Do you have any "good friends" who have more friends and not full of lovers?Let's take a look at these "he only" signs of you as a friend!

Tegor once said, the difference between friendship and love is that friendship means two people and the world, but love means that two people are the world; in the friendship, one equals two, one in love, one in love.Then, are you two good friends or not a lover?If you calculate, the two of you, one plus one, exactly is a few.

" Tomorrow my company will have something, or will it be cancelled first, next time we'll come out with everyone!"

" Otherwise, I'm going to get it now, but I'm dressed in a sloppy."

"The photo of yesterday's PO, who was the girl next to me?"I'm just trying to tell you something."

Dear, we have been very good for you, but the definition of "good" is the same as he thought it in his heart?When friends have been friends for many years, they tend to look at him and the different girls in silence, and break up with each other. Every time I think about it, it's time to get on with it and expect one and another, and then the third one is empty.We've collated six symptoms that "he didn't like you so much," and perhaps, after reading it, you can think carefully about whether this "good friend" who is being considered a "unpaedful" by the way, is on the same track as the one that is at the same time.(Extended Read: No lovers?)

1. In terms of engagement, it is always more important than him to read

"There is no date for you, you will not see it, the last time you passed the shirt, today it's still not good." After that intersection, it wasn't you, if it were you, what should I do?" I know what you mean, or don't you hear better >

As long as you have reached your agreement to meet, you always do your best to get things done. I hope you will be on schedule at night. But he often feels that even if you cancel your meeting, it will be fine next time, isn't it?Or every time you say, " I haven't had a meal together for a long time.{\fnCronos i) Don't you think he's gonna get you?

My dear, if he doesn't take the initiative to ask you out, or if he easily cancels your appointment, he often asks if he wants to find another friend to join your party, then perhaps you should seriously think about it. Isn't he missing something in your wonderful script?(Share with you: active or passive?Modern Women's Love Conundrum )

2. You're always in the presence, and he doesn't care

Is there a little bit special in your mind? I'm afraid you haven't found out, I'm still around you. I don't know what you really feel like, as a black eye on your face, sometimes I would rather have you bad for me, I can't stop thinking about us forever."-- Blue and Time <"

Every time he saw him, he always wore a pair of shorts and a wrinkled shirt.I'm not going to change my glasses to contact lenses.Compared with your dress, one has been replaced by a piece of nectar, and his casual sex and indifference seems to have failed you to disappoint you as if you were not equal to each other's way of thinking.If he really liked you, he would dress up as well as a pair of conscious jeans and even wash and brush his teeth before you see you.

When you chat, although he always replies quickly, he always feels that he has never seriously thought about what you mean in your words.Sometimes he doesn't agree with it, but it makes you sad to sleep all night.Think of you as a "good friend", when he speaks, he doesn't think specifically. After all, what do you mean by meeting with the good brothers?(Sibling: Friend or Old?Seven Reasons for Contact with Old Friends )

3. He won't touch you, except the bedside

" I think you can only give me so much, trying to let go of that unnecessary preemption, After the air is thin, the of the mattresses is left. Take a shower when you leave, Don't be late for work tomorrow, smoldering your room, sticking to the next meeting ... -- the Prophet mary

Do you remember?The boy who secretly liked you, always used his best, wanted to find a chance to steal your little hand.Even when he was watching a movie, his right arm also had to be deliberately and squeezed on the same handrail with your left arm, sneaking up on you.And now?When he was with you, he always kept a "safe distance" with you, as if he was afraid of being stolen by a big star who was secretly shot by a dog.

There is a man who just wants to go to bed with you, but not for any other time than sex, and you don't want to touch with you. Dear, if he is not willing to take your hand, touch your head, touch your head, or use your fingers to help you close your hair, perhaps you should close your eyes and think about your "no paedians" road, and you still have to go down.(Extended reading: Test your sex, love breakout index!

4. He's talking about, but he doesn't listen to you.

"Good to me, good to me, there is no way to go," but I also want to be company, not willing to offend you, so I'm so circuitous, staying safe, this conspiracy makes me feel ashamed, I don't want you to want to be in the right place. -- Eason

You're good, you're good enough to talk on the phone every day, but the content of the phone always revolves around him. What's wrong with his job?What brother of a brother's girlfriend is cheating on her?Or was it a good time to play basketball with my high school friend yesterday and won a couple of great addictions? He never spent much time understanding you, just talking about your own business, complaining about each release, and when you thought it was your turn to share it, he said he was going to sleep?

A guy who really likes you is trying to understand you, and he's going to have to be patient and listen to any trivial things in your life, or even to record everything you like to eat, and not to eat.Honey, you must know that Listening is a manifestation of love.(The door in love is right: Tap a person who wants to understand you

5. and tell you to introduce him to his friends.

finally understand, how come people's faces, thinking about love and loneliness, turning red and looking for love. I can't say hi. 'm just waiting for you to hang on to the face. 'll be patient.

Is he more interested in your sister than he is to you?Every time I always check on your shoulder, ask you a photo of yesterday's Facebook page, is the leftmost girl single?Or hear that your company has a new colleague, isn't he a cute girl?I'm always complaining about being single for years, but I can't find him. It's like you're not looking at you at all.

Although you always wanted to tell him that you were on the lights, you were worried that he would lose him.Hey, honey, if he's really interested in you, he won't be interested in your friends and relatives around you, because he doesn't want to scare you off, so you think he's a man who loves to hunt for prey.However, if you are a "good friend", you can help your brother introduce your girlfriend. It seems that it is a matter of heaven and earth.

6. He doesn't want to admit to what you are

The first time you didn't know, the second time was she was too good, and then, this time, we embraced it, time wanted to break out, every time you found out that you were perfect, n't be afraid of losing it." -- Xu Jiaying

" So what do we have to do now?" You've been asking yourself for countless times, but you dare not talk.My friends next to me are also in the midst of discussions. I feel that you have been very close to each other, but he has always denied your relationship, and the smile is just a "good friend".(Recommended to you: First, a boy friend )

Hey, if he really likes you, he's going to be in the middle of your arms and tell him all his friends, and he has you, and you're the only one.Actually, you should know that, too, don't you?

Six signs, the six answers are in your heart.Is he your "best friend" or "no lover"?And after that, what you think of yourself, but dear, we should all know that love is always two people.If you add one to one, add up always two, you'll always be two people and the world, not the world, and maybe what you can do is bravely turn around and look for the next person who's not in love.