"Sleep posture" is one of the key factors in your ability to get a good night's sleep. Together to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various sleeping positions, to find lost sleep bar.

Do you have any sleep disorders? Have you ever had a bad job because of insomnia, or did you have a conflict with your family or the other half because you didn't sleep well? You must know that sleep is a very important thing for us, and without enough sleep, we have no physical strength to face the challenges of life, big and small.

But you know what? There are more than 1.5 billion people around the world who are experiencing various forms of sleep disorders, and the impact of sleep on us is far more serious than we think! Sleep disorders, in addition to causing inconvenience to our daily lives, make many people exposed to the risk of chronic disease. (Extended reading: long-term chronic inflammation can be fatal )

Among them, sleep posture is the key factor that decides we can sleep well, do you think? We sleep posture, in fact, greatly affect our physical health. What kind of sleeping posture is the most burden to the body when you sleep on your back, lie down or sleep on your side? We have carefully sorted out the pros and cons of several sleeping positions, and then let's look at how they affect our bodies. (see: What do successful night owls do before they go to bed?) )

Help to keep the beauty of the sleeping, let you sleep more beautiful

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Sleeping on the back can avoid pain in the spine and shoulder neck, and also greatly reduce the risk of gastroesophageal reflux. In addition, sleeping on the back of the beauty is very helpful, because the face, you can avoid the face, neck delicate skin and pillows, quilts excessive friction, less prone to fine lines and acne, and sleep more let women's chest type not oppressed, to maintain perfect.

Many physicians think that sleeping on the back is a good sleeping position. Do you have any experience in yoga? Then you should know that Savasana (body type big rest) This posture, lying on the yoga mat, physical appearance, complete relaxation, so that the whole body to get real rest. The meaning of sleep and this posture is very similar, the back of the sleeper can be completely natural stretching, through the mattress support, not by any external interference, bending. (Same home: seven strokes before bedtime, make you beautiful every day )


Of course, sleeping on the back also has disadvantages, because the face upward, gravity will cause the tongue, throat soft tissue vibration, aggravated snoring problem, serious people may even produce sleep apnea of the situation. Are you a sleeping man who often backs back pain? That is because the waist will sleep and mattress gap, may cause the burden of the waist, resulting in low back pain problems.

How to sleep better?

If you like (or are accustomed to) sleeping on your back, you can make some minor corrections to make your sleep better. Just prepare a soft pillow, or a rolled towel, underneath your knees to help support your body's curves and spread your stress. In the choice of pillows, you should choose fluffy and soft pillows, as far as possible do not pad too high, to avoid wrinkles in the neck, or unnatural bending and affect the breathing, "sit still" here but not applicable oh. ( take a look: seven nights of good habits that make you productive every tomorrow )

Improve snoring on the side of the problem, and the other half together quiet good sleep

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Are you easy to snore? Every time afraid to wake the other half, always waiting for him to sleep, you dare to sleep well? Then you can try the side sleep! Side sleep can reduce the neck, back burden and gastroesophageal reflux, as well as to sleep, can solve the problem of snoring.

In general people, because the heart is on the left side, so to sleep on the right side is not oppressive heart, is a better choice for the body! However, if you are pregnant mummy, "left to Sleep" is the doctor's most recommended sleeping position, because the mother's right upper vena cava is the main supply of fetal oxygen, if the right to sleep, may make blood reflux poor and blood pressure is insufficient, affecting the health of mother and baby. (Share with you: The first pregnancy, I choose to face their own struggle )


Although many physicians believe that side-sleep is helpful to sleep, but if you often sleep, also pay attention to the following risks Oh! Like when you woke up and found your hands numb to the experience of not moving? Because the side sleep is to concentrate the weight on the body side, easy to oppress hands and feet, shoulder, causing poor blood circulation and hands and feet acid hemp. In addition, the body weight of oppression may lead to wrinkles, or chest deformation and bone disc skew, and pillow friction with the face of the skin is easy to fall into the "acne crisis."

How to make the side sleep better?

Dear, if you are a side sleep advocate, please remember to always change the pillow cover, keep the bed clean Oh! In this way, your face skin in close proximity to the pillow, can be refreshing without burden, acne and skin problems will not frequently find the door.

If you're a serious snoring person, you want to change your side sleep posture, or want to make sure that you are sleeping in the side sleep posture, there are also "side sleeping Pillow" appears, through the improvement of the center of the pillow head back to the height, and lower the height of the pillow, greatly improve your sleep when the proportion of the side sleep, alleviate the problem of snoring. Dear, if you want to let yourself and the other half not be affected by snoring, a good sleep, may be considered! (Extended reading: The bed that makes you snore is the trumpet!) It might save his life .

To sleep with a sense of security, settle down till dawn.

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Sleep is the least used sleep posture in the world, but many sleep-sleepers think that sleeping is the most "safe" sleep posture, do you think so? Sleep can keep our airways smooth, and side sleep can slow the snoring problem, and if pregnant mummy in early pregnancy use lie down to sleep, also can avoid excessive sleep!

The most famous authority in the sleeping world is the 103-year-old Japanese National treasure-class physician, Niko Shino, who even wrote a special book to celebrate the beauty of sleeping. He believes that sleeping in addition to avoid snoring, but also improve blood circulation, fatigue, gastrointestinal discomfort and other problems, for the healthy downhill middle-aged and elderly people, more conducive to sputum, cough. (same field Gayon: dignified old, Dutch village Hogeweyk for Alzheimer's disease patients )


Many physicians still have reservations about sleeping, citing the inability to solve the problem of 45 degrees left or right in the neck when lying awake. "Stiff neck" may be the most common problem for sleep-prone people. If you are a sleeper, must be more or less the feeling of sleep brought about by the neck ache it?

In addition, the most obvious problem is to sleep on the chest, heart and lungs and other organs brought about by the oppression of the chest has long been pressed between the body and mattress, quite easy deformation and collapse. and tightly attached to the pillow face skin, and side sleep as easy as aging long wrinkles, long acne. (Look together: in Vivo aftercare!) Six kinds of acne-resistant ingredients to build the United States muscle

How to make sleep better?

Niko Shino said, "I have been lying down, sleeping with three pillows, respectively, in the waist, knees between the knee, forehead." "Shiro, a Japanese specialist in respiratory physiology, has been sleeping on this, but it took him three months to get a fit of three pillows of varying sizes.

Dear, no matter what kind of sleep posture you like, if you have any sleep problems, affect the work and life, must not be overlooked, to quickly consult a professional physician's advice Oh! If you have a good night's sleep, you will have a positive effect on your emotions and relationships and your work performance. Sleep absolutely and health has a positive correlation, cherish their own body, is to love their best performance! I wish you a good sleep.

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