One person has done "travel around the world" in a way that makes money while traveling. Listen to Takahashi and share with us: "Life is such a trip, not crazy how to do?" 」

At the age of 20, the university opened a bar, and a group of bar partners, began a series of tours. 23 years old, the story of his adventures recorded a book, with good friends set up a publishing house, published many best-selling works! 26 years old, and his wife to complete a trip while traveling while making travel around the world. Ten years later, the family edition traveled around the world two more children, on the way of Japan 311 earthquake, he immediately returned to Japan to set up a volunteer village. Such a person who does not play cards! In addition to opening restaurants, publishing houses, he is a life of entrepreneurs, create dreams, create wonderful. He is Japan's most romantic adventurer-Takahashi. (Extended reading: free man Takahashi step love&free image Concept exhibition )

(quickly understand the legend of Takahashi!) )

"I'm a free man, I just do what I want to do."

Asked about Takahashi step how to see their legendary life, he smiled and said: "I am not unreachable celebrities, I and everyone is ordinary people." You can do what I do. 」

Takahashi set up a bar and press in his youth, only for one thought: "It seems like fun to do this!" 」

Takahashi said that he can do these things, only one reason: "For the interest to do!" "He is not a business for profit, Mr. Takahashi think he is very suitable to do" from zero to one "work, he believes that everyone has a different expertise, so the publishing house, bars, and then also changed hands to operate, I asked Mr. Takahashi will not be reluctant? (Recommended reading: Overcoming five entrepreneurial fears, the world is not so terrible as you think )

He said with a surprised answer: "Not to be reluctant, because the friend who takes over is can extend" one "to" 100 "person. 」

Have the same team as the king of the Sea thieves, life is happy!

Mr. Takahashi is a person who is good at sharing, he is willing to hand over his hard foundation to friends, he also described his life is like a Pirate King's adventures, along the way because there are teams and partners, so can gallop in the dream Road.

"I think the most important thing for a team partner is" love at first sight, "Mr. Takahashi said. The average person will be able to use competency as a criterion when selecting a team. I see such people "like", although he may not have the ability, but he has quite a passion, I will think this kind of people can fight together, I like the team together to grow up feeling. (Extended reading: The team is the most important asset!) Silicon Valley's top venture capital Andreessen Horowitz's three people-consciousness method )

Mr. Takahashi said: "I am not going to plan the team, I will set short-term goals, because everyone has their own life." 」

Mr. Takahashi thinks that whether it is a start-up, or travel is like this, the original and his wife Sand also travel around the world, but also to raise money while traveling, he does not have a "life must be achieved." This remark also confirms the spirit of his adventurer, certainly not all do not want to start, but "life map" in Mr. Takahashi said: " action does not need a reason, let impulse push you away ." 」

Gao Qiao Step "life Map" photography works

The happiness index of life is more important than the success index

We think that in many people's eyes, the "victory Group" may not care about "to be unsuccessful", but a persistent, dedicated to complete the present to make him the happiest thing. We must all be curious as to what the most difficult thing Mr. Takahashi has ever encountered in such a dramatic life. He said there are many setbacks on his way to entrepreneurship, but there seems to be no time to feel like it or give up. (Recommended reading: Contentment, is the real life of the Victory Group )

Mr. Takahashi, for example, had no experience in setting up a publishing house, saying: "How can a 23-year-old man sell books?" The operation was really bad at the time, so I drove with my friends to Japan, and when you really wanted to finish it, you would think about the solution. 」

He felt that the most important thing is: "The starting point if the enthusiasm and interest, and then come to find a good partner, and finally, is a spell of life to complete it." 」

The beginning of a dream is just a word from a stranger

Mr. Takahashi also shared with us the story of building a school in India, saying: "I met a girl on the road, and she told me," I really hope there's a school here to get the kids educated. I immediately said: "Bag on me." "Then immediately back to Japan to raise money, 3 million yen, are all raised funds." 」

