Celebrates the hundredyear of

Taiwan is not only a crazy country, but also a Taiwanese design, a national relove of Taiwan!

Abein Bay, now is really not a slogan, but a popular sport!It is already a kind of attitude for the girls who have been chasing after the movie "The Miracle of the United States", "The Miracle of the United States," and "The Miracle of Ballard".In recent days, the design of Taiwan has become a hot topic of discussion with the [Taiwan Designer Week] and the [2011 Taipei World Design Exhibition]. [The North World Design Exhibition] has more than 220,000 people who like it. Not only are more people focusing on designing and living, they have also been supporting the design of Taiwan by mobile!In October of this year, we launched the "Taiwan MIT Activities", which included only one product of the designated 12 Taiwan design brands, which could be used by the Taiwan Yingko to get a unique gift.

Life Series: Fine, Mizar, 25togo, cuckoo

Taiwan's design is ubiquitous, and the brand has been designed to be very ubiquitous and humorously humorous. Mizar was founded by 19 Taiwanese designers, with elegants of graceful white porcelain, and is deeply influenced by famous women and graceful women.In the eyes of foreign media, 25togo is the one who insists on the spirit of "the children like adults," and life is full of fun!Cuckoo is good at using children's fantasy to redisrupt daily life.

Hundred Years of Good Series: Cee CCHi, 2mg 2mg, Play-Win, Tea Drink

The Year of the Republic in the Republic of the Republic has made the Double-Beat Cup a top selling snatchable commodity, and the time of replenishment is never too late!CiCHi is very good at blending in the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of the Orient, and has a sophisticated and elegant style.The design of the key ring and the key and the design of the key ring, 2mg, and 2mg, is a cause of concern.The Pistake Bowl Series, which was created by the Pao Mei-wen bowl, is a classic example of the design of the Bao Lungong Bowl, which is designed for the Taiwanese. It is a classic example of Taiwan's local spiritual designThe feat of feathers redefines the tea culture, and takes traditional Chinese medicine into the flavor of the tea, and is designed to conform to the different concepts of the Chinese tea flavor.

Fashion costume series: Library Brass, two August, Cabinet, novize

The global fashion circle set off a wave of Chinese fashion.In the background of the contemporary sculpture, the designer's work is full of solid and varied changes. It is one of the most anticipated brands of the new designer of Taiwan's Taiwan.The classic rotating coffee cups, which received many design awards in August, are the best choice for fashion afternoon tea. The design of the rotation axis that was spent three years and reflected from the platinum mirror not only felt the insistence and high standard of the design of Taiwan's design, but also filled the fashion with exquisite surprise!The Cabinet is the new T-shirt brand, highlighting the creative space of each artist.novize was also designed for T-shirt, and was more experimental in combining architecture, photography, and English rock culture.

Life fun series: Sunshine , Mizar , 25togo , cuckoo
100-year suite: CCHi , 2mg 2mg 2mg , Embbledon , Tea for Tea
fashion series: Library Brass , Two August , Cabinet , novize