Today, with the introduction of Lu Qiuyuan lawyer, he can sharply prick the client's lies, but also to "people" and full of incomparable enthusiasm and justice.

"Lawyer, I want a divorce!" Lawyer, I'm really desperate, help me! "Such sentences, often appearing at the beginning of the story of Lu Qiuyuan's lawyer, the emotions behind these words may be anger, sadness, pain, struggle, is the most dark moment of human nature, but LV lawyer's appearance, like a beacon, warm standing here, no matter how much we look like the appearance, appear in front of him , he can use the most gentle attitude, adjust the comfortable sitting posture, sincerely invite you: "Don't worry, slowly!" I'd like to hear about "your story" first. 」

As a lawyer, in the eyes of the average person, may be to manipulate the law to obtain remuneration, Lu Qiuyuan lawyer also joked: "Some people say that the biggest difference between a lawyer and a vampire is that vampires only night will suck blood, but the lawyer is the day and night to suck blood!" , knowing the lawyer's image in the public's mind, but since the rebellious LV lawyer, but set out a rule of their own, in the cold of the legal proceedings, to find tolerance and care for human nature.

When a woman in-depth with him one night, found that he does have a serious sense of dignity, rigorous and methodical discussion, let people unconsciously trust him, but this is not enough to let people to his hearts, the interview he most often hung on the mouth is: "It doesn't matter, Because it is human nature ", all the darkness of human nature in his eyes, it is a matter of course that all sins can be forgiven under his understanding, so the stories he works can be so gripping, because we may all be the protagonists in the story, but LV lawyer will always be the one, Open your hands and understand the people who forgive you. (same field Gayon: don't rush to give advice!) Six rules to comfort a friend in the heart

"There is no God in this world, but it is filled with the goodness and passion of man."

"I really didn't want to be a public figure, but a lot of times you do a lot of things, you put a wave of a wave to the front, but for me is very not accustomed to, and very dislike, since the sun flower after the student movement, LU lawyer and nine knives facing the Chui Yi of slander told the case .... And so on, let him more and more people's attention, and recently LV lawyer because of a legal aid case, received many media reports and praise.

A legal aid case requires a lawyer to be present in person, and the lawyer fee is one of the usual 10, but LU lawyer just feel that the driver is innocent, so he took the case, and later in court through the film analysis to determine the lost, he also came to help the client to pad 200,000 reconciliation, so many people appreciate his greatness.

But he said, "No!" Those who should have ability will do it! Let a person be shut, compared with 200,000, of course, spend 200,000 better, how can I let a person to shut eight months, that his children? Money things, do not go to the death of a person, money can solve things are small, but you forced to die a person is not right! 」

LV lawyer is the same as his article, full of human emotional concern, asked him why to constantly update the article every day, he said, in addition to the healing himself, but also because he began some visibility, some influence, so he wanted to write something to share with you, in his own way to bring some positive influence on society, But others like to become public figures, political figures ... Wait, it's not what he wants, because he never wanted to be a model or a hero, to be admired and followed, he just kept hoping he would be a real person.

He said: "Real people, Flesh and blood, there will be emotions will make mistakes, but we all maintain human dignity and the glorious side of humanity."

So in his article, I actually keep telling you, LV lawyer and everyone is the same, we are not heroes, but we all have a good side of humanity, although we will have to make mistakes in the moment, but as long as we are willing to help others, as well as to make mistakes to correct, good things to do a little more, It's enough to be a "person". (same field Gayon: It's not a time for disappointment!) Six kinds of wonderful things that are happening in Taiwan society

"No matter who is behind the difficulties, why should we be forced to each other?" 」

The recent sun Flower Queen suspected of prostitution, noisy, for an involuntary public figure, LV lawyer also published an article, hope that the public can stop the "witch hunt" behavior, asked this matter, LV lawyer simply asked: "We need to force a person to die?" "Even if it is the affair of the division, we think he is talking nonsense at the press conference, but we need to find out every one of his shortcomings, analysis of his every lie, want him to explain it?"

LV has been reminding us that in the face of anything, do not forget to return to the "human" level, when we accuse public figures lying, we ask ourselves, we have never said a lie in our life? Do they make mistakes that are truly unforgivable, that we try our best to push them to the end? (Extended reading: Taiwan media Listen!) Please let go of the involuntary public figures .