Mr. Takahashi said it was one of the most challenging things in life: India's 50-degree temperature and complex administrative procedures. Within one months, 100 people (Japanese volunteers, overseas tourists) built a school. (Extended reading: What international volunteers teach me: How to walk, should not miss their own life )

He screened films that were working together in India, where people from different nationalities and even those who traveled were left to help, the sweat and smiles of strangers, and the last-minute tears of the crowd. "True Feelings", this is what I saw in this film, a group of strangers because of a good thing to let life have intersection, sounds very good, isn't it? (same field Gayon: people who know how to give, really know happiness )

(Photo of a local child in India)

The meaning of travel, is the person who is beside you

We know that Mr. Takahashi traveled the world with two children and his wife after his marriage and asked him what was the most unusual place for him to travel two times. He joked: "It's more about moving than a trip." 4.5 of the time, children from four years old, six years old also grow up to go to elementary school age. 」

He said: "Travel is not where you go, but who you go with." 」

He felt that the most important thing about travel was not "freedom", but "love". Mr. Takahashi believes: "In this journey of life, many people will be met." How many of these people make you want to live together? A certain period of time, together towards their own portrayal of the goal, together to overcome the problems, life on the road, I want to work with such people forever. (Extended reading: Why do newlyweds have to "honeymoon"?) )

True love is to be together until death.

Traveling with his wife, Sandy, like a two-year date, Mr. Takahashi was excited to talk about his wife's encounter with him. At that time, he had another cohabiting girlfriend, and met her only three times, and one day asked Sandy also: "What is your dream?" She replied: "My dream is to be your perfect wife." 」

Takahashi said: "This is the poorest time in my life, now feel very shocked, decided to spend a lifetime with this woman, so with the cohabitation girlfriend break up, now also with his wife 22 years." 」

Gao Chaoben thinks he and Sandy are all crazy about life. "Otherwise, how could this woman have followed me around the world without money?" He also said that life partners, values do not have to be exactly the same: "My wife's dream to travel around the world is to walk through the world's shopping malls, but I do not." In ordinary people's case, we should have divorced more than 700 times before. But just know that I have a consensus with her that we must be together before we die. (Recommended you see: Nine Secrets of a Happy marriage )

I think Mr. Takahashi has a kind of paranoia about what he likes, and this paranoia allows him to protect his faith and love. After the birth of a child's life, Mr. Takahashi said that with the sand also the date of the yoga is inevitable! On the trip, they will leave the children at home, meet to go out to enjoy the two people's love time.

Life as long as focus on doing something, you can be happy

"I want you to believe that the world is beautiful." "Mr. Takahashi says this is the only thing that takes a child around the world." Many people wonder why he lets their children travel at the age of study rather than in school. Mr. Takahashi said that when traveling abroad, he would actively teach them Chinese characters and maths at the beginning, but found that the child was not interested, but resisted: "You do not say you do not like to do things do not do?" "Mr. Takahashi touched rub, so he stopped forcing them to learn, and later found that the children began to interest in the IPad, comics, began to study autonomously, now his children, even better than the children of the same age." (Extended reading: Intimacy is the starting point of upbringing: learning is for oneself )

"I hope they can find something they're good at," Mr. Takahashi said. Not everything is very strong, life is not so happy. As long as there is one thing, it will be very happy! 」

"Life Map" Inside page: "The sense of freedom that oneself pursues, when, under what circumstance, oneself can feel freedom?" As long as we can understand this is enough. 」

and Mr. Takahashi through translation to exchange the world in his eyes, is so beautiful and full of surprises, he is indeed like sailing Wang Lufu, challenges the unknown, those we think is very difficult dream, this paranoid adventurer has done! Mr. Takahashi said: "I like people think I am very good, very handsome, so to do the things that make me feel happy!" (Recommended reading:10 good habits make you a happy person )

I think, he has a more simple, so with a higher action force instead of cranky, more than a play heart, so can be arbitrary to fabricate the shape of life. From Mr. Takahashi's eyes, he fixed and focused to answer every word, I seem to see this person in the eyes of the world's wonderful, his foot of the beautiful traces, experienced the legendary life, are you I can complete the dream of the best corroboration!