment, this is of course, but we are convinced." Convinced not because they feel inferior to people, but believe that the judges of the Golden Horse to make a deliberate choice. This Golden Horse award, give us a chance to reflect. I will find time to take a good look at the winning films, but, in order to surpass myself rather than surpass others. 」

Ma Zhixiang also took the "Kano" in the baseball experience likened to the current Golden Horse, this bureau we may be lost the number of pens, but we are defeated by their own, stimulated, so to expect their next better, still can head out of the stadium. This spirit also makes people think "KANO" producer director said "The real sportsmanship, not between winning and losing, but the attitude of winning and losing." 」

Ma Zhixiang and Yong Rai Min photo source:umin Boya Ma Zhixiang Collection

"I told myself to remember this experience and make it into my experience." After that, I can use this experience, good to tell the story. "This is Ma Zhixiang face wins and loses the handsome attitude." Lose it right, face it, admit it, and then make yourself better. (same field Gayon: to enjoy adversity, to taste success )

After the Golden Horse, Ma Zhixiang to the body put a bit more on their own expectations of weight, carrying the weight of the shoulders, he also revealed that now is planning to film the next film, at the same time the four story in the mind relay, he smiled and said that he thought to make a film, I feel quite excited!

This time with the Golden Horse missed, but we looked at Ma Zhixiang when the serious look of the film, but also deeply moved, feel that he will walk in a distance from the Golden Horse more and more near the road. In concert with the Golden Horse Award, there is only one time a year, and Ma Zhixiang to go down and meet the next Jinma.

In 10 years, brewing a story full of temperature

Photo Source:umin Boya Ma Zhixiang Works collection

Familiar with the Ma Zhixiang TV choreographer will find that Ma Zhixiang's choreographer from the "10-year-old Dina wishes", "I Sing Here", "The swaying bamboo" have a certain historical and cultural context, but also quite native color. Ma Zhixiang said: "Creation comes from experience and experiences." But for us, there are many things we do not have the opportunity to experience, so we have to learn from many places of the past experience, and land and the past history, is the best material. "

"The film can be said to be a country's culture, the culture is very easy to touch history, the understanding of history in addition to regain self-confidence, there is an advantage, is to stand on the shoulders of predecessors, you can see farther." 」

The process of understanding history, so that we can define "who we are" and more identity to their own identity, but digging through the history of the process, but also to reconstruct their own, in fact, will be accompanied by a lot of pain and collision.

Ma Zhixiang recalled that he had played an Aboriginal college student who did not approve of his blood in the Yuamin of the Tribal trilogy, just as he had been in the state of mind, and that he had been teased and even marginalized in his schooling as a native. After a performance, Ma Zhixiang said: "I suddenly feel ashamed that I am so excluded from the" Aboriginal "thing, but how do I know the Aborigines? I feel I must look back to see what I and my people have been through. "As a child of the Sachileya and the family, Ma Zhixiang through acting, to dig through the past, to recognize themselves, to build self-confidence, but also in the heart to plant the idea of" director. (Recommended reading: Golden Director of the distant planet of the child Shen can still )

"When I was an actress, the director I met gave me the feeling that I wanted to tell a story." But the actors were always chosen, so I thought, I'd better take them myself. I have also seen the history, the more the more I feel that there are many problems unresolved, but do not solve, will be in the corner of rotten Rancid Ah, how to say it, can only write their own! This is the idea I want to be choreographer. "

When the director of the Dream of the year Ma Zhixiang only 23 years old, he told himself: "10 years later, must be the director", so "himself to shoot well" such a word right now in his heart. Behind the Kano we see is the story of Ma Zhixiang's ten years of grinding swords. He is always ready, steady, not quick but steady, I hope in 10 years time, brewing a good story.

The life of the first drama "Big Hospital Small Doctor" met Wang teacher, and Wade Saint director of "Saidec-Balais", Ma Zhixiang said that he is very grateful to the elders around always give a lot of guidance and opportunities, how to think are lucky.

Why are you making movies? Back to the simplest words, I think making movies is to make us more aware of ourselves.

The pattern is even bigger! If you have the ability to make movies, you have to have positive influence.

"As a filmmaker, I expect to have positive influence." "Over the past 10 years, Ma Zhixiang has grown up and still wants to make movies and tell stories, but more than expected to be able to communicate with the audience through the film, bringing the Taiwanese audience positive influence."

We also asked specifically, Ma Zhixiang how to see his film, as well as his next step, what will be?

