"What's the story?" Again Zhongtian, not unexpected. "You must have seen similar comments on the web, and why is this media group so annoying?"

December 3, NCC (National Communications and Communication Committee) considered through the transit channel two (Zhongtian news station and Zhongtian integrated station) in the case, on behalf of the past 6 years in violation of the record of the crown of the news station , can continue to be broadcast in the next six years. Many people expressed dissatisfaction with the result, saying that NCC's move was towards the consortium and did not fulfill the responsibility of media supervision. Why on earth do we feel so angry about NCC and Zhongtian group?

Mocking the female body, Camadan

"For a few netizens, deliberately distorted Zhongtian television news Tornado 2014.04.04 program content allegations, about breeches short Boots is a sister Super Kill, Super is the mouth of" materialization, wipe yellow, slander pornography ", Zhongtian news to this solemn clarification, the program content does not tell the negative words, from beginning to end only to" right sister, Super positive, "Super Kill, Beautiful" and other normal news language, positive words praised the woman. "Remember?" he said. This lame-chop statement.

This April, the talk of Zhongtian News, Tornado of news, with "The Sun Flower student movement is more than wild Lily student movement" as the theme, blatant, insulting the female figure in the student movement, the mouth Peng Huaqan in the program on the "Sun Flower Queen" Liu Jiaoan photos tried, mouth said "tube you take trade suit!" I took the u~ super is killing, the attraction reverie! "Even Tho the blouse in her photo and drew her body curve with a hand gesture. Peng Huaqan and host Dalixia a lap, not only insult the female body, and even the student movement and spring, Tribute Liao Music Festival and other entertainment activities of the nature of the activity confused, the attempt to the stigma of chemical transport is quite obvious. (Extended reading: the power of meekness!) To every caring society of the "Queen of the Sun Flower" salute )

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In addition, they have a big fuss over the "crape women" in the Legislative Yuan, the woman in the photograph, wearing a black-skinned blouse, is sleeping on the court floor, and Peng Huaqan, apart from criticizing her for being exposed to a nightclub, even said to Dalixia, "if you're a student, you can sleep next to her." "It seems that in their eyes, the more cool-dressed women, must be a male prey." ((Sun Flower queen and Crape Woman: The structure of accomplice of patriarchal society and the limitation of mainstream feminism ))

This screen a broadcast, immediately caused the public discontent, within a short period of time, NCC will receive more than 6,000 reports, more surprising and puzzled is, "news tornado" production team can even in the press release to "Zi Yue: Poetry 300, Word, think innocent." But the speaker has no intention, the listener is intentional, bones, beat? "This prevarication shirking in the face of audience questioning. If Confucius had known the underground, he must have burst into tears.

Although after the Peng Huaqan was replaced by the program, we can still clearly see the "News Tornado" This program, to the producer, down to the host, the guests, no one has enough gender awareness, the use of mass media, copy the patriarchal structure, mockery of the female body. (Recommend you: please, give us back our appearance)

Improper handling of their own affairs, contrary to journalistic profession

In fact, in addition to this materialization of women's controversy, 2012, Zhongtian subordinate Venvant Group, for the acquisition of cable television system Kerry, sparked a series of "anti-media monopoly" campaign. At that time, Zhongtian Group was doing its best to discredit, Huang, a deputy researcher at the Institute of Research and Development, who has been standing on the forefront of the campaign, said that, in addition to his money to students and the mobilization of "walking workers" to participate in the protests, even Huang smoking and cigarette butts were magnified into the worst of things, apparently in the production of news " Involved in their own affairs ", the lack of media self-discipline style." (Share with you: Everyone is the media age, what is your media principles?) )

Picture Source: Source

Picture Source: Source

According to the NCC data, the transit news station has had 8 irregularities since April 2012, 7 of which were fined and the largest number of news channels in the world. In addition to specific irregularities, the transit news station has also taken a picture of former British prime minister Thatcher, mistakenly planted as the Queen of England Elizabeth's embarrassing affair, was pulled out but will blame to the news station work part-time body; In addition, the report on Hong Kong's occupation of the incident, also under the heading "Occupy the Night Vigil to greet the 11 national day ", serious breaches of the facts of the news, misleading the people suspected, but after the external claim to uphold their professional journalism, that the people deliberately misinterpreted."

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Does the NCC not rule if the evaluation result is not qualified?

In addition, in April 2013, NCC commissioned an external satellite channel evaluation Advisory Committee, has evaluated the transit news Taiwan in December 99 to 101 December performance unqualified, and requested the transit news station within two months to propose a deadline correction plan, June, because the rectification plan still does not meet the requirements, the Committee will NCC makes recommendations for evaluation of Nonconformities.

