In the movies

, we see a more real and untrue love, and through the training of the stage plays, he releases the past, the emotions of suppressing oneself, and reacquaints himself.

In the image of the "Adventure King" tour, it is the one who daring to try a lot of people who don't dare to try, whether in the jungle or in the wild. He's willing to try it.He also often bluntly put forward his views on public topics that many artists have avoided, and they always give people a sense of "awe-inspiring" sunlight.

this time she found out that in the of the first love, affection, regret, miss, there were many soft, soft, chatting films, talking roles, chatting about himself, and he was able to find out that he was actually very emotional, we were curious, what was it that changed him?"I began to learn to know myself because of the theatrical training of the screen," he said. He also believed that we could revisit ourselves after watching the "Love of the Extreme".

Fragment in the plot, it's our regret.

Screen Theater " has always been a famous drama troupe, and has always been deeply influenced by the performance of the Screen Theater." (embody: turn around to meet yourself )

The role is not only the role played out in the United States, but also the fact that each of us plays a different role in life. Perhaps this moment is a small employee who works hard, and the next scene becomes a favorite son, and the next one becomes a loving father who doesn't know how to express it. Drama is simply an expression of the emotional experience shared between the actors and the audience, and excused by:

In fact, there are many pieces of love that we may have experienced, be it family love, love, regret, thoughts, and so on. So after watching the movie, we can all go back to the story, which is moving to ourselves, and in this context, we have our own stories and regrets.If we perform the show, we can let the public know themselves again, and I think that is the best thing."

The character is not an actor, but an actor, " says Li Li, who is an actor, but a performer. He must learn to figure out himself in the process.(You would like: Free, to be yourself )

Love is the most important force

interview with Yukatsu, he found that he was actually a man of love and warmth. He spoke with a rich body language, and he was able to share with us the seriousness of his love of theater and life. He also had the ability to infect all of us with the warmth of power.But he says, " Actually, I have a little bit of a little bit of a character, a relatively passive person who doesn't dare to take the initiative to express or fight for what he wants, but we are both emotionally and emotive and emotionally sensitive.He also laughs and adds: " Well, it's a matter of trouble, it's a lot of emotion."

this performance, the most impressive performance of the performance was that he had a strong emotional break with Yang's role in the play. In the show, all the stories of his past and all of the repressed emotions broke out, and the role of the young was lyrical. We believe that the process of playing this role, too, has freed itself from the inner self.In the past, used to , like a small opening, to suppress oneself, and to wrap the hot emotions in the cold, but now he is working hard to bring his "emotional" personality into play, to infect people around him, to bring about a better for the world.

Love is a real power, and we don't need to negate it, but we need to understand people's lives with people, because in the end we will realize that whatever friction or difficulty we have with my family and lover, it's the most precious thing to love and to face with that real emotion, "


In fact, this is also a problem for everyone. We love our families very much, but we always say that we don't have a few words to argue about. We want to express our concern, but we always use the wrong method to reduce our relationship to the ice and to get along with the lovers, as well.But I would like to remind us that no matter whether we quarrel or the cold war, we should not forget to see the "love" behind it, because it is the most important force to maintain people's lives and people.(Sibling: Every day is a hands-on exercise: honest in the emotions )

Tips for sticking to your goals: Find the emotions behind it

"emotions" not only can be used in interpersonal relationships, but also allow us to be more harmonious with those who love it, and "love" is also a very important amount of support in the face of the goals and challenges of life.

Yukatsu: 'If you have any goals, I suggest you find the' cause 'behind the goal, the' emotional ' factor behind that dream, and then you will be more powerful to complete it!"

When we feel a little doubt, we can add that some people's goal is to help stray dogs, and the reason behind that may be because his beloved dog is dead because of his love of dogs. In fact, we do a lot of things because of emotions, maybe for themselves, their families, and so on.

Love " is the driving force that makes us powerful and perseverance, and if we pursue a goal, just follow the trend, or feel cool, and without emotional support, that will certainly not be supported.He said that maybe we can't fully understand it now, but after ten years you will see that, in fact, behind everything you want to do, there must be emotions, find the 'cause', find the 'love', and believe that we will be more powerful in the face of the challenges of life.(Extended reading: Give yourself a reason, bravely pursuit!)

In the past, perhaps a young boy who was brave enough to challenge, faced up to the social issues to stand up to a male star, but in the Love of the Light, we saw a much softer and more supple-win.As he says, in the past, he might not be able to know himself, so he would deliberately suppress his emotions, but he was an actor, whether he was a performer or a self-cultivation. He had found himself in the direction of his own play, and also made his life a reality, and he knew how to face himself honestly.I believe that we can, from his performance, find the moving place, release himself together with him, recognize the true self, find the power of love, and head towards a better future.