When Chen Tingni openings to talk about their own story, you will find that the original heroine is not as simple as imagined, and television outside the Chen Tingni, is not sweet.

It was a cool afternoon, into the bright café, a sit down on the Chen Tingni cheerful smile, saw her attentively study the menu, just end full notice of her expression of not tired, smiled and said "this should be a lunch dinner!" "She's a little bit like the Chen Tingni of countless actresses on TV, but there are some differences between the Qiyu aircondition, we always imagine the stars in private, thinking that the Chen Tingni is probably a sweet Princess girl, but the real she has a small boy-like hearty, little girl-like vitality, listening to her talk about her own story, It's not like the dream life of a beautiful princess, it's like an adventurer's fantasy journey. (same field Gayon: don't wait for the prince, the princess to fight their own battles!) )

Chen Tingni in the Idol show: How does a big sister play a sweet heroine?

She was 18 years old when she won the first place in the model competition, and in the coming year she entered the drama Circle and played an idol play this play is seven years, she played 8 heroine, from the "Real Love Trouble" this drama began to burst red, then began, on the road everyone called her "Yi Jie" ratio once close to "Chen Tingni", identity also from the model formally to the actor. She was "Nicole" in everyone's mouth, characters are almost all petty women, but also established a high, sweet image, we always feel that Idol plays heroine is always a weak, always holding a tear of the plight of the role, we also always imagine Nini is the real life of the princess, live a dream life. But the reality of society has never been a dream, we forget the 18-Year-old began to compete on the runway, we did not see the 19-Year-old began acting as the heroine to bear the pressure of how much. This time, she plays Wenfi in the new play, "The Lady in the head wedding" a strong woman longing for love, he is the department manager, but also is a 5-year-old child's single mother, this story is not a dream, but more close to the life of the court ni, because she is no longer living in the Castle Princess, but the real society of you and me.

"This role is the epitome of many women nowadays, as if a lot of girls unconsciously become the so-called" woman "she spent a lot of time at work, people think you are strong, women when men use, you do not need a man to take care of you, but in fact, the heart is still very eager to love, especially to the next stage of life, there are children! When you have to take care of others, you are more eager to be cared for by others. "This time the character faces a lot of yuan, just like a woman's plural identity, at the same time is the staff, wife, daughter-in-law, mother." Being an actress is never easy, and this time, what the court needs to figure out is a single mother's state of mind, no longer just a simple thought of how to talk about romantic love of the innocent heroine, but a deeper layer of the need to analyze the different levels of performance, the role of the depth of Ascension, forcing the actor's acting and thinking more meticulous, and now she, only 25 Years old.

What's the trouble with a single mom? Chen Tingni said: "The child in the play is five years old, and he starts to ask," Where is my father? "," Why other people have a father I have no father, "is already the next stage of life will face problems. 」

The show let him know that love and life is not always beautiful, adult-style love than simple little love more what is less, so when the love added to the reality of bitterness, will find that everyone is a little helpless. "I think the most challenging place is, in love facing to follow their heart walk, love a I do not know will have a future first love, or I want to look ahead, choose a I do not love him now, but the future we have the possibility of development, he can give me the shoulder, give me the direction of the future man. (same field Gayon: Can you love again?) To you who hurt in love .

"When I was a child, my mother would say," You're marrying someone you don't love. "This is also the story that the play wants to tell you, it sounds absurd, but it has its own truth. 」

"Qiao Mo female Rob the head marriage" is a comedy, but the court ni said, each play after a play will feel oneself is affected by the role, because she has too many helpless, also has too many hard work. "I never thought that if one day really had a child life will have any change, so I think the hardest is to put themselves into that role, experience her mood, attitude, to learn to put down their comfort zone." "So in this drama you no longer only see a kind of woman's appearance, you will see three types of women in miniature, Xiao Tu did not talk about love, so for love always pay all, do not ask for return, the yuan-Fi has a child, so she can not wait for love men grow up." Merrill Lynch is a housewife, thinking every day how to successfully pregnant to cope with her mother-in-law's concern. "Everyone thinks that people who are married should be all right. But in fact, he will encounter mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems, will encounter children, why I do not have a personal life after marriage, I can go to work before marriage can have their own life circle, but why do I have to do after marriage in the home to do what I want to cook for my husband to eat, How do you serve your parents-in-law? I think it is to put the three types of girls in society in the same play, and then let you see everyone has a poor place. "The situation of modern women, presented in the drama in miniature." (Extended reading: marriage, do you want to?) )

Chen Tingni outside the Idol show: I must ask the answer.

