the movie (The Tourist), the male lead, Johnny Depp, has learned the beauty of the beautiful Angelina Jolie in his travels, but she does not know that she is stepping into a carefully crafted crisis … ….

Do you have such experience?At the store street, when it was not easy to get away with a piece of merchandise, a questionnaire, or a charity sale, it became a "no need, time to catch up." The "scream" of the emperor was "really not so good."

While we all agree that there are many cases of love at first sight, the story of history often reminds us that a sudden and unexpected narrative is always a dangerous metaphor.A Mr. Tao, who was a government official at the court of the 10th century, was appointed to serve in other states. He met a superbeautiful girl in the hotel, and even more luckily, she was willing to be flirting with him on the eve of his words.So, after a fierce (or not intense), who knows?After sex, Mr. Tao had a great interest in writing, writing a little word for the girl.In the second day of the state banquet, the girl was a girl in the dance, and the girl was even more embarrassed. The only thing he wrote was the missing word for the girl!The sovereign monarchs felt that Mr. Tao's diplomatic performance was too much to be done, and deliberately set up a bureau to humiliate him. Naturally, Mr. Tao was embarrassed, and the diplomatic mission failed.

Ming Dynasty Tang Boggers drew a 'clay gift', and wrote an inscription, 'If this happened to him,' it would be a great deal, ' ' it wouldn't be humiliating! 'Of course, Mr. Tang doesn't have to consider the question of national pride, but when suddenly the love becomes unintended, it will still make people knee-down and cold sweat.

Ming, Tang Yin, ZOA

Tao experience is only a small joke (and is actually not lost). In more notebook stories and wild histories, young students face the dangers of life at all.In the twelfth century, wealthy young people held a small open space in a tea house, and the owner of the tea house was an old lady who was just about to leave the house, and later told the house to "take good care of the house", which caused some curiosity.The room is a beautiful woman. It is natural that the two people have a natural conversation, and they naturally sleep in the same bed.The old lady came home at this time, and it was just a bed of adultery.

After a common … of "…, I'm a virgin," no, after the "or virgin" stage, the old lady suddenly had a smile, saying that if she was so, she would be happy to marry a girl.Marriage is clearly the only choice between a given sexual assault and a "married marriage".

One night after the wedding, the old woman brought the whole family into the city to eat a large family. After the wall entered the city at night, it was only after the arrival of the wall that the so-called "bane" was simply a water-and-water law, and the guest of the four-party ghosts.In the past six months, it was actually a son-in-law of a ghost that was not compromised!At the end of the story, he hid under a deity. When he was on the table, he was taken out of the devil's control. He raised the body back to the old place and only saw the wilderness. Where did he get the tea house?

This is a typical beauty, although it cannot deny the existence of love, but it may also be said that the main task of most ghosts is to absorb Yang. Perhaps it is a gobland of some kind in the gongmen.The so-called "glamorous" crisis may be the ancients' cautious interpretation of the unknown, reminding young men and women that they do not have the most expensive, free money.

The store where begging in the path is a great deal, but it is also a crisis of four volts.

Depp and Jolie are of course not so negative, but based on professional ethics, we can't just explode.At the end of the day, it is a bet of love or trap, but it is a gamble that tests the wisdom, luck, and courage of boys and girls.I'm afraid it's romantic and sweet, and I'm afraid it's a different story.

On the face of you, he or she winked at your smile and decided how to face it?

Photo Source: [ Beijing: Capital Library, 2005), Page 659, pic1 / pic2 ]