LU lawyer said: "My article said that the classical Chinese, is to experience the complexity of human nature, but the vernacular is," everyone has difficulties, in the legal case, whether the accused or told people, there must have done wrong place. 」

He raised a husband for his wife's affair to divorce case, in his inquiry under the original husband all the year outside work, for the family's pay is limited,

So he said to the husband: "Your wife is guilty, but you are right?" In fact, the two of you are wrong, she used the wrong way to relieve her feelings of the export, you used the wrong way to make your marriage changes, you should be thinking about how to deal with marital problems, rather than divorce to solve. 」

So many people to get along with each other, we need is a little more understanding, Lu said, all tell people and defendants actually have some problems, but we must use the most drastic way, whether it is litigation or hurt each other to solve this problem? Is it possible to understand each other? To find the real problem, two of people to solve, is what these stories really want to convey to us the meaning. (extended reading: after nine knives split the leg: we really did not make a mistake in the feelings? )

"Life is the balance between sensibility and rationality."

in Lu Lawyer's article, in fact, there are many chapters, talking about marriage, especially at the end of marriage: divorce, for marriage LV Lawyer's view is: "Marriage is personal, everyone has a different marriage model, as long as you find the consent of your marriage model, that is the right person." "But whether it's a marriage, or something else in life, sometimes we are too persistent, clearly know there are other ways to go, but in that moment, just want to choose a certain let oneself or others pain road, there was a girl, her cousin sexually abused, but she still tangled in the pain Memories (You will like: thank each of the past absurd, achievements of the present self )

The lawyer used words to persuade her back: "You lose a lot of it because of this thing, if you continue to stay here, you will lose more and more, you should start now, from today, take it to complete your life, complete your dream, put what you lost, find a way to find it, Instead of being persistent at that point. Because you can't do it, let your life waste ten years, your life is not a few more than a few decades, please start to cheer up, to pick up the things you have not seen before.

man's obsession, often is the emotional level of the problem, sometimes it is clear to tell us that a choice is better, but the emotional but it will push us to another direction, in the face of rational and emotional choice, LV Lawyer's experience is that he does anything to judge, even if it seems to be emotional decision, In fact, behind all have been rational calculation, because he said that he is actually a very rational person, even with him to work together with the nine knife also said: Lu lawyers always have a blunt, the terrible, blood is hot, but the Italian is absolutely cold. (same field Gayon: We are not cold in the face of love, but must be rational )

In the face of these litigation cases, including chaotic "human entanglement", Lu Lu said: "I can understand why the parties do so, because I understand human nature, but I will tell them not to do so, because it is not reasonable, I make any decision will be based on reason, too sensitive will destroy themselves." "Although sometimes in the face of many things in life, we still can not find the right answer at once, face these human flaws."

Lu Lu also very directly said: "If you do something to a person's standards, you really try, but still do wrong, you do this is really forced, I will support you." Or you did this thing, really is wrong, but you are willing to admit mistakes, I will also be willing to help you, because people will make mistakes Ah! 」

LV lawyer himself also said that he himself actually has many rules, but because he is a lawyer's identity, so there is a chance to really hear the story of each party, so he can see the human nature of the despicable and light, understand their dilemma and difficulties, so in order to be outside the court with a gentle attitude, to accommodate these flaws in human nature. (Inclusive of all things:"God is not afraid of new things!" "The Pope's prescription is gay love."

Every story of LV lawyer may be full of dramatic plot, but in fact all the stories in the real world, with these stories, we can imagine, if we are the protagonist in the story, how to choose? Under the interweaving of Rationality and Sensibility, what direction will the "human nature" lead us toward? Lu Lawyer's every article, deliberately did not leave the result of the trial, because after reading the article, we say the answer of that moment, the heart of the hammer has been quietly falling.

As a lawyer, LV is not a lawyer who can only explain the law, he always said: "I do not deal with the law, but the human nature", he can stick to the rules of the law, but also the great tolerance of human nature. Just like family, when we do wrong, he is the only one we will want to help, because we know that only LU lawyers can analyze all right and wrong, or can pat our shoulder said: "Never mind!" We'll figure something out. "

From LV lawyer, we learned that no matter the public figures of the news events, or the life may encounter problems, in fact, we only have to understand the difficulties behind, believe that the goodness of humanity, more tolerance and understanding of human nature, whether it is the law or life, I believe we can find, let each other better answer.

Ⅱ the Sinner : Trials ", more human stories outside the law