An actor who jumps all the way from a model, is a mistake of the beginning, now easy to talk about, but also can not be denied, is the life of the court ni Turning point, become a model after contact to show class, but the court ni didn't think, just as the practice of facial expression, but after a few days, Guo Youning director called the Company, At first she thought she was a girl and told her that she could do it if she wanted to have a short haircut, so she cut her long hair and played the heroine for the first time in the drama Circle. The heroine always must be gentle and sweet! But the beginning of the Chen Tingni is not so, from the boy's straightforward character, but the screen has a feminine appearance, step by step are not easy, but she said easily. (Guess what you like: about acting )

"After the start of filming, I found that the head wash half had to continue to wash!" In the first show, I want to learn to express myself, and start to learn the situation of strain scene shooting, I want to know now to shoot close-up, big Lang or what lens, I found myself to learn as if more and more in-depth, the past will only feel the cry is very difficult, how to fall down tears, as long as the tears fell down and feel the cry play! But the play I found, is not the case, the film is a need for emotional transition, tears fall in the right place, the emotional stack is difficult. Every time you make a scene, you know you seem to learn a little bit more. 」

"When I was young, I didn't know what I was afraid of. 」

The outsider seems to be a silly elder sister, but in front of the court ni exudes a kind of self-confidence, a kind of self-confidence that wants to do well anyway, she said, every play will leave what they can absorb in the soul, from her eyes, you can see very serious courage, so she is not afraid to play ugly, forcing themselves to switch between different character characters, Mature, lovely, sexy, sweet.

"I think people who love acting are pretty sick, because you have to always break yourself and remodeling, and then have been constantly circulating, this drama is your six months to the inspection, and even do not have to wait for broadcast, you will know that you have no growth this year, your shortcomings where, in fact, very cruel, every time in the challenge themselves. It does not come from the pressure of others, but in the heart of a voice to say to yourself next time better. 」

The court ni laughs to say, oneself is very dead heart person, each time will grasp the director screenwriter to ask the script the cause and the cause, for her, the line is not only read out a word. "I would like to ask why, if one day I do not ask, I will be finished!" I have no enthusiasm for acting! I hope that the day will never come. "So she would think, standing in the position closest to the role of thinking, would say so?" Will you make such a decision? She's not a scripted vase. And really care about their role to say every word is not logical, she once because she felt the lines against their role image and sad for a long time, she once for a line and director writer Cross-examine for a long time, because she is not like just in front of the TV just Sweet smile, But the soul of the real character, even if it's just sweet smile, there's a reason to do so.

Chen Tingni said: "In order to convince others of the act." 」

Chen Tingni said: "The sensitive and straightforward old soul

"In fact, everyone's heart is filled with girls and women, only to see which one you are willing to take out and make friends." 」

If you use three adjectives to describe Chen Tingni, the media must say sweet, optimistic and cheerful. She herself did not dislike and deny such a trait, but the broker said: "People who do not know Nini will say that she is naïve and sweet, but in fact, she told the things, are in her mind carefully thinking about the export." "Rather than sweet, frankness may be a more apt adjective, she is not living in the Castle Princess, but a bit boyish, happy when they laugh, sad when they cry, she is easy to move, always go to see some upset but not meaningful movies, she will think a lot, in the head of a fast running world.

"I don't really know how to communicate with young people," he said. 」

Chen Tingni's play was loved by many young people, but she said she had never been able to laugh and talk with children younger or younger than her age. "Girls dream of Korean dramas I do not look, like the general young people may be chasing the BigBang concert, but I want to listen to Jonathan." "The court ni said she especially has the elder margin, also particularly likes the uncle type the man." "Young people will mean wind came moaning!" I feel like I can do anything. But with the experience of the uncle, you will think you can learn from them to hear a lot of stories. He can tell you the history behind the wine, the story behind the restaurant, or the analysis of a film director's previous work, just a conversation, and you'll feel like you can learn something. "Chen Tingni in the heart of an old soul, eager to absorb solid nutrients, she does not chase stars, do not like to see hot movies, on the shelves will always be seen more than three times before the book."

"Knowing what you want can be the most fascinating of all the women who have positioned themselves to do the best." 」

This is her goal, is also the new play let her learn the life topic, the court ni said the more understand this circle of the more find their own shortcomings, rather than the hope of the challenge of what kind of work, she instead said: "Whether it is a movie or idol drama, as long as you can take a play, can let oneself grow, can in the propaganda period Amoy not to say their ideas Instead of staying in the comfort zone to play a familiar play or a very good role. "(same field Gayon: Challenge yourself, do something to make yourself afraid every day!" )

Access ended, it is the car supercharged evening, 1.5 hours is not enough to talk about the story of life, but also enough to listen to the growth of a play, Chen Tingni has been playing the heroine, some people may think she is a beautiful model, so when the heroine is just right, but after the visit, You can see what an actor does for a character's work, and you can see how repetitive exercises are behind the exaggerated performance on the screen. When we asked her for her goal, she just said she wanted the trick done, for her, the important thing is not to get a prize or a movie role, but simply deep to get the role of the play, and grow from it, such a Chen Tingni a kind of strength, she knew that she was acting as an exaggerated guava heroine, But it is more serious about the role than anyone else.