At that time, NCC had to consider the Committee's resolution immediately and make a final resolution on the failure of the transit news station, but NCC was slow to make a ruling and only to incorporate the result into the exchange for reference. If NCC decides at that time that the transit news station is not qualified, according to the 36th of the Satellite Radio and Television Act, it is punishable by 100,000 yuan or more, under the penalty of fines 1 million yuan, or even if the licence is revoked under article 6th. Therefore, the NCC chose not to adjudicate the case, also sparked controversy. (news anchor's romantic escape: leave Taiwan for 100 days, in order to meet the "advanced version" of their own )

Under the current decree, NCC has a television licence every six years and is evaluated every two years during the validity period. And the transit news station in the acceptance of external members of the Review Committee, the composition of the review, of the 11 members, six (half of them) failed to pass the grade, but since the two parties were not two-thirds (eight), they were unable to make a resolution in the first instance, and the whole case was submitted to NCC after the NCC resolution to give the photo.

Although NCC requires the transit news station to implement four corrections within six months, including handling staff training, ethics committee outside members to include experts and scholars and civic groups, the employment of a full-time dedicated editorial staff, and the implementation of the "independent review of the" system, but has been Huang in Mong Group, in the face of the book to express dissatisfaction: "NCC may say their permission, is based on the Zhongtian" improvement commitment "," self-discipline mechanism "," internal control "above; however, NCC seems to have forgotten that a similar self-regulatory commitment has been made by NCC as early as 2009 when it allowed Cai Mingming to acquire two. If the promise of Cai Mingming is of the slightest credibility, in the past few years, no one has seen so many news reports of the mass transit news and planted smear. "(Sleeping pill killings: The story of Taiwan's medical News Group's downfall )

Huang Face Book PO Wen

As for the NCC, which has been indulgent to the group, the Internet has also been a curse, even some people say that NCC has "no expectations". For many people, Zhongtian news is a recognized "parallel universe", and the general people of different time and space, the theme of political program discussion, always and the most concerned about the Bishi relationship, the news material is often confusing. Wang-Wang in the group's China Times, also often because of the front page selection in the four newspapers appear "outstanding", this obviously pour in, to the consortium closer to the media, has lost credibility. After this incident, the status of NCC seems to be in the audience's mind crumbling. (Extended recommendation: Seven pieces of fantasy photography, bringing you to the parallel universe )

Although the mainstream media to commercialization has been an indisputable fact, but a news station, if it has fallen to even present the truth of the ability to have no, or closed the door, back to do Fairy Bay! After all, the news, has never been self-directed, since the words of the industry.

What do you expect from the media today, when you are about to enter 2015?

The news media, which was originally tasked with the task of getting the latest news on the front lines of the public, has become a career in which the public is poorly perceived. Just, we still believe that there are a lot of very serious, hardworking and mission-motivated journalists online, who are in the fourth right to oversee the government and provide important information about the audience,"The ruins of a flower, The troubled times to protect an acre of farmland "is a senior media person who has the honor of the media expectations, in this chaotic era, I hope that someone is always so hard."

Finally, although the current mainstream media often do not meet our expectations, but in the social network developed today, believe that all of us can be the power of change. In addition to working hard to monitor, we can use pens and keyboards in hand to write your opinions, your criticisms, and even the media content you are looking for. When the news media hundred Schools of opinion, do a proactive reading to listen to people, and firmly want the position of good news, then our small move, we will be able to make Taiwan media ecology better! (same field Gayon: Everyone is the power of change!) From the turbulent 2014 to see the rise of Community power

Zhongtian News Controversy Event book:

In February 2013, the group wanted to merge the China-KA cable TV system, which led to the "anti-media monopoly" campaign, but used its own media to attack the anti-media monopoly movement and the Apple Daily, the Academia Sinica scholar Huang, even in In the case of Chomsky, a linguist who was suspected of being induced to raise cards, he was criticized for ignoring important key statements in the report, and NCC received more than 200 public prosecutions.

In April 2013, the former British prime Minister Thatcher died, Zhongtian news station its photos mistakenly planted as the British Queen Elizabeth, netizens pain batch not professional.

April 2013 Satellite Broadcasting license assessment due to the program advertising, the violation of child law and other violations of 8, evaluation of the failure of NCC request within 2 months to propose corrective plan, the deadline for improvement.

After the June 2013 transit period to the NCC, the NCC Committee only incorporated the transit period correction plan into part of the operation plan and continued to monitor it without taking or issuing a penalty.

March 2014 "News Tornado" host Dalixia and famous mouth Peng Hua dry, go to "Mother mouth homicide" scene with exaggerated limb movements to reproduce the incident, causing controversy.

April 2014 Zhongtian TV "news Tornado" commentary on the Sun Flower student movement, involving materialization and stigmatization of women, NCC received 6,000 cases, the final penalty of 500,000 yuan, and included in the exchange of photos.

May 2014 North Czech Republic after the killings, Zhongtian reporter slipped into the north Czech air compartment model spray Riot spray, resulting in spray with the air conditioning system spread, the shuttle was forced back to the machine factory clean-up, causing netizens pain batch.

September 2014 Zhongtian news station broadcast Hong Kong accounted for the event, but to "occupy the night Vigil to meet the Land 11 National Day" as the title, there is a distortion of the facts, triggering netizens hot discussion, and wrote to NCC to prosecute.