"The world is waiting to hear your good news. You are the woman we are waiting for. 」

Barbra Streisand, the American legendary diva who picked up the Oscar for two degrees, held the most attractive women's 2013 awardthis year by Vogue magazine GLAMOUR ( At the Glamour Womenof the Year awards, the audience was inspired by this remark. Her words, like the other outstanding women on the stage to share the winning experience, not only cheered the hearts of the people, the desire to change the world from the heart of the bloom. Look at her eyes, is so big and warm, can be a smile more intriguing, in her body, everywhere is not experience and brave. (Perhaps you also want to know: first lady, not just a man's deputy )

At the 2013 glamorous Women's awards ceremony, which ended in New York in mid-November, included (in order from left to right):
1. The goddess of cards (Lady Gaga),
2. Malala (Malala Yousafzai),
3. Net-a-porter Boutique Online shopping company founder Natalie Masnes (Natalie Massenet),
4. Hawaiian World surfing champion Kelisa Mor (Carissa Moore),
5. Catherine Martin (Catherine Martin), a costume designer named "Moulin Rouge" and "The Great Biography",
6. United States House of Representatives Gaby Giverts (Gabby Giffords),
7. Sandy Hook (Kaitlin Roig-debellis), a female teacher who protects children in the United States "primary school shootings"
8. Bill Gates's wife and foundation founder Marlene Dar Gueze (Melinda gates),
9. Ethiopian model and philanthropist (Liya Kebede),
American model and philanthropist Christie Bens (Christy Turlington Burns),
American legend, Barbara Streisand (Barbra Streisand),
12 outstanding women, such as the film scandal storm heroine Kelly Hua Washington (Kerry Washington) , were awarded their own personal Glory awards.

This time, womany a special gathering of six of them, from the evening of the Women of the year published intelligent Proverbs. What they say not only represents the courage and wisdom of this generation of women, but more importantly, they let everyone begin to listen carefully to the voice of women. We believe this is a new beginning, because to listen, the world has the opportunity to embrace more possibilities and create a new pattern of gender equality. (See First: African politics, women's Days )

Intelligent Proverbs One:

Pens and books are a weapon against terrorism. I really believe that in order to be world peace, we should not only educate our thoughts, but also our hearts and spirits.

Malala , 16 years old, dialysis education and the influence it can exert, "I believe that the gun actually has no power, it can only kill, but can not make the world better." Yet a book, a pen, can give a man a new life, and we can even use it to save lives. Plus a child and a teacher is enough to change the world. Malala in a more determined tone. (More about the brave girl: I'm Malala: a girl shot for education )

After the upheaval guns by Taliban terrorists last year, Malala a more overage understanding of life, "I used to care about my appearance and hairstyle as much as any other girl of my age, but when you see death, the world is different in your eyes." "Perhaps, only those who have truly experienced the dark can appreciate the value of light." Malala said, when you have more want to finish the event, the past love and care about things, but now it seems to be as small as the sesame bean ridiculous. (Life in reverse thinking is more interesting: can't you realize your dream?) Then cut the dream to pieces! )

Malala wants to emphasize that "the power of education will make terrorists feel afraid, but more powerful than this is the power of women's voices." So women, why are we afraid? 」

Intelligent Proverbs II:

Recognize the strength and power you have and try to make it a better place for the world.

On the podium, the goddess Card said, "The people sitting in this place now have almost all the envy of wealth and fame; When you get home, should you ask yourself: what else can I do for others?" "Can be full of three meals, a stable home to live, have their own dreams can be chased, in fact, we already have a lot of people can not have." Then we all have to ask ourselves: how to do, to the strength of their own more flourish, to benefit others also achieve their own? (You may be interested to know her: practitioner: It's a good thing to pay Jiang )

Intelligent Proverbs Three:

Perhaps, your mother will know, what is the most useful life intelligence.

From childhood onwards, every girl in the process of interacting with her mother, more or less will begin to imitate the appearance of mother, because mom has always been the woman we want to be. (Extended reading: The most tactful love: The Child, Mother loves you ) until gradually grow up, become mature, we again feel the character that we learn from the mother or inherited, and then start to think about what is worth to continue to retain the virtues.

"Acceptance, tolerance, courage, empathy; these are the attitudes of life I learned from my mother," the goddess Kaka told the people under the stage. when those that deserve to be preserved are absorbed and assimilated by themselves, we will work harder to pass on these good things and let the next generation continue to rely on these intelligences, and the abundance of others ' lives. (dedicated to a day of busy time to enjoy the beautiful you: short and beautiful peace of Mind )

Intelligent Proverbs Four:

Never underestimate your influence; When you feel that there is something worth fighting for, it is time to speak up for yourself.

Sing and then play, Barbra Streisand, one of the legendary American showbiz legends, has earned her noble honor in all fields of art, and she is also the only one who has ever won an Oscar, Tony, Grammy, Emmy Award, Golden Globe Awards and many other authoritative awards for the full female artist.

"I don't think anyone can underestimate the power of their own voice," Barbara Streisand believes, "the only way to change the status quo is to be brave enough to stand up for yourself." Especially in the battle for women's rights, every kind of shouting and striving for the voice is extremely precious, "those are the real desires from the heart, so we will be desperate to be the power to promote reform, and to be proud of that." "(Perhaps you will also be interested to know: change your own six kinds of power )

Although we all say that women do things softer than men, but also because of the soft, so that women often miss the best time to voice. If we learn not to speak, how can we blame others for not caring about our needs? Barbara wanted to tell all the women that they had to learn to be strong when they fought for their own rights, maybe a little bit unaccustomed at first, maybe really need a lot of courage, but when they crossed the barrier, the courage would sprout on the spot and no longer be easily beaten by the strong wind. (Start practicing now: Write yourself a brave every day )

Smart Proverbs Five:

Even if it is a terrible and difficult situation, you can have a place in the predicament as long as you hold on to hope.

"There is no such thing as freedom, but if there is hope , there is still room for a turnaround." "Malala knows how difficult it is to be in a backward country for the benefit of the young girls who are in the same situation, because the opportunities are very limited and the dream is always in short supply."

"But we are not toys, we are not able to make people casually consume the stickers in the newspapers and magazines, we can not only be used by people, because we are the Masters of unlimited potential, are eligible to become masters of their own destiny." "Malala hope that the world will give girls more opportunities, and everyone will have to work harder to create opportunities, so that women with less resources can be found at all levels, their equal rights." (You might be interested in: when the dress is replaced with trousers )

Intelligent Proverbs VI:

If you keep a strong woman, you can take care of everything.

American Arizona, State Congresswoman Gaby Giverts (Gabby Giffords) was the last winner to stage the award ceremony that night. The woman, who is committed to improving American gun law, hopes to borrow strict legal rules to keep guns out of the hands of the wicked. Such a fierce attitude also allowed her to be assassinated by militants in 2011 and shot directly in the head. But Giverts still miraculously survived. The touching thing is that her husband never leaves his wife at all, and she learns how to eat, walk, talk and smile from the beginning until her life is back on track. (The touching witness of the hand: Seven secrets become influential Couples )

So Giverts decided to use this short and forceful remark as a conclusion to encourage the presence and all the women. She added, "always be passionate and courageous, and we all have to be the best of our lives." 」

Dear, Womany Hope these intelligent proverbs can make everyone more believe, women, you can be very different, put on the wings of courage, you must believe that they will do. In offering admiration to these women at the same time, we have to tell ourselves that life only live this time, may we all live a beautiful and not regret posture.

A woman needs to bloom for her life.

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