"I think my movie wants to talk about" understanding "," respecting "and" accommodating "these three things. I think there are too many ethnic groups in Taiwan, this ethnic group is not just a blood relationship, not only the Han nationality, the dividing line of indigenous peoples. People are afraid of things they don't know, and there is resistance after fear. can open their hearts, willing to understand each other, mutual respect and learning, and even the other side to do wrong, but also learn to tolerate, is that I attach great importance to. "

Ma Zhixiang smiled that he had filmed "KANO" after the vision and the pattern are even greater. In the past, he was particularly concerned about the relationship between the Han and the native peoples, trying to reverse the stereotype of the native peoples, and now he wants to see the land in Taiwan. "As long as there is an emotional link to the land, you can be Taiwanese, and I think it's that simple." "Ma Zhixiang said. (Recommended reading: bend over and listen to the secrets of Taiwan's Land )

"We've been thinking about what to do in the future, looking for the future from now on, never looking for the future." But I was thinking, do we have to stop and look back at times and see if there's any internal experience that we've experienced. 」

Ma Zhixiang slowed down, repeated his work, and a lot of new things ran out. Film, let him dialogue with the past himself, and again with the audience. Ma Zhixiang said that the film is because of human existence, and the responsibility of filmmakers is repeatedly digging, to capture the twilight and gloom of the Times, Ruminating recorded, and more people dialogue. (Recommended reading: Before the dream hand, never let go "Ambition" director Zhang Buri )

Creation is the process of digging up one's own

Listen to Ma Zhixiang talk about creation is very enjoyable, because even if only quietly, Ma Zhixiang's creative energy can not be ignored. As a story-telling director, Ma Zhixiang has too many stories on his own.

"Creation, you can know yourself more, this is great, people live to the older, will forget childhood." But creators will not, you will continue to dig themselves, and even can be excavated to a long time ago, memories will pop out, that thing is passionate, have history, that thing is not fictional. 」

Ma Zhixiang's eyes eagerly, laughing said he was not afraid to call himself a creator, but really like the process of creation. His hearty share of his day, "This morning five more get up, start reading, take out the book and then the computer open, but until three o'clock in the afternoon, but found himself only dozen words, miserable!" Creation, is different thinking mining, often when the card is closed, even if the essence of the creation of pain, but in the pain of the creation of the moment, it is very cool. 」

In the GQ year style man, we asked Ma Zhixiang what kind of a man he was, and he thought it might seem a little nerve-racking, and finally he said it could be an "optimistic man". "Optimism should be the creator's skill!" Not optimistic but will be card shut for a long time ah. Ma Zhixiang smiled and said. As for fashion, Ma Zhixiang said that his favorite is the style of freedom. He does not need too much restraint, whether in clothes or in writing, he makes himself as comfortable as possible. (Recommended reading: unlock 14 of the crux of life, let the heart of a lifetime at ease )

GQ Annual style man Photo: Left Zhang Kiyi, JJ Lin, Mai Chen Zhen Chuan, Ma Zhixiang

"After all, the charm of men comes from intelligence, from the experience of the internal experience Ah!" 」

Ma Zhixiang laughed, and we watched him talk about creation, and couldn't help feeling that he deserved to be chosen for this year's GQ-style man, whose style came from the sincerity of seeing all the big and small things. Even if it is only a short visit, the place is in the crowded lounge, Ma Zhixiang concentrate on each of the questions should be perfect, and sometimes stop contemplative, think of a better answer. We feel that in Ma Zhixiang's body, style is something that naturally has become a part of life. (Recommended reading: boast of achievement, not as distributed temperament )

Want to dream? Then do it bigger, don't look small.

The interview is coming to an end, and finally, we invite the Ma Zhixiang who always give the impression of bravery to the readers of the female fans can follow their lifelong advice.

"If you want to dream, make it bigger." Do not small eyebrow small eye, want to dream, the heroic one rushes thousands of miles. In this way, you will not regret dreaming. 」

Say this passage of time, Ma Zhixiang unhurriedly, thin spit out the syllable of each word, feel the weight of said words. We also feel that, in fact such a word, also Ma Zhixiang the ten years to pursue the dream of life. "Do not small eyebrows small eyes, to do on the big." Not just a casual dream, but also a practical. If you do not want to dream is your business, but since all want to dream, do not have small eyebrows small eyes. "(Recommended reading: life is short, go after the dream )

Ma Zhixiang, wave the past ten years, looking forward to the next ten years, has used his life experience, made the most heroic dream of a demonstration. What about you?