Women fans believe: "Words can bring strength, but also can change the world", we hope to use the article anywhere, warm every man and woman.

Thankfully, in the last one months of 2014, women fans have reached a goal milestone: the first official app: woman fan Read W Readbar ! Thanks to all the support from all the way, we can successfully complete this challenge, but also hope to use this app to put more intimate and practical articles, to share more people, become the most gentle and strong support in our lives.

Although we spend a lot of effort, let a woman fan read it can be practical and easy to use, but as a "mother"?! We still want to be proud to introduce this baby for a long time, and I hope you can see this app's more advantages, said so much, let's see how the woman fans read W Readbar How to use it ~!

To live a woman's attitude, you will never forget the first sight

Reading, can let us talk with more elegant and outstanding people, open a woman to read it , there is a temperament actress Hepburn famous saying: "People live in this world, The most important thing is to enjoy your life. Let us in the busy life, learn to stop to catch a breath, to pamper themselves, enjoy life, and then replaced by the platinum bag Goddess of God Jane Birkin, jumped out to tell us: "With a man who does not understand me, I would rather live my own life ", full of women's attitude of the manifesto, people can not help but the blood boiling, can't wait to become their own masters, live a rich wonderful life.

Night Edition Day Edition

In the app's color design, the simplicity of the red and beige, the top of a wipe, like a woman's red lips deeply attract our eyes, beige background, so that people can not read too hard, in different light sources, you may convert the day or night reading mode, change the background and font color, not afraid to read when the eyes hurt , then with the finger, gently to the left of a slide, select the article smoothly slide into the center of the picture, welcome to the woman's exclusive world.

Coco Chanel:less is much less that's more

Women obsessed with articles on the website, although more than 6,000, but women are fascinated to read the French woman wearing the elegant features: "Less is more" "Less is more", a daily selection of seven articles, including a variety of topics, such as: Gender, mind, food, love, play, health ... And so on, there is a saying: "Beautiful face, can make people's eyes a bright, but rich connotation can let a person durable not forget." "A woman is obsessed with reading ." It's just a matter of taking a few minutes each day to make every woman a memorable and charming spot.

Even when people commute, women are fascinated to read the intimate design, one hand can be left and right to switch the article, the elegant reading experience, let us unrestrained soul escape from the stuffy car, enjoy the beautiful article, in order to match the shaking compartment, the text size can be adjusted, Not afraid to miss the essence of the lines, let us unconsciously, on the cultivation of French women's grace and temperament. (You'll like: Five sexy keywords for French women )

Hand collection and exclusive W Club points, the accumulation of intelligent can see

Good article is worth reading again, different stages of life, there will be different understanding, gently click the collection button, you can save the Good article, become a personalized personal intelligence treasure, when we are low, or faced with life choices, an article may be the key to answer, let us Open the new direction of life, with different heights, See the different landscapes.

And these practical content, not only will be deeply imprinted in the mind, slowly brewing into our intelligence, exclusive W Club points, after reading seven articles, will automatically send. W Club points can not only go to the woman fan website for a good ceremony, you can see the accumulation of intelligence, let us gradually become a deep has a connotation, people can not see through, but also best-loved of the best woman. (same field Gayon: Women's smart quotes of the year, we are your strength )

A warm blush, a day to date with you

think this is the end of it? Not ~! Gently shaking the phone, but also to get a woman fan specially prepared " blush Red " surprise, women fans believe that men have desires, women of course there will be, as a woman, talk about sexual love is in the natural things, blush red quality sex articles, Let us enter the world of lust and unrestrained, quietly learn a few strokes, night can become the queen of the bed, or express implied temptation to the other half, enjoy the joy of being torn down, it is too ~"blush red!

Every day after reading seven selected articles, plus blush red share, is not to feel the meaning is still not done? Women are fascinated to read it also so think, so after reading the end of the article will appear countdown clock, with you agreed to the next "fan read" time, Miss people also do not worry, down pull can see the most users of the collection of articles, so that we can grasp the key articles immediately, efficient to become an understanding of beauty!

Finally, the children of their own better, or there can be more space, if everyone in the use of women fans read the W Readbar on what the problem, please tell us, let this app can let more people fondle admiringly. Of course, if you like women fans read it , please leave five stars in Google Play Store, and leave a message to say your encouragement (app online after the message, such as snowflakes flying, so that women fascinated by the good move), we will continue to work hard!